The Economist Front Page 2016: Clash Of The Titans

There are 2 versions of The Economist 2016 front page. A consolidated image and a full image. What’s next you may ask? There is a video and links below to learn what others are saying about The Economist’s 2016 front page. If you care to offer your perspective please leave a comment below.

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Link to larger image

Cosmic Convergence brilliant depiction “fraught with meaning and symbolism”. The current chess match being feverishly played across the entire global geopolitical chessboard comes down to three major players — the USA, Russia and Germany.  That’s it—those 3 players now dictate the destiny of the present planetary civilization. The other six players also play significant roles; hence, their positioning above is quite telling.

Perhaps it is what The Economist chose NOT to publish which may hold the clues to what is really in store for 2016. READ more and please share this link widely!

What others are saying about the image:

Comments at

So many things are jumping out at me from this picture, the only way I can parse them out is in a list:

  1. World population chart of Eurasia and Africa in the lower center. World population and demography will finally be brought about at the UN and therefore become mainstream news and water cooler conversation everywhere. Incredibly interesting to say the very least.
  2. Upper center, chart of US bonds, very important election in November, look for a financial crisis beginning in the bond market. Remember the financial crisis in 2008? It’ll be a similar formula. Janet Yellen, head of the Fed, is also prominently featured on the cover, I think it ties in with the bond chart.
  3. Bill and Hillary both prominently featured on cover leads me to believe that Hillary will win the election. Say hello to President Clinton part II I suppose.
  4. Obama being square between the heads of state of Japan and China leads me to believe that Obama / America will do something to keep those 2 countries from going to war in 2016. Which will seriously piss off China. Abe, from Japan, is smiling whereas Obama and China’s president are frowning. So I think Japan comes off good and keeps control of those islands in the South China Sea that Japan and China both want so badly.
  5. In the lower right, you see a businessman with goat legs and goat horns looking like the devil. Expect popular opinion to be critical of bankers and businessmen in 2016.
  6. In the upper right you see a picture of a man possibly a protester holding an Albanian flag. Maybe that could mean in 2016 there could be a color revolution in Albania for some reason.
  7. Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of India and Vladimir Putin are seen next to each other smiling. Maybe this could mean that something significant happens between both countries that year that is positive. Possibly a UN vote or something of that nature.
  8. Christine Lagarde the head of the IMF is also on there which means the IMF could have an active year as well just speculating.

    SOURCE with thanks and comments this point all I can suggest is that we inform as many people as possible about what appears to be lining up for 2016, and pray a miracle finds us.

    Doreen Ann Agostino
    Non-negotiable autograph,

    all rights reserved


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3 Responses to The Economist Front Page 2016: Clash Of The Titans

  1. Tom says:

    I am new to this sort of thing but nevertheless I would like to add my two pence worth about the small figure at the bottom right hand side of the final edition of the Economist front cover 2016. This is just my opinion. All we can see of the figure, is the two legs, above a pair of black shoes, then a book and finally the top of the figures head. The hair on the head is parted in the middle meaning it could be either a man or a woman… androgynous. What does it mean? The writing on the book says, ‘The Future’, IE; 2016. The book is the little red book of Chairman Mao of China, a Dictator. There are two eyes in the book wearing glasses that are watching me… and you… very closely. This is otherwise known as… spying. The book in fact takes the place of the figure’s face. Putting everything together what this is saying is this… ‘In the future, 2016, ‘Facebook’ will be spying on you, me, everybody, from behind and through their pages’. You have been warned!!!


    • Hi Tom and ‘thank you’ for more than 2 pence worth.

      It is likely that Facebook is one of many invading the privacy of flesh and blood living humans because most people ignore/deny facts, judge/criticize/repel people speaking truth to power on behalf of everyone including them, and too few aware people are collaborating and pulling together to leverage the power of synergy.

      An exception is a $279 trillion lien filed against the ABA/IBA and DOJ by 4 Superior Court Judges and others. One of the Judges, Steve Curry, is also a geologist. Judge Curry is in jail after exposing local government fraud; he called the government on selling rocks as meteorites. A corporate court sentenced Judge Curry to 1 year community service which he did not serve. So they brought him back in, charged him with parole violation, and put him in jail.

      Once elected and installed in office, your Sheriff on the Land is the highest police official in America. He can deputize as many men as he needs. He can commandeer the forces and equipment of all the corporate “Sheriffs” who are just mall cops being paid for out of our public funds—-and he is fully empowered to go retrieve any and all Americans being held in any corporate for-profit jails for release to his custody. Only those accused of murder or armed assault with a deadly weapon may be retained by Federal Marshals.

      Most people are prisoners of their own limiting beliefs and fear. It’s time to lay down our weapons against one another and replace them with higher awareness, collaboration, and peaceful action to end assault and live free.


  2. RonMamita says:

    Another globalist riddle, let the deciphering begin!


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