Paris Climate Conference Is All About Global Government

From Dan Dicks

“Canada is back” Trudeau declared at the United Nations Paris Summit on Climate Change. Canada’s Obama told the world leaders in Paris that Canada will take a leadership role, “From cap and trade, to a ban on coal-fired electricity generation… From world-leading innovation on carbon capture and storage to a revenue-neutral carbon tax, we can learn and build on these models.”

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One Response to Paris Climate Conference Is All About Global Government

  1. tomaz050959 says:

    More proof governments are incapable of telling the truth. The planet won’t be saved by a policy based on lies and deception. Is there no world leader with the guts to go against bankers and corporations? Is there no world leader who the people of the planet can trust? This is to much responsibility for a handful of spoiled so called elites. We need a council of real people who can’t be corrupted, and truly care about humankind and the planet. Our governments are the problem.


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