Jewish Teen: Prophecy Revealed To Avert Catastrophe Not EMPOWER It

Jewish Teen Utters Prophecy Received On Sukkot 2015, Day Of The 4th Blood Moon


The following YouTube video is a fascinating glimpse into the future of humanity through Natan’s near death, out-of-body experience on Sept 27.15. Natan, a 15 year young Jewish boy comes from a secular background and has never studied in Yeshiva, nonetheless what he saw and messages he received while ‘up there’ [out of body], are exactly as written long ago by the prophets, and in the holy books regarding these end of days.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 4.47.55 PM
From Doreen:
Many of us are aware of false flag massacres, Wi-Fi killing fields, the great fraud perpetrated on humanity, aerial spraying of toxic chemicals, unalienable rights stolen through birth registration, vaccine fraud, etc. What many humans may NOT be aware of is that redemption is close at hand. In other words, every choice each of us makes now is ‘critical’ to how easy or how horrific transition through these end times will be.

Clearly, the more each of us repents for harm caused and or allowed, and the more acts of kindness we perform, the easier it will be on ‘everyone’. Please listen and share the visions and messages Natan has returned to deliver at this time.  

Jewish Teen Sees Israel’s Future

Jewish teen, background, video, transcript, possibility of WWII, and more at

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