Go To Hospital; You Now Get Vaccinated

New Signed Consent for Hospital Services Includes Vaccines – But Patients Unaware They are Granting Such Consent. Consent, the great CON of man!

TABU; Towards A Better Understanding

Soon, they will not even ask you about if you’d like the chips, bioegineered self-replicating nanobots or vaccines included to fix your broken arm. They’ll just inject it.

Hospital - surgery medical team of doctors in operation room or Op operating on patient in an emergency

Pressure. no Pressure. We’re here to follow our drug companies advice and procedure so they can make a lot of money, we too, and you keep coming on back to see us…ya hear??

Find out what is in your vaccines before your, our your children, are injected.  Most doctors don’t even know what are all the compounds and preservatives used as well as ignorant that over 83% of all vaccines are made in China!


Nurse Whistleblower: Hospitals Vaccinating Patients by Force Without Their Knowledge

by Jefferey Jaxen
Health Impact News

The momentum, consciousness and continual discussion around truth and education related to vaccine injury has never been greater. Parents and communities have taken the initiative to find answers for their sons…

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