Hear This Well: 2016 Precedential Election

2016 Presidential Election: The Greatest CON In U.S. Electoral History

Two of the World’s Most Infamous Snake Oil Salesmen Mesmerize Electorate USA

The Dynamic Duos

The Dynamic Duos

Why were they each deliberately set up to be the lesser of the two evils for this 2016 election?

Why are Americans so addicted to deception?

State of the Nation

And in this corner we have a criminally insane, psychopathic career politician who fraudulently advocates all the politically correct causes … HILLARY R. CLINTON

And in that corner we have a sociopathic and compulsive salesman who is much more showman than anything else, much more barker than leader … DONALD J. TRUMP


What you are about to read constitutes the single greatest CON in U.S. election history. This CON is so calculated and premeditated, so purposeful and deliberate, and so complicated and convoluted that very few will choose to believe it.  Trust us!  You will believe it when you see the results after January 20th of 2017.  However, what most may completely fail to believe — at the end of the day — is who the real con man really is.  We’re talking about the greatest CON MAN alive today.

“Let’s face it, the American electorate is in deep doo-doo … very deep!”
(Source: Is it time for a write-in candidate or full-blown voting boycott?)

Truly, the 2016 campaign season has underscored just how sorry a state the American electoral process is in.

2016 has shown every living American just how completely devoid of truth the whole political process really is.


Qualification: SOTN neither supports nor opposes Donald Trump for president.  On the other hand SOTN vehemently opposes every other candidate who has declared their presidential aspirations.



How, pray tell, does the Democrat Party even attempt to push a candidate who is running for President so that she can stay out of prison?

We’re talking about a former Secretary of State who illegally set up a private email address on an unlawful home server without proper security so that she could conduct her shady business deals with her husband’s ‘nonprofit’ foundation, which catered to the wealthy and powerful in countries that was directly related the official business of the U.S. Department of State. WOW!  Doing personal business at State while essentially running a parallel government from her personal unsecured email account on a home-based server.*

*Every political analyst knows that Hillary Clinton should have been indicted by now and removed from American politics forever.  Instead, her devotees support her more than zealously ever.  Such is the covert scheme to constantly thrust highly inferior and unethical candidates in front of the electorate so as to inure them to outright criminality … so that official misconduct actually becomes expected of their public servants.

This is the same person who was quite ignominiously fired from her position during the infamous Watergate hearings because she attempted to deprive Richard Nixon of his rightful legal counsel.  It is also the same person who was Secretary of State during the meticulous preparation for both the catastrophic Syrian War as well as the equally disastrous unprovoked war on Libya.  Here is Hillary’s quote on the gruesome execution of Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi.

“We Came, We Saw, He Died”

(Source: Hillary Clinton’s Six Foreign-Policy Catastrophes)

Then there is Benghazigate and Foundationgate, Emailgate and Servergate, Whitewatergate and Travelgate, Vince Foster and Ron Brown.  Who will ever forget Monica Lewinsky and Jennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones and Eileen Wellstone?  The list of examples enabling Bill’s exploits is quite long and sordid and is only mentioned because of the critical role that Mrs. Clinton played in the suppression of those sexual assaults, as well as the harassment of the victims.

Hillary Clinton Belongs in Jail, Not on a Presidential Ticket


“Bigger Than Watergate” – Hillary Clinton And The Syrian Bloodbath

"What difference does it make!"

“What difference does it make?!”

The Donald

As for the most likely GOP candidate, how does the Republican Party —  not the entire political establishment — permit itself to be totally hijacked by a Gambling magnate and American Beauty Pageant promoter?

We’re talking about a guy who made his millions, or billions, or trillions in gambling casinos and Manhattan real estate development.  Nothing wrong with the real estate development, it’s just what you have to do in that cut-throat realm to be successful. As for gambling in Vegas and Atlantic City ….

The real issue with The Donald is that he is presenting himself as an outsider when he is, in fact, the quintessential insider.  He knows ’em all, and loves ’em all, as the following photo-documentary clearly illustrates.

Circumstantial evidence deep and wide that Michael Bloomberg is a 9/11 Mafia Kingpin?

Of course, the most obvious flaw in his current sales promotion tour of the USA is his patently fallacious narrative regarding the 9/11 false flag terror attacks.  He continues to cling to the absurd narrative that Islamic jihadists were responsible under the leadership of Osama bin Laden when he really does know exactly what happened.  His shocking defense of Israel in this same matter is even more staged and preposterous in order to deflect blame from Israel.

While The Donald may play all the right notes for his target audience (they’re being played like a violin), there is so much strident and dubious cacophony throughout his prevaricating campaign that it is quite stomach-wrenching to either watch or listen to.*

*Even Donald Trump himself said ‘I could shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters’.  In fact, depending on who he shot, he might even gain voters, such is the way he has been able to corral the angry and disenfranchised into his pen of political incorrectness. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being politically incorrect, except when the whole world is up in arms because of outrageously reckless and irresponsible statements.

Yes, he gives the appearance of providing little truths here and there, but only as BAIT to string the electorate along to an election win.  Simply put, The Donald is a fraud, and he knows it.  He’s an imposter just as Obama is an imposter, except on the other end of the political spectrum.  Whereas Obama is a dyed-in-the-wool communist, Trump is a stone-cold fascist —Mussolini style.  He embodies all the provocative rhetoric and inflammatory demagoguery necessary to rile up his new base so that he will win the nomination.

Is Donald Trump A Closeted NeoCon?

Donald Trump: Not Illuminati, Illuminati-Controlled Opposition, Or Illuminati Born and Bred?

Donald Trump: A Clinton Plant, A RINO Decoy, A Democrat Stealth Candidate, Or All 3

“I Totally Swear I’m Rich!”


READ the whole story at http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=34262

The Voting Ritual: NWO Puppets

Voting in a national election is a ritual designed to trick the populous into feeling that they are involved in selecting their representatives.

SOURCE with thanks https://ronmamita.wordpress.com/2016/03/06/what-everyone-should-know-about-the-u-s-presidential-elections

The 2016 US Inc. election is precedent setting because millions of humans are aware of gross fraud [consciously awake], as the cabal tries to finalize their goal of ultimate wealth, power, and control of all natural resources and human beings.

Doreen Ann Agostino
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