Patently False Notions About Voting [re-post]

The U.S. Electorate Has Been Tricked Into Voting For Criminally Insane Psychopaths

Necessary Qualification:
Many Politicians Are Thoroughly Corrupt, Hopelessly Incorrigible And Criminally Insane Psychopaths

When You Vote, You Grant Them Your Consent

by Revisionist Historians for World Peace

How often have you heard from friends and family alike that not voting reflects civic irresponsibility?

How often are we reminded not to squander our precious right to vote?

How frequently have you heard the following admonition about exercising your right to vote? Use it or lose it.

Many an American free-thinker has been shamed into voting simply because of these patently false notions.  And, yes, they are all spurious and specious arguments, especially in today’s world.

Not voting is, in fact, an act of voting — a “NO” vote for all candidates

Simply put, by exercising one’s right not to vote — because there are no suitable candidates — the registered voter has cast his vote squarely against all the candidates on the ballot.  Because the candidates do not measure up to a minimum standard of fitness for public service, they do not deserve a vote.  Case closed!

Okay, that was simple.  Now for the real serious side of the voting process.

There’s a very good reason why successive U.S. Administrations have been so hellbent on exporting the American brand of faux democracy around the world.  The most basic reason is this:  By setting up false democracies around the world modeled after the United States of America, each fraudulently installed government will then receive the consent of those respective electorates to act in their name, spend their tax dollars and commit state-sponsored crimes … exactly as the USA does around the world 24/7.

In other words it is a lot easier for government to govern when the citizenry believes they have freely chosen their representatives.  This, by the way, virtually never happens anywhere in the current planetary civilization.  Nevertheless, those who really control from the peak of the pyramid of worldly power want the national governments to at least exhibit the veneer of legitimacy.  This is why the MSM works so hard to convince the people of the authenticity of their elections.  There have never been legitimate elections in the USA or any country on Earth.  Those in power simply would not allow it.

This is an extremely critical point!

Said another way, by voting for George W. Bush or Barack Hussein Obama, especially a second time after seeing the enormous amount of damage they had inflicted on the world-at-large, the voter becomes complicit IN EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEIR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

Now that’s a thought that every voter really ought to ponder before turning in the ballot sheet.  Only by deeply contemplating this subtle yet very real truth about how this voting game works, will the people realize how they have been tricked time and time again.  Perhaps if many voters considered this irrefutable karmic reality, they would probably never vote again.  Why so?


Before voting again in any country please read

Doreen Ann Agostino
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