Nov 25.17 Update: Humans who take on a leadership role ought to lead by example. Resolve your differences and pull together for the collective good. There is strength in unity. Separation delays solutions and makes us prey.

Nov 25.17 Update on 2 of the 4 Judges https://mainerepublicemailalert.com/2017/03/09/an-end-to-my-association-with-bruce-doucette-and-michael-r-hamilton/


Dec 15.15 detailed update at https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2015/12/15/breaking-news/

From Diane Hicks Dec 06.15

Today I had the honor of speaking with Judge Bruce Doucette who commented that we need to fix the system and right now. Bruce is now retired, told me he made a lot of money, yet something keeps pulling him back to help fix the broken system.

Bruce is heading to Montrose Colorado Dec 07.15 trying to get Judge Steve Curry out of jail along with his wife Sandra. Steve was thrown in jail for filing the $279 Trillion dollar Lien. They also arrested his wife Sandra who is 71 years old. Court case is tomorrow, ought to be interesting Judges going up against Judges. I don’t have all the information, not sure if it was for just filing the lien or other charges as well. So far there are four Superior Court Judges on the $279 Trillion lien filed, along with many others. Please don’t take this information lightly, these people are risking their lives, for this word we call FREEDOM.

The other Judges I spoke with today put Anna von Reitz. Anna really wants to educate the public, so please take the time to help her by educating those around you.

Judge Bruce Doucette

Judge Gary Dean Darby

Diane spoke with Gary today who asked her to send out websites the Judges are working on together [see below].

Judge Steve Curry arrested for being the person who was instrumental for the $279 Trillion dollar lien [PDF below].

Sandra Tyler 71 years old,arrested, court case tomorrow December 7th, wife of Judge Steve Curry

Judge Anna Maria Riezinger


http://sovereignproject.com lots of videos on this website

http://theamericans.us/groups/judges/members thousands of people on here if you go under groups


These Judges were absolutely amazing to talk with today.They too now realize they’ve been fooled by the system. ” THANK GOD FOR THAT WAKE UP CALL, BETTER SOONER THAN LATER” [End]

An Affidavit and Commercial Lien was filed in Mesa County Colorado against the cabal that will change everything. It CAN NOT BE ANSWERED because it is 100% true. It is a true bill or affidavit of facts.

This lien has an S.E.C. trace number of  2640220.

It MUST be answered by January 15th 2016, or the Lien Debtors must pay 279 Trillion dollars to the Lien Claimants, the American people.  This document can NOT be reviewed by any “court” as it is a commercial affidavit operating in the land jurisdiction, and under commercial law.

There is NO statute of limitations on fraud. Fraud vitiates and cancels all contracts that it touches.

This might be the very last chance we have to solve the problems of out of control “government” in America by peaceful means. The claimants of this affidavit are real peacemakers, giving their opponents a real chance to repent and make their restitution without the use of physical force if their lien debtors show good faith and answer their allegations in the affidavit/lien/indictment.

Alleged lien document filed on October 15th, 2015 in Colorado. Notice the blank lines and ‘no signatures’. http://www.annavonreitz.com/commerciallien.pdf

SOURCE with thanks http://www.paulstramer.net/2015/11/the-fat-is-now-in-fire-cabal-is-on-run.html

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