WATCH NOW: Thomas David Deegan Trial Date Set

Rule of Law W Va Live Stream 7 24 15 Thomas Deegan

Because all branches of government are incorporated as private, for profit corporations, three men petitioned the West Virginia Government for return to the rule of law thus honoring their oaths that they be government servants of, by, and for the people, not of, by, and for corporations. Gene Stalnaker, Phil Hudok, and Thomas Deegan then filed legal action in the state supreme court of appeals. This is Thomas’s portion of the live streamed public address on July 24, 2015. Find out why West Virginia’s constitution is unique and why this state is now pivotal in the quest for freedom.

Update: 1/26/2016 2:10 P.M.

A trial date is set for Thomas David Deegan. He was indicted earlier in January, for allegedly attempting to overthrow West Virginia’s government.

Deegan did not enter a plea, so a “not guilty” plea was entered for him in court Tuesday. His trial is currently set for March 15th.

Circuit Judge Jeff Reed also granted Deegan’s request to represent himself in his case. John Oshoway, the attorney appointed last fall to defend him, is now appointed on a “standby” basis.

A hearing is continued until February, on a separate motion to have Deegan’s home confinement from a previous drug case revoked.

Now, although he is in custody, there’s a motion to have that home confinement revoked.

Deegan, as he has done in previous court hearings, said he did not understand the motion, arguing he had not yet been convicted of the current charge.

From Doreen
When a living human walks through the court gate [bar] they consent to leave the Common Law land jurisdiction and enter Maritime/Admiralty sea jurisdiction, where all licensed attorneys work for the Jesuit’s Crown Temple.

If the public remains silent about Thomas Deegan’s case, silence is implied consent. In other words, any living human who takes a stand against presumed authority will likely experience a similar fate to Thomas Deegan, which to date has been grueling.

THE TEMPLAR CROWN – Empire Of The City

A History of the Bar Association and Who Really Owns America [and the World]

All Bar Association licensed Attorneys must keep the terms of their oath to the Crown Temple in order to be accepted or “called to Bar” at any of the King’s Inns. Their oath, pledge, and terms of allegiance are made to the Crown Temple.

Doreen Ann Agostino
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Resolution Guide, Author, Radio Host, Emissary of Greater Well-being, Freedom, and Natural Law; do no harm and do not allow others to harm.
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One Response to WATCH NOW: Thomas David Deegan Trial Date Set

  1. Wow, great video!!! I have one comment/ suggestion.. all corporations are subject to the State and got their charter through the state and are authorized to conduct business only within the confines of the laws and their charter.. see Hale v Henkel p. 74-75 and “all creations are presumed to be for the benefit of the public. So one could bring a “non frivolous suit” to “dissolve” the corporation due to various infractions of the law and/or its charter. (see FRCP 11 among others).
    In my opinion and experiences from loosing to winning, one has to “BOX THEM IN” and force them to abide by the law (set them up for a 42 USC 1983 which if done right causes them to settle for millions in return for non disclosure agreement. (squeeze them for the most one can get and then take it ..else you end up dead) the play is to win at the financial game and then teach others to do the same, over and over again so that “When corruption no longer is profitable it will cease”
    Further when you “cause” the agents of the corporation to act in accordance with the laws and their corporate charter then the door opens for more successes and eventually some accountability will take place. Till then it is all about the money.
    Where are these docs? and why is there no $ sign in front of the number?? So we need ot clarify just what is the value given and it seems that in short they are using “collateral” which is not theirs, or theft of property, identity theft and others especially depravation of rights and violations of 16 Usc 241, 242 and many others including the constitutions… which they are contracted/chartered UNDER.
    Instead of “ex-patriation” which in my opinion deprives you of a seat at the table perhaps Notice of rescission and recording the same in the land records would be of more value and power. And of course if there is any account, no matter what position one holds or is presumed to hold one is entitled to a full accounting of the account.
    What I also find interesting is that the relationship is “trustee” on the documents .., do trustee of what trust? and who was the grantor and who is the beneficiary? and who put the res into the trust and what the grantor authorized to put the res into the trust in the first place (lawfully seized). Obviously this is in violation of the Constitutions and laws of the land etc. So there is a claim ripe fo the making, damages, depravation of rights etc
    In my opinion you are going about this in the wrong manner and at best missing key terms and actions… I noticed first that you “petition”, request, etc… perhaps you might study a bit of Karl Lintz stuff to get an idea of other ways to succeeded. I use the statutes and codes and laws themselves to box them in and use the records certified and notarized by them the courts and use them as exhibits, but I also use the statues and codes in such a manner as to not be subject to them cut evidence that they are subject to them and have breached them. Negative averments are also powerful and I also herd you say to the best of my knowledge … but not “belief” Only a man can “believe” and an affidavit must be rebutted by equal affidavit…. by a man with a belief.
    I am a bit tired but if you like we can do a “call” which should be recorded so that it can be reviewed and not repeat as I do all day long helping others. (I’ve actually won a case in the supreme court of Oklahoma, took me two years and a reconsideration with the notice that I was entitled to a declaratory judgment which would state that this court and the nine judges no longer are going to abide by the law and will overturn the previous five cases in which they did abide by the Statutes OS 68.. which stated …”…”
    I have learned a lot since then and won over five cases most with just one page docs some up to three pages or three filings of one page each… I’m testing out another this month in VA as to the right to travel… another two page doc which really could be just one but I kinda wanted to rub their noses in it and set them up for several admissions of criminal acts….
    Anywhoo, give me a shout if you would like…
    Blessings to all who come in kindness


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