Forbidden Movie VAXXED; The Spell Is Broken!

Angelika Theater will screen it in NYC

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VAXXED: Brilliant Strategy or Happenstance? At the ANGELIKA Theatre THIS WEEK and Next!

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What is everyone talking about? The forbidden movie. And for good reason.

We came down hard on De Niro… but could this have been a brilliant strategy from the start to get the press and The People to take notice?

It’s clear that SOMEONE stepped up to the plate—and FAST!  Talk about “seize the day”! They struck while the iron is hot with the press this story is getting and the film will get to the general public even sooner than it was scheduled to screen at the Tribeca Film Festival! Surprise!

Angelika Theatre NYC

Note the “Inside Job” on the marquee… lol

Now we know that the controllers/fake media manipulated the interview with the movie’s producer (see Mike Adams article below) and lookie here—the movie will now be screened in New York for the public to see—in the ANGELika Theatre, no less. Coincidence? I think not.

Happenstance? Now De Niro has an army behind him. Just. Like. That. It happened awfully fast, didn’t it? Well, didn’t it?

I think someone or possibly even some Beings knew VAXXED was going to get out there in a big way and that it would blow up the Alternet and the independent film industry and that the tussle would springboard it into the laps of the public if they did it this way.

As soon as you tell someone access is denied, most sensible folks believe there’s a good reason and they want to know why. In these suspicious times when The People no longer trust their government… it’s a given.

The irony of this is delicious. It sends a clear message that we will not tolerate censorship. Check and mate. The final move is the only one that really matters. And with this information out, De Niro and his family are safe. I think they’ve got your back, Bobby.

VAXXEDWE don’t need to see “VAXXED”, but I would if I was in NYC. And when it’s available on YouTube I will post it here at Starship Earth.

We’ve been sharing this truth for so long, and it has finally paid off. It’s pay day, my friends. It’s as close to a full disclosure of the corruption and evil intent within the medical industry as we will probably get for this month.

This is huge. The doctors who were eliminated because they knew the truth about vaccines and autism did not die in vain. Vindication Day is nigh.

I don’t know about you, but my NRG is sky high right now. Raise a glass, my friends, or in Newfie terms, “Up your bucket”. And to the psychopaths, “Up yours.”

Mike Adams (Health Ranger) and investigative journalist Jon Rappoport have covered this story extensively. Check it out. One more victory for the Light.  ~ BP

P.S.  I see Jon Rappoport is really stepping it up and has an announcement. JR on Jimmy Church? A real investigative journalist of THAT calibre on Alternet radio? Scarce as hen’s teeth. He’s going to spill it. All of it. There will be no stopping the deluge of disclosure on that front. Step aside George Noory! Congrats, Jon, and thanks, Jimmy. Can’t wait to tune in.  ~ BP

EXCLUSIVE UNCUT video interview with ‘VAXXED’ producer Del Bigtree that was 99% censored by ABC World News Tonight

by Mike Adams

Del-Bigtree-VAXXED(NaturalNews) ABC World News Tonight interviewed Del Bigtree, producer of the “VAXXED” documentary, for about ten minutes. But they used just five seconds in their hit piece attacking the film that was subsequently blackballed by Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Film Festival.

Now, Natural News has published the exclusive UNCUT full video interview with Del Bigtree. This interview was filmed just two hours before Robert De Niro announced he was censoring the film from the Tribeca Film Festival. ABC News used only five seconds from this entire interview.

Read the rest of this article and watch the video

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