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Published on Oct 30, 2015

Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz…none of them can turn America around. That’s up to We The People; starting January 2016 by ratifying the original First Amendment we take Congress out of Washington DC, bring them home, and take our lives back. See the plan of action in this exciting video … and sign up NOW at


This field manual is not about the majority of Americans doing the right thing because it is likely they will not. Instead it demonstrates how less than 1% of the population can restore 150 years of lost freedom. Fear The People free book at

We have to make our own sunshine

Question from Montana: Are people having any success in the courts or in their dealings with the Corporation using the “I am one of  free sovereign independent people of the united states? Ernie The Montana mountain man Tertelgte (sP?) tried a version of that and merely succeeded in pissing off the judge.

The reason for the question is that it seems to me that none of these people seem to give a damn about the the law of the land, commercial law or any other kind of law and are simply Hell bent on keeping the scam going.  if this is truly the case do you understand the position that puts those of us who are fed up with this thing in? Never mind the complete ignorance of the public of any of these concepts. It looks to me like the Feds are setting up for gun confiscation and who knows what else in the coming months. It certainly looks grim. Do you have any encouraging words?

Response from Judge Anna:

Yes, there have been many victories over the years– but you have to study hard and know your stuff and be determined.

You also need a little technique. After establishing who you are, your political status, etc— you begin asking questions– nothing but pointed questions.

You are correct that these courts care nothing about law or facts and don’t even listen to arguments.

This is because the DEFENDANTS they have created out of thin air and named after you have already been tried and found guilty. If you let their presumptions stand and don’t challenge their jurisdiction the conclusion is foregone– read their corporate Constitution. Read the 14th Amendment. Realize that the “franchise” was created to be a “debtor” and by definition CANNOT question the debt.

The only way you can win is by repudiating their presumption of political status and challenging their equal presumption of jurisdiction.

Most cases are over the moment the victim “states their name for the record”.

A living man has no name. He may be called by a name or described by a name but if he possesses a name he is submitting himself to be treated as a thing or an animal.

This is all Biblical stuff–

Anyway– the key to shutting this fake government down is reopening our own– filling the vacant public offices and operating as unincorporated counties and states on the land.

Once we have elected our Sheriff to serve the land jurisdiction, he is enabled to deputize as many men as he needs to provide enforcement.

Think John Wayne and smile, smile,smile.

Rod Class is already training Bounty Hunters to go after these rats and their ill-gotten assets.

If I were you I would get started talking to my friends and neighbors, educating myself, and organizing the unincorporated Body Politic composed of those who claim their birthright political status by public declaration of same and electing people to serve your local County Common Law Court– county judges, justices of the peace, peacekeeping officers including Sheriff on the land, County Land Recorder, Common Law Court Clerk, etc, etc.

Other counties have already done this and will soon be sharing templates showing how you can do it too.

Once your Sheriff is elected, bonded, and sworn in he is the highest peacekeeping officer anywhere in the state for his county and the people in it.

What he says goes. The Corporate Mall Cop calling himself a “Sheriff” has nothing to say about those living people who are claiming their birthright political status as free sovereign and independent people of the United States. He is only responsible for policing the “inhabitants”— British Crown subjects who are only here to provide the rest of us with “essential government services”— Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2.

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Doreen Ann Agostino

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