A Rare CHILL MAGNETIC REVERSAL With Intense Drifting June 14 to August 19, 2016

Former NASA Scientist Explains 2016 Geomagnetic Reversal: 2 Month Period Of Rapid Shift Identified

“The last reversal took place about 780,000 years ago. There were already some early ancestors of ours, and anthropologists haven’t found evidence that it caused any major alterations on those early humans.” Dr. Sal Conti, Former NASA Scientist.

Geological Record Proves That Planet Earth
Undergoes Periodic Geomagnetic Pole Shifts

The Magnetic North Pole has been rapidly shifting from the
Arctic Circle to Siberia over the course of many years.

New-Accurate-Location-Of-The-Magnetic-Pole-Shift-At-Half-Way-Point-Factual-Events-OccuringCosmic Convergence Research Group

It has been scientifically proven that the Earth undergoes a full geomagnetic reversal approximately every 780,000 years.

These reversals are usually slow, occurring gradually over long spans of time.

However, at the start of the 20th century that historical pattern appears to have been radically altered.

All the nations that track this easily monitored data have validated each others scientific observations and data sets.  Even NOAA has presented hard data which substantiates this ongoing geomagnetic shift.

Alarming NOAA data, Rapid Pole Shift

Hence, there is no mistaking the now generally accepted fact that the magnetic poles of the Earth are not only shifting in real time, but that they are moving very quickly.

This phenomenon applies to both the North and the South Poles.  The following diagram shows the precise movements as they are transpiring at the respective poles.


Former NASA Scientist Dr. Salvatore Conti delineates the coming geomagnetic pole shift

The following video is quite remarkable for many reasons.  It represents the first time that an authoritative account of the coming magnetic pole shift has been provided by a scientist who has been given access to highly privileged information and impressive data collection. In fact the only way that former NASA Scientist Dr. Salvatore Conti could have elaborated such complex information was by having been the insider that he was.

The following video is less than one half hour-long, but only a few minutes of viewing will be necessary to receive the most relevant details.  Those revelations begin at the 13 minute mark and continue until about the 19 minute mark.  A word-for-word transcription of the most significant statements has been posted just below the video link. READ more at http://cosmicconvergence.org/?p=13764

From Doreen
A well respected ‘peace in space advocate’ shared with me a visit they experienced with benevolent Aliens. One element of the Alien message that stayed with me over the years is this: the one thing required for humans to make it through this transition between worlds is to ‘tame’ our EGO, which in my view Edges Goodness Out, Edges Grace Out, and Edges God Out.

I recently emailed Paul Hellyer asking for his perspective regarding benevolent Alien warnings of a Chill Magnetic Reversal 2016. I did not get a response, so I left a comment at this video which arrived today
1] to raise awareness and 2] ask if Paul Hellyer might respond.

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