The Deliberate Exploitation of Humanity Or NOT! [Cease fire update]

The Levant and Armageddon, Syria and World War III

A Mideast Conflagration is Being Stealthily Set Up by the NWO Cabal

[Cease fire update below]

Age-old Sunni vs. Shiite Conflict Has Been Exploited To Destroy Islam and Inflame the “Clash of Civilizations” with Christianity

is the biblical battleground where the Anglo-American Axis
(AAA) meets the BRICS-aligned nations in the Levant.  As Syria and Iraq
have become the global focal point of the intensifying WW3, the true
meaning of the Biblical Megiddo comes into sharper relief.  Just as Israel’s
King Josiah was killed by the Pharaoh Neco king of Egypt at Megiddo, it has
been prophesied that Israel would once again be laid low in its own land
by a modern-day pharaoh.

State of the Nation

There is a very good reason why the meme of Armageddon is based on the original conflagration that took place at Megiddo, the site of an ancient city in northern Israel’s Jezebel valley.

Megiddo is also known as Greek: Μεγιδδώ/Μαγεδδών, Megiddó/Mageddón in the Septuagint; Latin: Mageddo; Assyrian: Magiddu, Magaddu; Magidda and Makida in the Amarna tablets; Egyptian: Maketi, Makitu, and Makedo. The Book of Revelation mentions an apocalyptic battle at Armageddon,[1] a name derived from the Hebrew “Har Megiddo” meaning “Mount of Megiddo”. “Armageddon” has become a byword for the end of the world.[1]

This particular region of the world has been a highly sought after for a number of reasons over the millennia.  The 3rd Millennium of course is no different.  The ancient city of Megiddo, known as Armageddon in Greek, has a storied history for major military conflicts and war.  Hence, it has come to represent a place where epic conflicts are either started or resolved.  What follows are a few of the famous battles which took place there:

Famous battles include:

Tel Megiddo

Tel Megiddo, Israel

What’s the point?

The critical point is that this part of the world has always been a combustible hotspot. Even during the days of the Phoenician seafarers the eastern Mediterranean coast has been coveted by the kings and emperors, pharaohs and generals.  The Mideast also serves as a barometer for the true state of international affairs.  READ more at

Ceasefire Update

World powers have agreed on a ceasefire in Syria in one week’s time, giving Russia a chance to help the Assad regime press an offensive that has expanded the Kremlin’s clout in the region.

From Doreen
As within so without. Please BE at peace and PRAY peace.

What goes on inside each of us is reflected in the world. War reflects rage in, between, and among us. How humans respond to adversity, and one another, creates either heaven or hell on Earth.

Matrix - System Failure - Money

To empower SOULutions integrate and embody your Soul’s love, power, and wisdom.

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