I featured this film in Part 2 of my Blog series ‘This Deceit Is A Gift From Hell’ and will follow up with details about microwave radio frequency radiation [cellular antennae] causing invisible bodily harm to humans and other life forms.

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

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Thanks to Bamboo-Water, who shares: 

This is a deeply educational and highly important film.

We are beings of Frequency as are all living things.

All living things over millions of years have adapted to natural electromagnetic frequencies(EMFs)/natural electromagnetic radiation (EMRs).

But in the last 25-30 years all living things on this planet have been engulfed into a sea of UNNatural EMFs/EMRs.

These UNNatural EMFs/EMRs, because they are not directly seen, are not “directly” felt, are slowly destroying all living things on this planet.

The Schumann Resonance = Earth’s Natural Frequency = the human brain’s alpha wave frequency.

Children are being born into this sea of UNNatural EMFs/EMRs whose bodies don’t understand these unnatural frequencies,

whose bodies are severely rejecting these unnatural frequencies in many profoundly negative ways.

These UNNatural EMFs/EMRs are greatly suppressing the bodies natural production…

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