2016 X-FILES Episode Blows The Alien-UFO Conspiracy Wide Open

There Are No Alien Abductions,
Only Government Kidnappings

U.S. Government Produced the ‘Roswell UFO Incident’,
Manufactured Most UFOs, Fabricated Multiple EBEs,
Has Even Planned to Stage Alien Invasions

There has never been anything even close to:
The X-FILES Series 10, Episode 1 — “My Struggle”
in terms of exposing a real-time global conspiracy

State of the Nation

Special Note
The following 2016 X-FILES Episode #1 of Season 10 was titled “My Struggle” is by far the single most revelatory and NWO-shattering TV program ever televised.  It contains more raw truth about how the world really works than all the TV shown in America since its inception in late 1930s.  If ever network television has created the opportunity to vindicate itself, this particular X-FILES episode is it.  Anyone who watches this show ought to disseminate it far and wide as many skeptical friends and family will receive  highly radioactive truth through this particular show.  What’s really extraordinary about the highly classified information that is accurately imparted about the New World Order agenda is how obviously true it is.  Evidence now abounds which confirms many of the details of the rapidly forming One World Government.  Even the mainstream media is full of news reports which serve to verify many of the interlocking components of this ongoing global conspiracy that seeks total world domination.  


Video available only in the US, US Territories, and Military Bases.

TRANSCRIPTThe X-FILES Season 10 — Episode 1

The original ‘unofficial’ story of the alien flying saucer or extraterrestrial spaceship that allegedly crashed outside of Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 has always been full of holes. For instance, how does such a technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilization crash their spaceship or flying saucer in the middle of the New Mexico desert?  No, it really makes no sense.

Even if you speculate, as many have throughout the years, that the crash was deliberate in order to leave some neat technology and newfangled materials from which earthlings could reverse engineer their own version of a similar flying saucer, there is still a lot wrong with this false narrative.  Certainly the super-generous ETs could have just airdropped the spaceship blueprints over the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.  Or, they could have sent a Morse code message providing the time and date of a perfect saucer landing in the middle of Area 51.

Truly, what has never made sense with either the official account of Roswell or many of the conspiratorial versions of the ‘incident’, is that they are all fundamentally flawed in such serious ways that they are rendered implausible.

However, there is one explanation that in not implausible which clearly indicts the military and the government.  The U.S. Federal Government has repeatedly demonstrated a strong tendency to deceive the citizenry … about practically everything.  Therefore, applying Occam’s Razor to the resolution of this multi-decade investigation will easily lead to the truth of the matter that the FEDs did it … and did it for very specific reasons.

X-Files-UFO-CrashU.S. Government has proven itself capable of perpetrating any deception

In the wake of government-directed 9/11 false flag attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C., it is now clear that the FEDs are very into staging fake mega-dramas.  Most of the earth-shaking events of the past 100 years were in fact fabricated by the same surreptitiously controlled governments.  Hence, staging the Roswell incident is really a very small feat, especially because it took place completely out of sight.

The key to this whole conspiracy to majorly deceive the American public hinges on two historical facts.  As follows:

(1) First, that Operation Paperclip guaranteed safe passage for many of Nazi Germany’s most talented scientists and engineers, physicians and technicians, military officers and secret service commanders.  They were also given assurances that they would be able to continue their work under the auspices of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services), which later became the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).

(2) Secondly, that the U.S. Federal Government has always had a very strong interest in advancing all of the interdisciplinary sciences having to do with genetic engineering, biological warfare and bioengineered weaponry.  The Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918, that originated at Fort Riley, Kansas, is just one example of biological agents being purposefully released by the U.S. Military.  (The military personnel were actually used to widely disseminate the flu virus around the world as they were deployed to different theaters of war or sent home after active duty.)

The critical point here is that the government has always had a high degree of interest in this type of dangerous scientific research and applied technology.  Therefore, they had to develop ways of testing their precarious methods and theories on real people and animals.  The massive number of inexplicable cow mutilations throughout the USA over the years is just one shocking example of what these government scientists will do for a specimen.

Much more shocking, however, is their staging of countless ‘human abductions’ that were simulated as though the abductees were kidnapped by alien Greys, who just happened to be in the neighborhood looking for some human DNA.  Go figure!?  That these same kidnappers are also skilled in the surgical sciences is all the more ridiculous and implausible.


All Abductions are Government Kidnappings for Experimentation and Tissue Harvesting

Honestly, what a complete and total scam that has been run on a fearful and unsuspecting populace, both here and abroad.  The American landscape is now well known to have numerous laboratories dotting ALL 50 states.  There used to be only one Plum Island ultra-secret laboratory; now there are hundreds of similar facilities performing their unethical and risky experiments under the radar.  So far off the grid and super-secret are some of these high-tech lab operations that they are essentially invisible, even to the U.S. Federal Government.

When viewed in this light, it’s quite easy to understand that these agents and proxies of the U.S. Government can get away with bloody murder any day of the week, as they often do. Hence, systematically abducting American citizens ought to come as no surprise.  They can, and will, and do execute these deliberate abductions to accomplish a number of extremely nefarious goals.  Their objectives have nothing do with National Security, as they often deceptively claim, and have everything to do with transhumanistic bioengineering, as well as seeking their ultimate goal of achieving physical immortality.

You see their agenda is multi-purposeful. READ more at http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=32499

From Doreen
During these end times, everything hidden is being revealed to purify the past and make way for a new era where the lies, fraud, deceit, war, extreme suffering, etc. cannot follow.

As more of the Truth is revealed each of us is tasked with doing our due diligence, and if we did believe a lie accept it. Allow yourself to feel disappointment, anger, fear, and other emotions to ‘process’ them consciously, otherwise suppressing energy of dis-ease will likely transform into disease in the body.

The greatest opportunity for peace, harmony, greater well being, prosperity, abundance and joy, is to tame our ego which edges goodness, grace, and God out.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,

all rights reserved


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