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By The Company of Creators

Thank you, to ‘The Company of Creators’ for your comment below that I am re-posting for people to ponder and expand. [Doreen]

Did I miss something here? Where is the solution(s) ??? I’ve known the problem(s) for years and solutions are actually very simple if people would only institute them. Corruption can only be had by ignorance. Thus we need to have all public servants periodically tested as to their knowledge, understanding and accurate use of the public trust known as the Unanimous Declaration of Independence, the Constitution* to which they have sworn an oath to support and the state and local laws, codes and statutes. (this will cause those who do not know to be removed and the legislatures to make it easy to know, understand and easily accessible for all. And it may even be taught in the public schools.

* By Anna von Reitz:
The original “State of New York” is one of the original Thirteen (E)states that joined together as the united States of America. Notice that “united” is just an adjective describing a union or association or as they put it, a “perpetual confederation” of these landed “(E)states”. The actual name of this country is the “States of America”. The actual and still very much in effect document binding the states together is The Articles of Confederation (1781). Any idea that any “Constitution” dissolved or replaced the Articles of Confederation is a self-serving lie perpetuated by those who would defraud and enslave you. The “Constitution” —-the real Constitution— is an equity contract and public trust indenture that neither describes the states in terms of their geography nor binds them together in any way except as mutual subscribers to the governmental services to be provided by the “contract government.

The Constitution, like all Constitutions, is a debt agreement stipulating the services under contract, the limits of the authorities granted, and the payment terms. This commercial contract is NOT what created your country and formed the Union of States. READ more at

2. Profits… taxes interest, and yes “money” its self becomes a thing of the past and is replaced by “thank you notes” which have no monetary value, can not be traded but is a way of expressing ones gratitude for the service someone has provided.

3. Diversity is “self evident” what the Creator loves more than anything so let the people celebrate diversity as well. Where differences are not only respected but appreciated in all aspects of life so long as no ones rights are trespassed upon. Socially we accept that we like doing, being and experiencing and that working together has rewards and a sense of community but those that are loners or different are respected and perhaps even revered as inevitably they are the source of variety and discovery of those things that will make our lives better somehow. Appreciating that Creator provides each of us our own version of God and our own personal relationship no greater or less than any other but merely an expression of Creators love for our uniqueness and diversity so long as no ones rights are trespassed or injured.

Setting goals of what may seem impossible are the new kind of participation sport and those that enjoy playing other sports do so for the entertainment factor since there is no one with any more “purchasing power” than any other because we no longer are restricted by money, the haves and haves not.

The alleged debt is in the hundreds of trillions which the banksters have fabricated and robbed, so instead of putting them in jail, simply make them the surety of all the needs of the people as it was intended and thus anything that anyone desires is granted by the availability of it, and when they no longer make use of it, it is refurbished and passed onto someone else who desires it. Kinda like perpetual reuse and recycle and when there is no more desire for it then it is recycled for its parts, energy and reuse value which the creators by the thousands make games of how many ways things can be reused and made into something useful before it is reduced into its elements and then reused again. Kinda like a man made compost pile that breaks it down to its elements for reuse.

WE are already trending this way I believe all we need do is to recognize that this is the only sustainable way of life and get on with it. First the people must get their respective governments (that which is ment to be governed) under control by the periodic testing of their obligations to the people, their rights and diversity. Once there is no such thing as profit or hording there is no more job threat of loss and people will do according to their hearts desire again and become far more productive and creative, happier and without threat, intimidation or need to steal, lie, abuse or vie for power since there is nothing that one can possibly gain that everyone else does not have available to them as well.

People will begin to down size because they soon realize that “things” own them and require maintenance, time and protections and so forth. Thus virtually everything becomes community available except what one needs on a regular basis, like a carpenter who has his favorite tools but has no need for that dozer he needed for that job last year. If he ever needs a dozer in the future he simply goes down to the local “borrow” shop and “borrows” it, makes uses of it and then returns it when he is done…

People may like to do the same thing day in and day out and there is always a job that needs to be done day in and day out and for some that is security, to be productive and know they provide a necessary service and the community they partake in which is familiar to them and comforting. Others love to learn new things and then do it, accomplish it and move on to another “profession”. Over time these people with many varied skills have the ability to put many different pieces together in a variety of ways and create new ways, things and possibilities and get fulfilment and satisfaction from those coming into existence and watching others making use of it.

It is a Fact that no one, no matter how much they have no matter how rich or powerful they may believe they are, can’t take one bit of a thing with them, not even their body.. so when we teach our children that what we take with us are the memories and we get to share those accomplishments with all others and those to come who will celebrate our purposes and contributions and gratitude for the opportunity to have done so and possibly to come back and do more…. then those will be our goals which replaced money, greed, coveting, selfishness, power, and all that goes with them.

Now a prosperous, cooperative and kind form of living in harmony with each other and the earth will replace the destructive forms we have today. Kindness is the only true currency of the universe. So lets all get very rich on the true currency and bath in our differences and cooperativeness which adds to our wealth of character.

As an inventor who has lived in many so called primitive and so called sophisticated societies the happiest of them all are those who have less and appreciate each other more. And the small village society seems to work the best with periodic meetings or councils for sharing and cooperation, And there is more than enough for all on this planet!!! More than enough, plenty and when we work together … it is fun.

“… and to institute new Government, laying its foundations on such principles and organizing its powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

WE already have the trust, we just need to implement it and “organize its powers” to insure that every public servant knows it and applies it every day!!!

Blessings to all who come in kindness.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,

all rights reserved


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Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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