Anna von Reitz: Regarding your message to the Pope:

Oh, what tangled webs we weave, yes?

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Excuse me Judge Anna…

This is very encouraging news. But I am confused as to how you assume authorization to issue instructions to pay off debts owed by the corporation? According to earlier information you provided, the debts never belonged to the American people.

Anna von Reitz: The National Debt Belongs to the impostors—not the American people!

And by what authority do “you and Mr. Clinton,” presume to issue instructions regarding funds from “our national credit?”

How can there even be a legitimate national credit if:

  • the birth certificate scam was based on fraud?
  • If the hypothecation was fraudulent?
  • If FDR acted in fraud?
  • If the governors acted in fraud.
  • If the alphabet agencies like the IRS were also created in fraud?

There is no Legitimate IRS

Any reasonable person can only conclude there never were any legitimate activities. All such transactions and related activities are null and void. The…

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