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Withdraw Consent to UN Climate Agreement And Global Warming Campaign

Prominent Scientists Declare Climate Claims Ahead of UN Summit ‘Irrational’ – ‘Based On Nonsense’ – ‘Leading us down a false path’ MIT Climate Scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen: ‘Demonization of CO2 is irrational at best and even modest warming is mostly … Continue reading

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Paris Climate Change Conference: OVER THE TOP!

Truth speakers who impart hard facts with which humans might end assault on life … they are growing weary. Without such knowledge which is power, how can any of us take action to safeguard ourselves, family and property? PRAY: leaders … Continue reading

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The Greatest Mind Altering Drug Is The Truth. Here It Is!

From Bernie Suarez I have gathered together many of the best truth and consciousness videos from all over the web and embedded them for you so you can conveniently and quickly reference them, bookmark them, and build up your own … Continue reading

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Shift Energy: Match The Frequency Of Reality You Want

Upon this Earth we experience the effects of duality [separation consciousness], and eventually find our way back [awaken] to whence we came. The journey has been difficult. During Harmonic Convergence 1987  we as humans made the collective choice to rise … Continue reading

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ISIS; Made in USA ~ WTFU!

Originally posted on TABU; Towards A Better Understanding:
“You can’t have a war on terrorism because that’s not an actual enemy, it’s an abstract. It’s like having a war on dandruff. That war will be eternal and pointless. It’s idiotic.…

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If You Believe In A Higher Power …

Happy Thanksgiving America. Happiness, peace and freedom to all. If it feels right, take a quiet moment one or more times each day not to ask for anything; simply say ‘thank you’ for what you have. TRUTH SPEAKERS By Bernie … Continue reading

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Former FBI Assistant Director Risks His Life – Just Exposed Obama In Huge Way!

For a bunch of crazies, “conspiracy theorists” sure are correct an AWFUL LOT. By the time you finish reading this post you will have no doubt that the conflict in Syria and the resulting “refugee” crisis are completely manufactured, and … Continue reading

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