The Hunters Are About To Become The Hunted

A Reply to Stewart Rhode’s Recommended Honorable Exit Strategy For Ammon Bundy From Judge Anna

You can see Stewart Rhodes recommended exit strategy at this link:

By Anna Von Reitz   January 7th 2016

This is certainly a principled argument that speaks well of Stewart Rhodes and his approach to self-government at the local level.

In our system of things, the true power stays with the individual who delegates to the county who delegates to the state who delegates to the federal government.

Not the other way around.

It is true that the local people have got to have the cajones to take a stand and until they do, you can lead a horse to water, but can’t make him drink.

You can prove that their property rights are being violated by thugs—-commercial mercenaries acting under color of law—-and you can offer to stand with them, but until they find the courage and conviction to free themselves, nobody else can do that for them. All that is perfectly true.

However, there is a bone to pick with the Oathkeepers as an organization and with Stewart Rhodes; I have already picked it once and I shall pick it again.   It does not remain for any one small group of people to determine whether our Constitution and our Law of the Land is respected or not.

That kind of thinking leads to “sanctuary cities” and armed bands of thugs holding mountain passes and robbing travelers while claiming that is okay because that is the “law” of Harney County.

Counties do not have the power to declare their own laws about everything.  One of the things they do not have power to self-declare is to declare our national Organic Laws void in Harney County just because the people are too ignorant or too scared to stand up for them.

And anyone who is an Oathkeeper, including the leader of the Oathkeepers, should know that.

We are absolutely required to uphold our Organic Laws or our nation will be fractured like a crystal vase on a tile floor, cut up piecemeal and carted away. Divide and conquer and ignorance and wrong-thinking will set in and Americans will be reduced to arguing among themselves as we have argued for too many years already.

While we are wondering whether we have the right to assert jurisdiction over the land in Harney County when it is violated by federal agencies, those agencies given an inch will take ten miles, and take our seeming complacency as license to take more.  When it comes to the Federales overreaching on any parcel of land anywhere in America,, it is a matter impacting all Americans from Florida to—- dare I say it?  —-Alaska.

The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution for the united States of America are Organic Laws of the entire nation.  We are all required to uphold them at all times and everywhere.  That includes Harney County.  When the “federal agencies” overreach themselves, it is our right AND our responsibility to oppose them in no uncertain terms.  If the people of Harney County fail that sacred duty, the rest of us must not.

I never advocate bloodshed and I would not advocate that any of these brave men on either side of the firing line sacrifice their lives over a “misunderstanding”.

The fact is that the “Federal Government” —including its for-hire corporate subcontractor agencies— has no right to claim any land within the borders of the organic states and never has had.  The fact that we have allowed this to go on in the western states for over a hundred years is a national scandal of mismanagement, misrepresentation, and malfeasance.  The resolution of the political status of these states and the formal release of their property is long, long overdue.

The Federales have mistaken our long-suffering of the matter as acquiescence. We allowed the Federales to arbitrarily declare “National Parks” because we thought it was good to set aside glorious places for future generations— and it is; unfortunately, there is absolutely no lawful basis for it.  We allowed the Federales to build massive Hydropower projects like the Hoover Dam, because we agreed that we needed electrical power; unfortunately, there is precious little excuse for that, either.

These and other acts have served over time to blur the hard line between where “Federal” duties and prerogatives begin and end, and have allowed a constant, slow, but increasingly terrifying usurpation of common sense and an equally profound overreach of government at all levels against the  private and public property rights of the people all across the nation.

It has gotten to the point where the Federales “assume” that they have rights that they don’t have, that they have property interests that don’t belong to them, and that they don’t have to obey the Public Law or the Organic Law, either.  We’ve let them get away with it so long that three generations have grown up, lived and died, since they were reminded forcefully of who they are and who we are.

Well, folks, it is time.

The good people of Harney County are sitting on a gold mine that has absolutely nothing to do with migratory bird habitat.  They are sitting on a vast fortune of minerals and water that the Federales want.  So they are moving in like the thugs they have become with a veritable army of hired commercial mercenaries masquerading as “FBI” agents long after the FBI has ceased to be a lawful unit of our government— but still “trading” upon our images of J.Edgar Hoover nonetheless—- and they are bullying and proposing to steal land from innocent people and to jail them when they resist.

Let it be noted that the “crime” the Hammonds are accused of— setting a backfire that damaged some property— is routinely excused when any “agency” of the government does the same thing.  Now, doesn’t it seem a little bit crazy that the owners of the land are charged with a “crime” and jailed when their hired help does the same thing and skates away scot clean?

Wake up, Stewart Rhodes!  Wake up Harney County!  Daylight in the swamps!

We’ve notified the House Oversight Subcommittee— the derelicts responsible for holding purse-strings over out of control “federal agencies”— that they are liable for a commercial obligation lien of 200 billion ounces of fine silver per American killed by any “federal personnel” and we have the means at our disposal to make that lien stick like iron.  So, boys, the “odds” are not really that hard to take.  The first FBI agent that fires a shot and kills an American is going to be fried back home and not in butter.  This whole land and resource grab by the BLM is about money and the “Federal Corporation” is going to take it in the shorts if they foment any range wars in Harney County.

They will also be facing international war crimes charges to use the phrase from the Nuremburg Trials —-for “criminal aggression”.  Our Sheriffs are beginning to wake up.  It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the “law enforcement” agencies jerk awake—- and then the hunters will become the hunted, and the Bounty Hunter provisions of the vaunted 14th Amendment will spring to life.

Read it, Federales, and read it well.  These are your rules, not ours, and they are still in effect.  Just today I had a jackdaw from the passport agency lecture me about the 14th Amendment and I had to tell him that the 14th Amendment never applied to any American, ever.  And still doesn’t.  But my point here tonight to all of you who can read, is that the 14th Amendment DOES apply to all federal employees, including agency subcontractors.

Judge Anna Maria Riezinger
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4 Responses to The Hunters Are About To Become The Hunted

  1. Ramola D says:

    Re-posted on The Everyday Concerned Citizen, with many thanks. Doreen, I wonder if you know the answer to this–the National Liberty Alliance is also moving forward with some major action currently–(–how would this relate to what Judge Anna’s group is doing, I wonder…? Thank you for all your posts on this topic….


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  3. Hi, we have talked before, I am trying to help a friend to get rid of a charging instrument created under the Va Motor Vehicle Code and ready for jury trial. The problem is that I have hit a stone wall in being able to even “assist” her in the presentation of the case or cross examination. I’m not an attorney and when I assert that the Constitution does not mention attorney or lawyer only “assistance of council” but they insist that the terms are synonymous and that there are laws in Virginia that prohibit the unlicensed “practice of law” even though I have told them that I am not “practicing” law I am “administering” or “applying” law as it is written on behalf of the people. That went over like a led balloon. After many hours in the law library I may have found a way… there is a section that says “except the presentation of fact and conclusions of facts, but not the conclusion of law”. Seems that I can do that since that is all we are interested anyway.. facts after all the jury is the ones that are to judge the facts and the law if I remember correctly.
    If you have any suggestions or can find anything that would help, case law, approach, or way to force it on them which will not get me arrested or removed (no help at all) I would much appreciate it. I am getting pretty good at defeating them on their Codes and Statutes by simply reading them and asking who has first hand knowledge and substantial real evidence that an activity regulated by the code was engaged in. In this case it is phrased 1. Who has first hand knowledge and substantial real evidence that an activity of transporting of passengers or property for compensation over the highway as regulated and defined under 46.2 was engaged in?
    and five more which clearly shows there is no such evidence or testimony, knowledge of the charging officer that created the charging instrument under 46.2 which he has uttered and passed to the court for collection under color of law and malicious prosecution via a fabricated entity ALL CAPS “doing business as” without any evidence that the entity even exists in law or that she is the fiduciary of that entity subject to the sate and obligated or responsible for making payment on behalf of it for any alleged infraction of 46.2.
    I laid it out as a list 1 through 12 under FACTS section in a “motion to dismiss false charging instrument”.. no response yet. But I want to be prepared to educate the jury should it come to that .. actually if it is possible I Want to present to the jury because I am pretty good at sharing such information. WE are not doing it for the money or charge but the principle of it and for the very reason to educate people. By being successful others can do the same. I have spent six years to discover this and make it simple. If one is not engaged in an ACTIVITY and there is no evidence that an ACTIVITY was engaged in which is regulated by the state then no charges can be authorized under that code or statute. This way it eliminates all the “who I am and what I am not” name, defendant etc. It is the origin of the charge and they are creating counterfeit instruments and then uttering and passing them to the court for payment. (18 USC 471-474) up to ten years in jail and fines… plus there is the obvious violation of “the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured by the Constitution or laws of the United States” (18 USC 241 and 242) Ten years and fines and one year and fines respectively. Next stop 42 USC 1983 suit..
    Thank you ahead of time. And oh no I do not get paid to do any of this.. unless liberty and freedom constitutes payment :-} Colin Derek


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