How to Switch ‘ON’ Positive Universal Energy

In my modest opinion, the ceremony below invites each of us to self realize, self govern, and self empower.

From Catherine Hislop

The universe is permanently bathed in positive and negative energy. You can learn to capture positive energy of the Great Creative Power of the Universe to transform reality.

The Universe was created by positive energy. Some people call it God, or Original Creative Power. Scientists call It the Big Bang, the original explosion. Ever since this primordial conflagration the Universe has been expanding, the result of the Great Beginning’s formidable blast.

It doesn’t matter what you believe in or choose to call It; Great Initial Positive Energy does exist.

Stay In Touch With Positive Universal Energy

Original energy is all around and completely at your disposal. When good things happen to you in life, you are, often involuntarily, connected to Positive Universal Energy. It is also possible to sometimes lose contact with It.

You carry on with life, unaware of how to keep the positive energy burning inside you. You  may think that’s life, it’s just the way things are, there’s nothing I can do about it!

You think you have no control over events. Well, that’s not true! You can influence the course of your life and you can capture Positive Universal Vibrations.

If you are unable to connect to them, it’s because you haven’t found the right switch, and don’t know how to keep that switch ‘turned on.’

How To Find The Switch

Imagine the Great Creative Universal Power as the Supreme Power watching over you.

To connect to the Great Positive Power of the Great Beginning, read the Ceremony described below. Master the process, then try to practice it at least once a day for a week.

You can then start putting more time between sessions. Practice every two days, then every three days… and so on, until you reach a maximum of six days between two sessions. Eventually you should be practicing the ceremony of connecting to the Original Creative Power at least once a week.

Some Things To Know To Practice Effectively

First, imagine the Great Creative Universal Power in any form you like, depending on your beliefs.

This first step is crucial, so before the Ceremony, choose how you want to imagine, sense, or feel the Great Creative Universal Power.

To facilitate learning the Ceremony, I suggest evoking the Great Original Power in the form of a Star emitting powerful rays of bright silver light above you, which gradually surround you from head to toe .

This way, if you don’t know what form to give the Great Creative Universal Power when you start your practice, you can use the image of a Star emitting powerful silver light, which gradually encircles you.

The Ceremony will trigger the awakening of your hidden abilities, and the discovery of your true potential. It’s even helped many people discover their extra-sensorial faculties: the power of divination, telepathy, communicating with the dead, clairvoyance, telekinesis, and so on.

If practiced with conviction, this Magic Ritual will fill your daily life with positive vibrations.

Conditions For Practicing The Ceremony

All you need to perform the Ceremony is some incense and four candles .

Do it in the brightest room of your home. Start by lighting some incense. Then place the four candles at the four cardinal points: first North, then West, then South, and finally East to seal your energy circle, and light them.

Set aside ten minutes every day for practice.

Ceremony For Invoking The Great Universal Power

–    Sit down in the middle of your sacred space bordered by your four candles, and close your eyes.

–    Imagine the Universal Creative Power as a bright white light hovering above your head (or you can use any form you choose).

–    Visualize the light descending slowly and gradually enveloping you with each breath you take. You become more and more relaxed.

–    Imagine the light encircling your head at the same time as you inhale and relax your head completely.

–    On the next breath, the light descends to your shoulders, which become completely relaxed. Imagine, sense, feel the light as an envelope gradually surrounding your entire body, as it becomes completely relaxed.

–    Do the same thing for your chest, your back, your hips, your legs and feet.

–    Once your entire body is totally relaxed and enveloped in this brilliant white light, remain in this state of well-being for five minutes.

–    Then, for the next five minutes, think about a wish that’s particularly close to your heart.

–    After about ten minutes, gradually and gently resume your normal activities.

How To Keep Your Switch In The ‘ON’ Position

With this Ceremony you place your switch in the ‘ON’ position. To prevent the switch from going to an ‘off position, all you have to do is visualize the Great Creative Universal Power between each ceremony, as often as possible.

You also need to do whatever you can to make your heartfelt wishes come true.

SOURCE with thanks


How I see it, humans are awakening outside a dream about what we are not to become what we truly are, and modern physics can help us grasp and master the process of awakening.

The Physics of Dreaming By Paul Levy

Quantum theory is teaching us that implicit in our very thinking are certain flaws and misperceptions that unseen, and taken for granted, unnecessarily limit our ability to apprehend the nature of nature, including our own.

Indeed, the most far-reaching impact of quantum physics will be within the human mind.

The discoveries of quantum physics are truly a game-changer that requires a novel response in us which, when more fully understood and integrated, will irrevocably change us─both on the individual level and as a species─in the very core of our being.


Switch on a light in a dark room and darkness disappears. Similarly, when we turn on positive universal energy we remove negative dark energy from the world.

Please share widely so that more humans learn to help themselves, one another, and Earth, during this great world shift. Thank you. Doreen

Doreen Ann Agostino
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