Battle of Wealth Showdown: Sides Are Now Being Drawn

All Roads Lead to Armageddon

CCRG Editor’s Note:
This particular series represents a major download of highly privileged and heretofore unreleased information into the public domain.  Some of what you are about to read is highly classified data which has never even been written down before.

Please disseminate this ongoing data dump as far and wide, and as soon as possible, before the Internet switch is flipped.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
April 15, 2016


Part 1

From Panama to Jerusalem by Christmas

By Anonymous Patriots

If you have read our previous articles on the military-industrial complex, you would have read about the Panama Papers with an understanding of how perfectly this uncovering plays right into the complex networks of intelligence that have agents in every major bank and political action group in the world.  The New World Order, One World Order, or the Transnational Globalist Republic is already in play and the leak in Panama is just another layer of the plan being shown to the world. This plan will lead to the King of Jerusalem being crowned and the bid for power over the land where Armageddon is predicted to take place.

Who Owns and Controls the Military-Industrial Complex?

Who Really Owns and Controls the Military-Industrial Complex? Part II

The Elite Need a Massive Financial Infusion

The recent CIA leaks from the Panamanian Mossack-Fonseca offshore “all service” corporation is a perfect example of what two groups who are vying for world dominion are planning. The founders of this particular “all service” offshore banking corporation were well-known criminals. That is why the underbelly of the rich used their services. Mafias, criminals, political warlords, and common thugs were the intended target of this obvious CIA false flag event.

Since 2008 and the global financial melt-down, governments, banks, and large investment firms have been trying to find a way to get their hands on billions of off-shore, hidden money—both legal and illegal.  You see, they need more financial infusion for their global Ponzi scheme. They have already stolen the wealth of the world’s middle and working class by flooding the markets with fiat currency, requiring governments (that’s us, folks) to bail them out of their schemes, and manipulating markets to favor Wall Street at the expense of Main Street. The ultra-wealthy tried to scare us (same old trick they always use) in selling everything in fall 2015 so that they could pick up bargains and then make money in a “market rebound.” They loved seeing us rant and rave online about Shemitah and Armageddon, thinking that we would panic and sell everything so that they could pick up the pieces we left behind.

Remember George Soros and the Royal Bank of Scotland telling us to sell everything?

This time the people didn’t bite. WE WERE AWAKE and knew how the financial cabal manipulates us to serve their needs. Frankly, we don’t have anywhere else to park our 401ks, IRAs, and pensions. So where are we to go to hold on to our life savings?  Instead of listening to George and the big banks, we just sat tight. And, indeed, our strategy is working as  markets continue to open higher than expected as this article is being written.    

Who is facing Armageddon now? Why is it that we are reading about more and more of the mega-wealthy getting their end-of-times bunkers ready? Perhaps it is not because the world will collapse at our expense, giving them ultimate control of the world. But because THEIR world has reached an end-game and THEIR criminality in all spheres from the 9-11 false flag to “Kabuki theatre” elections are being revealed. We know who they are. And they now know WE KNOW their global nefarious goals.

What the Panama Papers show us is that we have the financial elite cabal on the run and they are desperate. They need huge financial infusions to keep their game going, and they can’t get it from us anymore, so they are now targeting the CRIMINAL RICH.

The final battle is here. The King of Jerusalem, who is a Jesuit, will be home by Christmas.


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Doreen Ann Agostino
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