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The Secret of Maritime Jurisdiction Exposed

Originally posted on AntiCorruption Society:
. . . OR OUR INJUSTICE SYSTEM EXPLAINED! Following are excerpts from Valiant Liberty’s exceptional work regarding how maritime jurisdiction (law of the sea) was brought onto the land without our knowledge or consent.  Valiant…

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CAFR – The Holy Grail of Government Over-all Accounting

By Walter Burien, advocate for government fiscal accountability and budgeting. Full bio below. Here is a VERY important point for you and everyone else in your community per any tax increase proposed by your local government(s). The new accounting changes … Continue reading

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WATCH NOW: Thomas David Deegan Trial Date Set

Rule of Law W Va Live Stream 7 24 15 Thomas Deegan Because all branches of government are incorporated as private, for profit corporations, three men petitioned the West Virginia Government for return to the rule of law thus honoring … Continue reading

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