This Deceit Is A Gift From Hell … World Deception Or World Freedom? [Part 1]

From Doreen
This Blog Series connects the dots to reveal wrong doing and harm to you and every human from birth. Either we stand in the truth to empower this heavenly Earth, or do nothing to correct assault on life which will unleash hell on Earth, and sacrifice our body-mind-spirit to ruthless lost souls in human form. Let the facts speak for themselves.

Part 1/3This Deceit Is A Gift From Hell’ fact based Blog Series, reveals an overarching covert agenda by the master mind controlling Earth through the 1%, also known as the powers that be, globalists, elite, Illuminati, new world order, power brokers, one world government, central bankers, etc.

Just as 9/11 masked ‘deliberate’ erosion of human rights through Homeland Security [See Open Letter to Donald Trump in Part 2], and just as school shootings mask ‘disarmament’ world-wide to suppress resistance when ‘claw back’ of human rights is realized [See one world police force in Part 2], so it is that the viability of the global biosphere being in grave danger, and all its diverse clones and variations like global climate change, UN Global Goals for sustainable development, UN Agenda 21 and 2030, global carbon control matrix, etc., are ‘masks’ for full spectrum world dominance over all natural resources, atmosphere, and human beings.

Indeed, Earth ‘is’ super saturated with pollution that is no longer tolerable. This requires each of us to take responsibility for our actions and choices or face the consequences.

If intentions behind Global Goals are pure, then much needed change will be glorious, and a new era of coherence and restoration will prevail in a world of universal peace, unity, and true freedom.

If intentions behind Global Goals are to serve few at the expense of many [status quo], mass surveillance and enforced full spectrum world dominance will prevail in a world of soullessness.

NWO Cabal Pursues Total Dominion Over The Earth’s Weather And Natural Resources

College Campuses Across America Were Responsible For Shutting Down The Vietnam War, Now They Will be Used…

womens-march-against-vietnam-war-P  …To Drive A Grassroots Movement Demanding Gun Control Via Manufactured Consent

College campuses are no longer the bastions of dissent and protest they used to be. On the contrary, they are now used by the CIA and NSA, DIA and DEA as venues to foment revolutionary impulses against anything that poses a threat to the establishment. gun_control

UN GLOBAL GOALS masked as sustainable development

Global Goals adopted by world leaders Sept 2015 at the UN sustainable development summit are hard to argue with. Decide for yourself.

The UN Global Goals are ‘cleverly’ marketed with feel good language and laser focused attention to prepare humans for unprecedented world change, engage human emotions that evoke consent and minimize resistance. Example: Who could argue with the following?

‘Today, the world’s citizens have little influence on decisions taken at institutions such as the UN, the IMF, the WTO, the World Bank, the G20 or the G8.  The governments represented in these bodies – bodies frequently made up by a small self-selected group – meet and decide our future, while often being influenced heavily by the lobbyists of global corporations. The primary concern of these governments is to defend what they consider to be in their national interests and not the common good of humanity and the environment.’ READ more at

To facilitate a monumental shift in the basic fabric of life from the war machine to the common good of humanity and the environment, the master mind’s problem-reaction-solution template is in play;

Problem: viability of the global biosphere [sum of all ecosystems] is in grave danger. [Omission: exacerbated by chemtrails, geo-engineering the weather, HAARP heating the ionosphere, Fukushima cover-up];

Reaction: master mind leverages mainstream media and technology to ‘manufacture’ human consent NEEDED to implement its next step, which is World Parliament also known as one world government;

Solution: One world government to restore the global biosphere from imminent and total annihilation, minimize further threat to the global biosphere by owning and controlling everything and anything that ‘may’ pose a threat including humans. [Omission: Food shortages, dwindling fresh water, chemclouds blocking life-giving sunlight, toxic rain and air, and increasing illnesses, are exacerbated by chemtrails, weather modification, radio frequency microwave radiation Wi-Fi technology, etc.]

In other words, safeguarding the global biosphere is an excuse for the master mind to regulate globally all natural resources, the weather, every aspect of public and private life without limits to its authority, otherwise known as totalitarianism.

The master mind knows that all creation is energy, frequency and vibration, so it cleverly manipulates the Power of human freewill consent [energy] through false flag events, to gain control of the public who ‘faithfully’ and ‘unsuspectingly’ advance the master mind’s deceitful agendas.

Consent to UN Global Goals seals our fate and the fate of our offspring.

How, you may ask? Quantum physics reveals there is a Conscious substance permeating, penetrating, and filling all creation including each of us. In other words, freewill is Power creating reality in response to human freewill choices. Teach this to the children, and that humans are powerful beyond measure. Ask yourself, why is the truth of this omitted from the Global Goals?


Be aware that actions listed below are freewill consent that the master mind NEEDS to build momentum and public approval, in order to implement its masked agenda; full spectrum world dominance.

Everyone Is Asked To Think Before You

Sign your name. Take action. Become a Global citizen. Create a Global Citizens Account. Register. Agree to terms. Etc.

Join the movement. Make the Global Goals famous. Download the APP. Take action. Add your name.

Put yourself in the picture

Join our week of action on October 15-25 to call for the establishment of a World Parliament that will give real representation to all citizens. [See Part 2 World Parliament is already established.]

Imagine it this way
No limit to its authority to regulate every aspect of public and private life will be the engine powering the master mind;
One world government owning, controlling, and restoring the global biosphere from imminent and total annihilation is the battery powering that engine;
Human consent increases and sustains battery power.

Either we ‘pull together’ to take back our personal lives and Earth, and learn to get along, or RISK losing it all. [See FACTS Part 2].

When we look for the deeper meaning many things become obvious. This includes a higher perspective of the ‘rare’ opportunity at hand. In other words, it is prudent to examine the evidence, know the FACTS so you can inform others, withdraw consent to the status quo, no longer vote which makes us complicit, and free your body-mind-spirit to creatively end this planned trespass against us. [See Solutions Part 3]

Please share  widely since we are all in this together …

Part 2/3

Part 3/3

Doreen Ann Agostino
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Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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