CAFR SCHOOL: School Districts And The Lottery; Organized Crime

I transcribed the first 9 minutes of Clint Richardson’s video below to raise awareness of organized crime; legal, criminal activity, in order to expose and dis-establish it.  Doreen

By Clint Richardson
[Partial transcript]
Since School Districts are all structured the same way, and adhere to the same government accounting principles by law, hopefully this information will benefit many. To understand what this ‘District’ thing is, what we are really talking about is organized crime.

What used to be called the mafia is now called the government.
What used to be called the boss is now the county mayor.
The bookkeeper? Ah, he is now the county and state treasurer.
The hideout is now simply a municipal corporation, which is the proper name for counties, towns, boroughs and cities.

The lower turf bosses each with their own boundaries or districts in which they conduct their own organized crime are now the mayors of individual cities and townships, and they must give a certain percentage of their ‘take’ to the county, to the state, and to the Federal government. Instead of acting outside of or above the law these organized criminals, mostly attorneys and financial opportunists, now write the laws that make their criminal activity perfectly legal.

The Tommy gun has been replaced with the ballpoint pen.

The thugs who used to come and collect protection money are now the municipal corporation police officers. No need to bury bodies in the desert anymore, or to fit their victims with cement galoshes, for they can just legally take what property they desire and then assign you a life sentence in jail.

Extortion has been renamed as taxation and protection money has become known as property tax.

These organized criminals have gone one step further though and created what is known as a District. Special Districts, Financing Districts, Special Tax Districts, Special Service Districts and of course School Districts. As a State Created Corporate Entity, a Special District is granted Special Financing ‘Authority’ by the Boss of the State; the Governor. In other words it is granted the special authority to create new taxation or ‘protection money’. Generally the new tax created is called a ‘property tax’ and can be designated for many, many different services all offered at the barrel of a gun.

The latest trick though, is to create a fee for which all property owners and business owners must pay to continue to receive these forced services: education, sewer, electric, lighting, street cleaning, water, power, cable, telephone, internet, parks and recreation, reclamation, fire, and police, and so many other taxation Districts.

These Districts are stackable meaning that you can actually live in 10, 20, or even 100 different taxation Districts from Federal, to State, to local, meaning county and city, and have to pay a fee or tax for each service provided by each different District. While this would have surely caused a gang war before organized crime became legal, now it is simply a matter of collective, mutually beneficial taxation that is divided between gangs and their bosses, or mayors. If you the people do not or cannot pay these fees for all of these individual Districts, the District boss then reports you to the county boss, who reports you to the state boss, who has the authority from the Federal bosses to allow the bookkeeper, the state and county treasurer, to attach that fee to your property tax. And if you still refuse or aren’t financially able to pay this protection money at the barrel of a gun called property tax, then the organized crime bosses  send in the police thugs, the police officers of the corporation, and take your property for payment of your fee. And for business owners they take away your permission, your license to do business in the county or state.

Once a man puts on a uniform with a municipal badge, he becomes not a police man but a police officer representing the interests of and ‘enforcing’ the city, county, state, and federal codes from which these governments falsely call law. For ‘true law’ is only that granted by the consent of the governed, of you, the people.

Jurisdiction is defined for purposes of law as the power, right, or authority to interpret, apply, and declare the law. This is a heavy responsibility when considering the fact that police officers have jurisdiction in their perspective districts and municipalities, and when you take into consideration the typical police officer is hired in their early 20’s without the benefit of law school, or for that matter little to no college education at all. This definition of jurisdiction becomes something of a frightening concept. The power, right, and authority to interpret, apply and declare the law!

Now that you understand what a District is and that no matter where you live, you will be forced to pay this property tax as a property owner within the School District, whether you have kids or not, let’s take a look at the legal crime and hidden wealth that permeate each School District across the country.

6:27 For this we simply bring up the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report or CAFR, the full audit of government. A CAFR is the full and comprehensive historical accounting of the government. It is the real budget, which includes not only the current year’s tax payer assets and liabilities but also, and very importantly, it includes the funds structure of government including many investments that the typical tax payer has no idea even exists. Now, this particular School District is called the ‘Rim of the World’ and is within the jurisdiction of San Bernardino County in the federally incorporated State of California.

7:16 It is important to first of all understand that the annual budget report that is presented to the tax payers for this School District is simply a carefully selected smaller portion of the comprehensive or FULL report that is the CAFR. The budget report is what council members plan their yearly budgets around, and how they decide to raise your taxes every year.  Meanwhile the CAFR remains ‘hidden’ in plain sight; very difficult to read for most normal people, and even for most accountants not in the know. In other words the members of government and the lower positions of government offices have no idea how to read these CAFR reports either. Half don’t even know they exist. This purposely placed ignorance though, definitely does not include the mayors or bosses of the corporate counties, and generally the city mayors as well.

Thus many of the investments, funds, and other organized legal criminal activity that exist within the District are never seen in the limited yearly and quarterly budget report that is selectively presented to the people and to many in the counties.  And the people are year and year fooled into believing that their School District, as well as their city, county, and state government is in poor financial shape and that they need to pay MORE property taxes, more general taxes, more sales taxes, more state taxes, more county taxes, more city taxes and more fees for their District. Of course this is not even close to being the truth.

9:03 Without further adieu let’s have a look at this small School District, one of 58 School Districts in the State of California.

Journey deep into Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports with Clint, as he exposes legalized criminal activity paid for in a multitude of ways by uninformed taxpayers. Investigate organized crimes in your community.

Think about people who could benefit from this expose and pass it along, will you? Thanks.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,

all rights reserved



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