Demonized, Desensitized, Sterilized: Welcome To 2016!

From Chris Hedges
This moment in American history is what Antonio Gramsci called the “interregnum”—the period when a discredited regime is collapsing but a new one has yet to take its place. There is no guarantee that what comes next will be better. But this space, which will close soon, offers citizens the final chance to embrace a new vision and a new direction.


1984 Summarized

By Geoengineering Watch
How much longer will the vast majority of populations cling to their delusions and denial of reality?

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Posted By Susanne Posel
Because empathy regulates pro-social and anti-social behavior, these drug-induced reductions in empathy raise concerns about the broader social side effects of acetaminophen, which is taken by almost a quarter of U.S. adults each week.”

Susanne.Posel-Headline.News.Official- tylenol.over.counter.painkiller.empathy.shrinking.brain_occupycorporatism

By Kevin Mugur Galalae
THE HOLY GRAIL: Controlling Human Life On The Planet

To complete our civilization we must make the leap from involuntary sacrifice to voluntary self-sacrifice. Until now we have been sacrificed by our leaders. From now on we must sacrifice for mankind and for the sanctity of life.

The days of humility and blind obedience are over. What is called for now is courage and kindness so that faith and reason can be revealed by our actions. The kingdom of God is inside you and all around you. Open your heart and it reveals itself.

The Holy Grail

From Doreen
In addition to sterilizing the human body, the Core Curriculum has been designed to sterilize young human minds.

By Clint Richardson
The main theme of Clint’s post is nothing more than to get you to understand that the word public is akin to the word goyim, a voluntary slave-state that actually allows your children to suffer this atrocity of “public education” provided by the most well-funded and evil (antichrist) political, non-religious organization in the world.

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Doreen Ann Agostino
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About Doreen Agostino

Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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