We Are All Neos: Break Out Of The Matrix

AGXIIK Unleashes EPIC RANT Against the Banksters- “Bank Holiday? Bring It!”

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Submitted by AGXIIK:

My newest take on how events are unfolding right now is more optimistic than I’ve been for a while.

Not optimistic about the events; they’re going to be hard on all of us as they unfold in the rest of the year. No one will make it past the incoming resets unscathed.  But I am optimistic that so many people are waking up to the dangers.  But the safe harbors and opportunities exist in equal number. They are equal in number to the dangers we face.

Optimistic that we, the counter revolutionary domestic terrorists that have been  having at these termite bastard sons of bit*hes who harry us at every quarter; we engaging in non-violent assymetrical  warfare whenever a salient opens or line of weakness is seen. And we are  seen winning on many fronts.

The strategies and tactics of our enemies are clear and exceptionally obvious today.   5 years ago there were only a few of us who recognized the real dangers confronting the people of this world.  5 years ago I was not one of them.   Like most of you, I’m learning at an exponential rate,  far more aware of the nature of the  people involved in the attacks and the dangers they pose. Larry Summers is a classic case. He wants to ban the $100 bill.  Summers is an epically proportioned mile high Dagwood crap sandwich, one of the worst of the oligarch class.

To know ourselves is to know the enemy.  To know our fears is to know the fears of our foes.  To know our strengths is to know the manifold weaknesses of our enemies.  We remove our weaknesses and fears and find ourselves in a place of calm and reflection.  We move from our self imposed position of DEFCON 1 to a place of watchful wariness.  We might not have the high ground but we are legion, the vast army of Anonymous, people who work and struggle to get a foothold,  pressing our numerical advantages against the common foe who would us under the feet or worse. Our best weapons?   Knowledge, calmness and a good sense of humor, ready to laugh at these jackasses would have at us.

Each of us is completely capable of taking up a torch.  We are all Neos, breaking out of the Matrix.  We are waking up and aware of how the foes fights us.  What they demonize, fear and excoriate are the EXACT WEAPONS WE CAN USE AGAINST THEM.

If the government is against it, we are for it.

War on cash?  Then get some cash.  Pat Fields called cash a debt instrument printed at interest.  Cash rots, coins do not. That’s true to a certain degree but cash is also an assymetrical weapon that the government fears. Try as they might to herd us into cashless sheeple corrals, we can resist.

They want to force cyber currency DIGIFIAT I-Pad EMP blasts on to our free will. We fight back with cash.   They want us in banks, brokerages, IRAs and other places of digital FIAT worship.   We drain our accounts, close our brokerages and cash in our IRAs.

They want us to fear bank holidays, a government mandated Dark Monday of capital confiscation while they  simultaneously force us into electronicized cash gulags;  dark caves of no return, populated by Gestapo-like apparchiks tasked with reporting our every day goings ons, places where they can  freely rape and pillage our capital with expropriations, confiscations and bail-ins whenever they chose.

Banks holidays?

Bring it!

I’ll get to sleep in while the banksters are the ones on holiday, hopefully a permanent unpaid leave.

Let me shed a tear for the vast multitude of banksters without jobs.

Wanna a job b***? Wash my car

So long as bankers are awake and on the job they’ll  nibble away at our substance like cash eating cannibal  termites,  with NIRP,  fees and charges that bear no interest and no bearing in reality. They can tax cash and trash cash while they enjoy the ill-gotten gains of pure unadulterated theft; banksters and politicians alike.

The government fears cash because cash is the transactional medium of FREE RANGE HUMANS.   They fear gold and silver because those are the wealth protection systems of FREE RANGE HUMANS.  What the banks and goverment fears  most must be the best weapons filling our tool boxes.

Guns, ammo, prepper food, cash, precious metals and free will are non-negotiable commodities in the quest for liberty.  It’s said the  enemy has us surrounded.  That’s a very bad tactical position. We out number the enemy 10,000 to one.  We  can fire in every direction.

Have you hugged your banker today?  No?  

Then give them a big hug goodbye.

SOURCE with thanks http://www.silverdoctors.com/silver/silver-news/agxiik-unleashes-epic-rant-against-the-banksters-bank-holiday-bring-it/

In 2016 and beyond, ANYTHING is possible during a rare world shift that ends the lie of separation. As a new era of Truth is birthed, the journey through the birth canal will be easiest for people with an open mind and heart, and willingness to cooperate until all are free from the matrix of illusion. https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2016/02/18/sworn-truth-from-the-maestro-alan-greenspan/

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,

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Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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