Paris Climate Change Conference: OVER THE TOP!

Truth speakers who impart hard facts with which humans might end assault on life … they are growing weary. Without such knowledge which is power, how can any of us take action to safeguard ourselves, family and property?

PRAY: leaders of good conscience withhold consent to legalize a universal climate change agreement. If they all agree you know where that leaves the rest of us …

ACT: Inform others, and ask them to ‘spread the word’ about what is really taking place in Paris to avert one world governance. Doreen

France Uses Terror Attacks As Pretext To Arrest Climate Activists

Climate Summit Lockdown In Progress


France is deploying more than 10,000 personnel to provide security for the UN Climate Change Conference which opens in Paris on November 30.

False Flag Terror Attacks Staged in Paris on 11/13 Were
Planned to Occur Just Before the Commencement of the
Conference in Order to Sequester and Quarantine All of
the Participants, Control the Process, Manufacture Consent
and Engineer the Outcomes

State of the Nation

As predicted, President François Hollande has used the false flag terror attacks of Friday the 13th to justify the outright arrest of climate activists who are on the wrong side of the fence (according to the pro-geoengineering crowd).  Other dissenting activists, who are also currently in France, are likewise vulnerable to house arrest as the following article indicates.

France Puts 24 Climate Activists Under House Arrest Ahead of UN Talks

For the nation of France to permit and implement such an egregious violation of civil and human rights is quite shocking.  As much as French society has always allowed for every form of protest to take place, even those which have been quite disruptive, highlights just how over the top the Hollande government response has been.

It had become clear to those who are aware of just how serious the outcomes of the upcoming conference truly are that Hollande et al. have been ordered to basically lock down Paris.  In this way the behind-the-scenes controllers of the climate conference are better able to manipulate the specific outcomes that they have been planning for many years.

Paris Terror Attacks: Executed To Lock Down Climate Summit Conference

In fact, the single most important purpose of the obviously fabricated Paris terror attacks was to provide the false pretext to micro-manage the entire conference in order to guarantee those desired outcomes.  Toward that end French law enforcement has been making pre-emptive arrests of non-desirable activists.  This intimidating tactic is not only wholly unacceptable, such repressive practices are unprecedented in climate conference history.  That these coercive measures are being executed in France — a country that has seen all manner of protest and civil disobedience over the centuries — makes them all the more outrageous.

For those who doubt the resolve of Hollande’s government to obey their climate conference masters in this regard, the following excerpt from a recent article shows just how far they are willing to go.  It ought to be noted that such an illegal restriction of lawful movement in unparalleled in both French and European history, as is the blatant deprivation of the right of free speech (not the hateful free speech of Charlie Hebdo infamy).

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Saturday that just under a thousand people thought to pose security risks have been banned from entering the country since tighter border controls were enforced earlier this month in the run-up to the COP21 climate talks and in the wake of France’s deadliest attacks in recent memory.
(Source: Hollande, activists gear up for critical climate talks)

Were it not for the obvious false flag operation conducted in Paris on 11/13 by the very same globalist cabal which is overseeing the climate summit, these oppressive measures could never have been taken.  Their only false justification is to satisfy unreasonably high (some say ridiculous) ‘Security Standards’ because of the many heads of state who will be in attendance over the 12-day conference.  Just who is the face of the globalist cabal that is really running the show in Paris?  The following exposé answers that and other critical questions.

Paris Terror Attacks Ordered By The Committee Of 300

However, the real 64 thousand dollar question here is: Why would the ruling elites go through so much trouble to cordon off the most consequential climate summit in world history?  Wouldn’t they rather opt for transparency in the interest of acquiring the voluntary buy-in of as many stakeholders as possible?  Doesn’t so much heavy-handed control smack of a hidden agenda with preordained results? READ MORE AT

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11 Responses to Paris Climate Change Conference: OVER THE TOP!

  1. Ri-chard says:

    Doreen, this is not related to this post but I believe you will find it interesting full of common sense and alarming to say the least. Disclosure is surely coming and in so many ways..


  2. Mike Travis says:

    Doreen, what many do not know is a global elitist group called The Club of Rome fabricated the lie of anthropogenic global warming. They did so in a paper titled The First Global Revolution written in the mid 1970’s. In it they state they wanted a cause they could use to manipulate the
    masses, and they decided to create the lie of global warming. They concluded that section of the report by saying “the real enemy of humanity then, is man.”

    These people are evil and must be exposed. This is part of their plan for a NWO as is their plan to murder 95% of the earth’s population to create a “sustainable” planet. It is the most heinous case of genocide ever imagined yet no one seems interested in talking about it.


  3. Rather than shoot down planes it is safer for everyone when humans inform the police whose duty it is to protect life and property, prevent crimes, and enforce the law.

    Once informed of a crime against a civilian population, like aerial spraying toxic chemicals a.k.a. chemtrails, failure to act is criminal negligence that needs to be brought to the attention of other police officers.

    Criminal negligence
    219. (1) Every one is criminally negligent who
    (a) in doing anything, or
    (b) in omitting to do anything that it is his duty to do,
    shows wanton or reckless disregard for the lives or safety of other persons.

    Powers and duties of common law constable
    (3) A police officer has the powers and duties ascribed to a constable at common law. R.S.O. 1990, c. P.15, s. 42 (2, 3).

    Ontario, Canada is ready for STAGE 3 ACTION [scroll down the page for documents]
    Mail/fax, serve by hand, drop at POLICE/PEACE OFFICER’S feet, or deliver to front desk of a police station the documents below [label envelope appropriately], to report the CHIEF, deputy CHIEFS, SUPERINTENDENT & INSPECTORS FAILURE TO ACT and to ask for beat officer protection. Walk away peacefully!!!

    POLICE can shoot CHEMTRAIL SPRAYERS, & accomplices if needed

    Now that we understand the duties of a police officer we can go to them for help and they cannot fail to act.


    • Ri-chard says:

      Not sure where you live, but in Virginia all law enforcement refuses to even explore chem trails versus con trails. No political representative has or will stand up on the floor of the house and demand the spraying cease while it is to be investigated. CSPAN refuses to to show the YouTube videos or interview engineers for a testament of facts. The “Flag Generals and Officers Network” will not discuss this with us.
      What do the people do when they know those that are to protect us – protect the corporate ones.


      • Thanks for sharing. What you describe is common, until a vast number of humans learn how our rights were stolen through birth registration, stand in our power as human beings not a legal fictitious corporation [PERSON] subject to statues and regulations enforceable ‘only’ by CONSENT of the governed, and educate the unaware, the imposters, police and other enforcement ‘officers’ who work for corporations at all levels of government and/or the Queen, not for we the people.

        Comment below removed at

        Since all of our lives are on the line here, and as hard as it may be for the human mind to comprehend and accept, what’s missing from this march of religious groups, unions, environmental groups, First Nations, and others not mentioned, are the hard facts. Open Letter to the World Community of Nations

        A Global Call to Action Nov 30 – Dec 11, 2015: Stop the Chemtrails and Terminate Geoengineering [end of comment]

        Notify authorities, even if you do it anonymously. This creates a paper trail [fax/mail] that can be used as evidence in a common law court based on land jurisdiction. Open letter from Judge Anna to American Sheriffs

        The cabal never wastes a good crisis.

        The Universe never wastes an act of courage and good intention, so let’s give the Universe more to work with.

        CFACT PETITION: Withdraw consent to the UN climate agreement and global warming campaign. Although Canadian ZIP codes are not recognized the vibratory frequency of intention matters.


      • Ri-chard

        Since you live in VA watch ‘The Deep State’ 3:25 minute mark: Mt Weather, VA 600,000 sq. foot primary relocation for White House, Supreme Court, and Executive Branch bunker


      • Ri-chard says:

        Doreen, I forwarded your post Paris Climate Change to a couple of friends that work at NASA Goddard at Wallops Island VA and Maryland. One sent the below video with comments back reminding me almost everything we think we know or have heard is a lie or best is upside down inside out reporting. Also, consider that these climate change activist must tell some of the truth but never in regard to the true causes. Chem-trails have little to do with the natural weather patterns as a cause for the west coast drought conditions. However, they very well could be speeding up the natural changes. Some believe the spraying of coal ash in certain areas of the Arctic ice shelves changes the white snow and ice to a darker shade of white to enhance ice melting. The predictions for these weather pattern changes were documented and known over 43 years ago.

        The NASA guy saying, we believe there is another prediction that is well known by the those that work in these government sectors. California may only have about 18 months of ground water left to irrigate crops and to supply clean drinking water. If the truth were to have been known to the public this could have been countered by piping in sea water to desalinization and osmosis plants for distribution throughout the west and mid-west areas affected by the drought.

        I was also told to note the YouTube counter for the number of views of this video. They know the count of less than 9,000 views is bogus as they tested it by sharing this video with over a hundred people who also were told to share with others. The counter only advanced by 47 views over the next 3 days. Why would that happen – who benefits from this? if this pans out, by the end of 2016 we should expect to hear from the man-made climate change supporters this is caused by earthquakes destroying the aquifers which is caused by global warming.

        I can’t proof this out to say I know this is truthful reporting and I must say I always have reservations when a video like this ends with trying to sell me something. However, why is this video known of by so many NASA employees and contractors. Hope some of your readers that may live on the West Coast will comment on this video. It is accurate or hype, or a little of both?

        I understand if you don’t publish this video.


      • Thanks Ri-chard

        In 2014 I read: The geo-engineers are also using HAARP technology to steer winter weather coming in from the Pacific Oceans off California and attempting to steer the storms up into and above Alaska. Unfortunately they are only making things worse. A lot worse. The Arctic melting and methane gas releases continues. Alaska is recording continual record highs and the storms the geo-engineers are steering and seeding are re-Arctifying but down into and through the Midwest and Eastern half of the United States all the way into the South East.

        This is why California is dry, and will stay dry for the remainder of the “rainy season”. California has become a sacrifice zone to save the Arctic from melting, though, you’ll never hear anyone say this except for people like Mr. Wiggington who has been following our government’s secret weather modification programs for over a decade.

        Weather modification has been admittedly going on since during the Vietnam war in the 1960′s by our government. If they wished to make it rain in California they could. Yet the geo-engineers are choosing not to and the only reason is because of the huge problem of the melting Arctic ice sheets and the planets rapid heating if methane gas pools continue to release in increasing amounts. Read more at

        Unless a critical mass of humans acknowledge extreme assault on us and life and stop it, chances are the UN one world police force will confiscate stored food and food preparation methods, forcing dependence on GMO food, nano-particle food ingredients, mandating vaccines and worse. Doreen


      • From Michael Murphy
        The “Polar Vortex” in the Pacific has been said to be manmade and, therefore, the cause of the historic and catastrophic California drought. The question is who benefits and what does this mean to the future of California and other states in the future. We will be interviewing various meteorologists, farmers, water rights advocates, and anti Agenda 21 activists for an in depth look at the geopolitical implications of a geoengineered drought.


  4. Ri-chard says:

    Will anyone ask when are they going to start shooting down the planes that are the cause of Man-Made Weather Changes and hold those accountable that finance it??


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