RESPONSE To “How do we stop this evil?”

Questions for Anna – Please provide us with direction. How do we stop this evil?

by Anna Von Reitz

Abbreviated Question from one of our Readers:

I had noted nothing of significance on this issue of HAARP (in your reports), and it seems to be killing me the fastest of all of the rich topics you investigate. I feel nothing but urgency, in light of the coming of more EVIL than I can stand.  …DIRECTION please.  Love and Peace to you and Anna, and all others working for God and creation.

Anna’s  Answers:

HAARP is obsolete except for relatively esoteric scientific uses monitoring ozone depletion and changes in the ionic plasma of the upper atmosphere of Earth.  You may not be aware of it (most people are not) but 32,000 years ago both Mars and this planet were involved in what has come to be called The Plasma Wars. At that time the atmosphere of Mars which had been similar to Earth’s atmosphere was destroyed.  Eleven years ago a high priority was given to NASA to launch the MAVEN mission to study what happened and why.

32,000 years ago the terrestrial planet looked significantly different.  There was a substantial large island in the Atlantic off the coast of Florida, another large island and substantial atolls in the Pacific, the whole coast of India on both sides of the subcontinent were extended— what is sea now was then dry land.  There were other aspects too that were very different.  There was much greater oxygen content.  We are here functioning on only about 28% of the oxygen that our bodies were designed for.  As a result, we are constantly oxygen starved and our metabolism is wrecked as a result. It is the primary reason that we die.

During the 1880’s people rediscovered their ability to affect weather patterns and some aspects of rainfall patterns.  It was one of the more obvious physical results of Tesla’s experiments that rain falls in response to plasma discharges.  By the 1970’s operators were using radiation charges to affect the Monsoon and the UN ENMOD Treaty was the result.  The upfront of this Treaty is that if countries want to pursue weather modification and technologies which can affect the weather, they can only deploy these weapons within their own borders and against their own people.

Men who could not imagine the depravity of our present governments thought this would be a strong argument against the development of such weapons, but alas, no; it only meant that the experiments and their results were driven deeper underground and we have all suffered as the guinea pigs. Meantime, the ozone layer continued to decay and the oxygen continued to deplete year by year, slowly but surely. About 1980 another odd and disturbing phenomenon surfaced– the Schumann Resonance Frequency– the proverbial “heartbeat” of the Earth began speeding up.  Though we are not consciously aware of this, it nonetheless affects our entire biology, too. Think of what happens when your heart speeds up and begins racing uncontrollably?  Like A-Fib?  Our entire planet is suffering that.

In the late 1980’s a brilliant engineer named Bernard Eastlund at ARCO Alaska began work that was based on the work of Nikola Tesla.  The idea was to create a “mirror” in the upper atmosphere that could do a variety of things, including mess up the navigation and other technology of ICBM’s, creating an electromagnetic  shield in the upper atmosphere that could thwart nuclear attacks.  This “Star Wars” technology resulted in the HAARP array of antennas being built in Alaska, but HAARP was only the largest and most advanced of these antenna arrays.  Those stationed in the Philippines will remember the “Elephant Cage” radio antenna array at Clark Air Force Base.

Eastlund continued his work until he was murdered in 2007.  By then the US Navy had deployed CIPPA—- a planet-spanning grid of mini-HAARP arrays that use resonance to create “murder zones”.  The idea is simple.  You triangulate the electromagnetic frequencies very precisely from transmitters in the array, and “cut a slice” out of the atmosphere.  The heart and the entire electrical system of any living thing caught within the parameters of the slice shuts off instantly and just as instantly and painlessly, the living targets die. Everything simply stops.  Tests of this technology are what has caused the odd massive “die offs” of birds, turtles, and other creatures—- the reason that farmers in the Midwest have seen entire huge flocks of ravens, geese, and other birds drop dead from clear skies for no apparent reason.  Other plasma and resonance technologies cause things to self-immolate— burn up to a cinder leaving only their shoes behind, for example, or, incinerate from within like the Twin Towers which was a staged domestic weapons test of this terrifying technology on a much larger scale.

It gives me no pleasure to tell you that these weapons are in the hands of madmen and there are only three things stopping them—- first, that there are other madmen who also possess these weapons, second, their own defenses against these weapons have been destroyed, and third, other countries have now been given the means to counteract and shut these weapons down.

All of this has caused more damage to the Earth, to the people, and to the animals.  Our atmosphere has continued to degrade.

During the 1990’s it was noted that volcanic activity along both the Pacific and Atlantic Ridges was increasing.  Giant underwater volcanoes were quietly awakening and the number of underwater flumes were increasing— these gas vents are like giant Bunsen Burners boiling unimaginable amount of seawater on top of the heat from the actual volcanoes. These naturally began increasing the temperature of the oceans, gradually, like bringing a pot of water to boil.  As this continued and spread, gas hydrates — methane bound in ice—began to melt and the methane began to “boil off” into the atmosphere.   This increases the amount of CO2 and makes even more demands on our already-oxygen depleted atmosphere, which tries to compensate by binding the CO2 as calcium carbonate.  It also heats everything up and kills off massive amounts of algae and phytoplankton which are the major suppliers of oxygen on Earth.

Without going into the whole dreary story, the politicians at first thought this would be a grand new way to raise revenues—- a carbon tax that could replace the income tax and give them a way to artificially manipulate the supplies of their fiat currencies.  Some of them still are thinking only of that and haven’t quite come to the point of realizing just how serious this situation is.  Some of those who do realize how desperate this is, have begun advocating killing off large parts of the biological population in order to “return the planet to ecological balance”  and create a “sustainable environment” for “future generations”.

The simple fact is that with all the things we can’t control together with all the things that we fail to do, it appears that the atmosphere of this planet will continue to degrade and our form of life will not make the cut.  Better to be an anaerobic bacteria.

Meantime, our “government” —- made up of self-interested, petty, money-grubbing, small-minded and mostly despicable men– has followed a policy of spewing industrial waste on everyone.  They loaded up nuclear fission wastes from salt mines in the western states and packed the “spent” Uranium into artillery shells that they exploded all over the Middle East and they have loaded up coal ash and waste from aluminum mining and manufacturing and various other industrial wastes they don’t want to pay to get rid of responsibly, and they have been doing what?  Spraying this industrial waste all over us, all over our farm fields, over our water.

There are all sorts of theories about these “chemtrails” —but the easiest and most likely explanation is simply greed and callous uncaring.

As for what can we do about it?  Millions of people can start taking actions large and small. They can start being conscientious about waste and emissions, but they can also plant trees, grow gardens—– and they can boycott and march and write and shout and bring suits at law and charges in the churches and they can lien these corporations and move to liquidate them and they can set up their Grand Juries and inform others about these things. They can use citizen’s arrest against corrupt judges and corrupt corporate executives.

When all this started Arnie Rosner and I had an argument.  He said we had to build a Big Machine— a monolithic, organized, political power, with slogans and financing and fundraising and color banners and candidates and blah, blah, blah.  I sat back in my chair and said, no, we don’t need any of that.  What we need is a few hundred million people who are aware and fed up and ready to take a billion different actions, gnawing away day by day.  Things will naturally “organize” as points of weakness are found in the system, and when men weary of their evil and what it is costing them, they will give way.  Just as they did in India in 1948. Just as they always have.  The truly evil and psychopathic among us only number about five percent.  Five out of a hundred.  The trick is to get the other ninety-five tuned in and motivated to take action— whatever action is appropriate.  Citizen’s arrests, videos, setting up a print shop in your basement, organizing a boycott, supporting local farmers, blasting the politicians with criticism and no-choice campaigns, organizing your lawful, actual government on the land —land counties, land states, actual fiduciary deputies instead of actors merely “representing” you, refusing to sign anything, refusing to register anything, refusing to consent to their authority…..or like Paul, hosting my webpages, act in support of others and their work….. the list goes on.

Wherever you are, whoever you are, you can do SOMETHING to help.  Do it.  Even if it SEEMS small and insignificant.  Do it anyway.  Say a prayer.  Stock up on some extra food.  Show a little extra care for your neighbors.  Grow some vegetables. Pay extra for local and organic food. Read more. Give your attention to the good and positive people and things around you. Give more love to your family. Want less.  Spend a moment simply appreciating a breath of fresh air, a sunset, a wave, a cloud.  Be aware that life is precious. And that you are not alone.

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