Believe In NESARA? You Might As Well Believe In Santa Clause

About NESARA and Disclosure, Etc.

Apr 04/16
By Anna Von Reitz

Editor’s note: This is an answer to this article:

If this recent announcement about the Good Guys coming over the horizon were true and if the actions taken by Pennsylvania and the other states back around 2010 were sufficient to secure a peaceful political solution, why is it that we (my husband and I and our friends standing for the American organic states and the American Native Nations upholding the federal obligations of the Constitution) were the only ones present and accounted for and objecting to United Nations action seeking to declare our lawful government “dead” last fall?

The rats tried to have our entire country declared “missing, presumed dead” the same way they have finagled to have all of us individually declared “missing, presumed dead”. Wells Fargo Bank claimed that we no longer exist, that we don’t have a national currency in circulation. We had to come back and prove that we are alive and have a currency.

So, if there actually was any big, organized, well-funded, competent group out there to play savior for us— where in the Hell was it last November?

Nope. Been there. Done that. There’s nobody here but us chickens and you had better start believing and acting upon that assumption instead of standing around waiting for any saviors to come out of nowhere and solve our problems for us——and stop believing in NESARA. You might as well believe in Santa Claus.

I love Dave Robinson and owe him a lot, but he has been a True Believer in all this NESARA rot for a long time and he won’t give it up. I would love for it to all be true. I would support an action like NESARA to the hilt. But the fact is that it is a pipe dream. It remains on the books (and the table) as a remnant of the good intentions of a single Congressman expressed many years ago.

Anyone who thinks that they are just going to sign a piece of paper or two or three dozen and overcome the evil that is ensconced in Washington, DC, is delusional in my opinion. And putting out “news” announcements like this doesn’t help people deal with the reality coming down on our heads. It just gives them false hope and encourages them to stand around with their thumbs up their butts “waiting” for a few weeks longer for someone, somewhere else to come save them and give them direction and wipe their noses and tell them what to do.

I grew up in Wisconsin. My grandparents owned a dairy farm. When did anyone show up at four in the morning and milk the cows and muck the barn for us? I will tell you —- NEVER.

It’s the same way with NESARA or anything else you want to see happen. You have to get off your duff and make it happen. You can’t just sit around waiting for good things to happen and for good men to stand up. You have to stand up yourself and see who will stand up with you. You ARE the good men and women, and if you don’t stand up, who will?

This idea that so many people have that they can just sit and wait patiently for “things to straighten themselves out” and that “somebody else will do it” is sheer poison. It’s the single biggest reason that we are in this mess. It’s the reason that the crooked politicians and dishonest bankers and corrupt lawyers have gotten away with this crap for so long that they think this is the way the world is supposed to work.

In the final analysis all this is our own damned fault. We are the ones who have sat on our laurels in the face of this massive corruption until our butts are green. Millions of people have known somewhere in the back of their minds that this country is out of control and they have done nothing about it. They’ve had another beer and another corn chip, shrugged, and said— “that’s my Congressman’s problem” or “that’s the Mayor’s problem” or “that’s above my pay grade” or “I’m too scared to do anything” or “I’ll lose my job” or “what can I do?” or “NESARA will save us”.

I am here to tell you that that is all nothing but garbage and excuses and it gets you nowhere. It solves nothing. It just puts you in the role of a passive observer watching as your country and your future slips deeper into the toilet and some souless creature “representing” you prepares to flush.

For God’s sake, wake up! Take back your power! Stop letting crooks and goons “represent” you. Present yourself and stand up and get moving. This country hasn’t done more than talk since the Vietnam War. Stop dreaming and hoping and waiting for someone else to muck out the barn. However unpleasant, distasteful, exhausting, discouraging, and even dangerous it may be, actual action is the only choice that gets the job done.

Never forget that all those years while you were believing in Santa Claus your parents and older siblings and Aunts and Uncles were all out there busting their humps to make sure you had a Christmas. In the same way, if you want NESARA or any other corrective action to happen you have to step to the plate and shove.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,

all rights reserved


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One Response to Believe In NESARA? You Might As Well Believe In Santa Clause

  1. jane says:

    I apologies for not having the time to review things in detail. Is Anna Von Reitz a freedom fighter ? I had understood she was/is genuine. I agree we have to stand up and fight for our freedoms ..but I also had understood that the energies that are supposedly changing us, are waking up people to what is really going on, it seems to be taking an age, and is it ever going to happen before the dark control have completely imprisoned us? So I take it that Nesara and all the money stuff is not true and is just to make us think things are going to be great ..but in effect things are only going to get worse. The average person who’se life is already very difficult. health and money struggles, yet they may be awake and trying their best, but to be honest its must moving information around from one person to the next, I cannot see freedom coming anyday soon if humanity is expected to do all this on their own…….sure we can be positive and try to set an example and try not to be victims and do AFFORMATIONS, and do self work blah blah blah, but meantime ROME IS BURING while that man’s name that escapes me fiddles……..You have Ben Fulford telling us the KHAZARIAN MAFIA is being really hammered, so is he a liar? You have DAVID WILCOX saying all sorts, I don’t have much time for him I must admit… you have SHELDON NIDEL who is saying the new money system whatever that is, is in place, you have GAIA PORTAL sending messages that sound lovely, and are yet hard to understand 🙂 you have the man who calls himself COBRA, and says we have to wait for the EVENT, So that keeps everyone waiting, and hoping………and then DAVID ICKE, all doom and gloom……………we seem to be played from every direction and there does not seem to be ANY reliable source of information that humanity can know we are on the right track…. Yours…rather peed off member of this planet..


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