Kali Yuga Always ENDS The Same Way

Ponder if you will as you read the following post. WHAT IF the Kali Yuga always ENDS the same way because most humans are UNWILLING to mature limiting beliefs and ways of being human? In other words, mastering two human tongues described in the post below. Doreen

By CosmicConvergence

“When Cosmic Convergence Intersects
Mayan Calendrics and the Kali Yuga”

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What in the world is really going on?
It’s as though the world is going crazy!
If you thought 2015 was challenging,
wait until 2016 gets going.

Cosmic Convergence Resource Group

Who could deny that the times are speeding up—rapidly?  That what used to occur in a decade now takes place in a year.  In 2016, what happens in a week’s time would have transpired over a month in 2015.  What exactly is driving this time-compressing dynamic? What primal forces are being exerted that can produce such a time-twisting effect?

Many profoundly misunderstand the underlying realities and have come to believe that we now live in a:

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There is a much better way to look at the End Times in order to truly comprehend the current state of world affairs.  There are schools of cosmology and calendrics found within in the Eastern traditions which serve to inform in ways that complement the Western understanding.

Kali Yuga = Iron Age

Only by viewing the unfolding final act of the Kali Yuga can anyone correctly apprehend the meaning and message that is issued forth by every worldwide event of great import.  Because the Kali Yuga belongs to the most esoteric spiritual traditions of the East, it must be viewed through the lens of Eastern calendrics and cosmology.

Before that exercise is undertaken, there are two crucial questions which ought to be answered.  Both of these questions are central to human existence, and yet they often remain unanswered.  In this way the very context of human existence remains ill-defined and amorphous, without proper boundaries or necessary limits.

When the most basic context of the home of humanity is not deeply understood — by everyone — and recognized across the whole civilization, there naturally develops a state of doubt and insecurity.  When the very foundation of one’s existence is in doubt, the consequent state of mind is such that it becomes a breeding ground for all sorts of other doubts and insecurities.  Eventually a current of instability runs through the whole society only because the people lack the most basic knowledge and eternal wisdom regarding the most important matters.

This predicament is exactly what occurred for many centuries as the Roman Catholic Church kept the masses throughout Western civilization in the state of imposed ignorance. Even today, with so many new scientific paradigms in place, which have replaced the dogma and doctrines of religion, much true knowledge has been withheld from the people. In this fashion are they sustained in a similar condition of ignorance and misunderstanding, confusion and misconceptions.

The first question that much be answered for the sake of establishing a realistic frame of reference is:  What time is it, cosmologically speaking, that is?

The total lifetime (or actual duration) of the material universe is approximately 34.5 billion years long.  The current age of the Universe is approximately 13.75 billion years old. The age of Planet Earth is about 4.54 billion years old.

During the course of that four and a half billion years Earth has hosted somewhere between 5 and 7 different races of humanity.  By the time that the present Universe dissolves and is absorbed back into the VOID, there will have been a total of 14 human races which will have inhabited the Earth plane of existence.

The Yugas


Weapons of war are fashioned with steel made of iron during the Iron Age.  Whoever had the strongest weapons often won the wars, even in this new era of nuclear weaponry which are also housed in steel.

Each epochal period within which a new humanity takes birth evolved according the cycles of the Yugas.  Every major epoch begins with a Golden Age, also known as Satya Yuga.  The Golden Age is followed by the Silver Age or Treta Yuga. The Silver Age is in turn followed by the Bronze Age.  The final and darkest of all the ages is the Kali Yuga or Iron Age.

So, for starters, is it critical to understand that our planetary civilization — right now — finds itself deep in throes of the Kali Yuga, also known as the Age of Conflict. For those who grew up in argument-prone families or are presently in quarrel-ridden relationships, the Kali Yuga is also known as the Age of Quarrel.

Because each of these major ages is preceded by a dawn and officially ended via a twilight period, it is important to be aware that 2016 puts us smack in the middle of the twilight period.  Some Hindu historians and cosmologists have hypothesized that World War II marked the beginning of the end of the Kali Yuga.  This is why many feel a sense that it is always darkest before the new dawn … because the dreaded Kali Yuga is very close to its final end.

This final stretch of the twilight period will possess many of the qualities and aspects for which the Kali Yuga is well known.  Not only that, those distinguishing features will be increased in numbers and significantly intensified.  The Iron Age (aka the Kali Yuga) is distinguished by its prevalent use of iron throughout the civilization, just as our modern society is, especially since the advent of the Industrial Revolution.  The Kali Yuga is also understood by the sages and seers, saints and siddhas to be the darkest and densest of all four ages.  This is why they descend in the manner just explained above.  With each passing age humanity sinks deeper into materialism, and becomes less aware of its true spiritual nature (also known as the Fall).

READ more at and please share because the more people who understand the planetary metamorphosis taking place the better off for everyone. http://cosmicconvergence.org/?p=12698

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