‘Crisis Of The NOW’: Mind Control Through Emotional Domination

Information below from Mike Adams is critical to know. Please share so more people become aware and cooperate to preserve human rights, property, and freedom. One thing for sure about NOW is that there is increasingly less opportunity for denial. Doreen

NaturalNews: What you’re about to read here is a revealing look at the psychological mechanism presently being used by government and media to achieve near-absolute control over the population. I’m calling the concept the “crisis of the NOW,” and understanding this is a lot like taking the RED pill.

The “crisis of the now” involves an incessant, strategic bombardment of the population with a never-ending stream of contrived crises that demand immediate attention in the present. This psychological bombardment is waged primarily via the mainstream media which assaults the viewer by the hour with images of violence, war, emotions and conflict. Because the human nervous system is hard wired to focus on immediate threats accompanied by depictions of violence, mainstream media viewers have their attention and mental resources funneled into the never-ending “crisis of the NOW” from which they can never have the mental breathing room to apply logic, reason or historical context.

To protect the propaganda from scrutiny, no person is ever allowed the luxury of reflection. Logic and reason are condemned. Critical thinking is derided. Historical context is obliterated by the repeated intrusion of the now, and whatever happened just a few short years or months ago is actively rejected (or memory holed) if it does not reinforce whatever present-day delusion is being pushed as “fact.”

Similarly, the future is entirely off limits and never allowed to be explored in the mainstream media because doing so would require reason and forward thinking… two things which are never tolerated because they would reveal the inevitable failures of today’s insane policies, such as running the country on debt and hoping it will somehow not matter down the road.

Mentally corralled like cattle

With the past erased from the minds of the masses, and the future off limits, the crisis of the now become the only psychological reality in which the public is allowed to operate. To remember the past gets you labeled a “relic,” and to project current events into the future makes you a “conspiracy theorist.” Only the crisis of the now is allowed to be entertained: riots in the streets, the aftermath of a staged school shooting, a contrived social shaming of a pizza joint in Indiana, or even an overhyped measles crisis that just happened to take place at America’s epicenter of illusions and theater: Disneyland.

The media demands that you focus on the NOW but forget the past. No historical context is allowed to be recognized (or even taught to Americans) because it might interfere with the crisis of the now. For example, in any discussion of vaccines, you are never allowed to remember that the entire medical establishment was once dominated by “Big Tobacco science,” and that even the Journal of the American Medical Association used to run full-page ads touting the amazing health benefits of smoking cigarettes.

Remember the ad, “More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette?” This was achieved by the tobacco industry infiltrating all the science journals, giving money to universities, and engaging in “scientist-for-hire” activities to push their poisons under the “scientific” claim that smoking cigarettes posed no health risks whatsoever. The exact same tactic is used today by the biotech industry to push toxic GMOs and deadly herbicides chemicals like glyphosate.

Another example of history you’re never allowed to remember: The gunpoint rounding up of U.S. citizens

As another example of the memory holing of real history, in today’s discussions of the JADE HELM military exercise, the mainstream media focuses entirely on attacking the journalists and analysts covering the story while refusing to mention the fact that tens of thousands of Americans have already been rounded up at gunpoint and thrown into internment camps. Who were the victims of this government exercise in rounding up innocent Americans? Japanese-American citizens during World War II. All their Constitutional rights were violated and they were imprisoned for years based entirely on their race and country of origin.

The following photo, just one of many published at PublicIntelligence.net, captures some of the American citizens who were rounded up at gunpoint and imprisoned solely based on their race:

What this proves is that when the United States government wants to, it will round up and imprison a selected group of Americans at gunpoint, denying them all due process, even if they are completely innocent and have done nothing wrong.

You, the modern-day news viewer, are not allowed to remember this history because it might provide you with the necessary context to understand the concern over JADE HELM, a military operation being illegally conducted on U.S. soil, in open violation of established U.S. law.

Not allowed to apply logic to any crisis

Logic is the enemy of the propagandists. Because of that, no serious discussion or debate is ever allowed on any subject that the propagandists seek to control: vaccines, GMOs, martial law, national debt, the AIDS industry, gay marriage and so on.

“[I]n order to sustain gigantic false realities, there are honest debates that must never happen,” writes Rappoport in Matrixology 101: debates that never happen. “They would reveal too much. They would shine a spotlight on vast contradictions. They would expose official storytellers to withering criticism.”

To further explain his point, Rappoport reveals that AIDS is diagnosed in people today through the detection of HIV antibodies. If a person carries antibodies, they are assumed to be carrying HIV and assumed to be sick and diseased. But if an AIDS vaccine were developed, like all vaccines it would cause the body to produce antibodies to HIV, thus causing an HIV-vaccinated person to be diagnosed as having AIDS, too. So how can HIV antibodies mean you’re “sick” in the first instance, but simultaneously those same antibodies mean you’re “well” if they appeared after a vaccine?

“Millions and millions of antibody tests have been given to people around the world,” writes Rappoport. “The antibody test is just one of a number of enormous issues in modern medicine that, if opened to real debate, would cause a seismic shift in society…assuming there were enough listeners who could track the lines of reasoning.”

But reason is the enemy of the propagandists, and almost nobody knows how to think with clarity anymore because such skills are rarely taught in schools or universities. That’s why the crisis of the now is always presented in a way that shuts down logic and reason, engendering an emotional response to whatever events are being thrown at you, most of which are pure, fabricated theater: The green screen ISIS beheading videos, CNN’s green screen faked location shots from the Middle East, the wildly faked narrative of polar bears being “stranded” on floating pieces of ice (polar bears are great swinners), staged White House photos from the “war room” as America’s former CIA buddies are hunted down and executed by special ops teams, and so on.

Every crisis is structured to evoke an emotional state of mind that shuts down all reason and critical thinking. Once this is achieved, the minds of the masses are hammered with whatever political programming messages are desired at the moment: Christians are evil, only the government can end poverty, all police are bad, carbon dioxide is going to destroy the planet, illegal immigrants should be granted the right to vote, and so on.

Creating crisis where none exists

Sometimes the crisis of the day must be so wildly exaggerated and overhyped that the exercise strains the bounds of believability… such as the CDC-directed measles panic waged by the mainstream media over a mild infection that killed no one and was never even considered a crisis until just the last few years when the vaccine industry shifted into “totalitarian science” mode. The point of the exercise was to instill extreme fear in the population, followed by the introduction of a vaccine mandate law which we now know is called SB 277 (California).

Once again, the crisis of the NOW shut down all reasonable thinking and even encouraged the public to abandon their own core human rights principles such as the idea that people have the right to decide what medical interventions they wish to endure, and that no government can force an injection on a parent or their child without informed consent. Through fear and crisis, the media even persuaded pro-choice women to become anti-choice on the issue of vaccines. No government has any right to interfere with a woman’s body, it seems, unless that government is pushing a vaccine.

Thanks to the crisis of the NOW, every argument in favor of medical choice was steamrolled into oblivion: ethical arguments, scientific arguments, human rights arguments, legal arguments and the entire realm of reason.

But the classic crisis of the NOW which caused Americans to abandon all reason and surrender to police state totalitarianism was, of course, 9/11.

9/11 as the ultimate crisis of the NOW

The 9/11 attack was seized upon by the media and the government to wage what can only be called a psychological warfare assault upon the American people as preparation for the passage of the original Patriot Act. That’s the Bush-era law that legalized government surveillance of the American people, turning America into the totalitarian police state it remains today.

In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent media campaign of instilling extreme hatred among the citizenry, Americans were ready to wholly support almost any law that claimed to “stop terror,” even if it meant surrendering key liberties in the process.

Key to achieving all this was the elimination of selected facts from the memory of the American public. To this day, for example, almost no American remembers that three buildings, not two, were destroyed in New York City on 9/11, and the third building was not struck by any airplane at all. All questions about this third building — WTC 7 — have since been banished from any public discussion. No one is allowed to ask how a concrete-and-steel building could suddenly collapse, in perfect symmetry, with the kind of precision that can only be achieved with carefully engineered and pre-planned demolitions.

The laws of physics are never allowed to be applied to the events of 9/11, because if they were, logic and reason would bring too many people to the inescapable conclusion that WTC 7 was brought down by controlled demolition, not by airplanes. Thus, the easiest way for the propagandists to avoid this entire discussion is to delete the third building from the national memory.

Illusionist Uri Geller once made the Statue of Liberty seem to disappear from the New York skyline, but the media propagandists have deleted an entire high-rise building from America’s collective memory.

Explore the real science and physics behind the events of 9/11 at Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

The next “crisis of the now” is being planned right now

READ MORE AT http://www.naturalnews.com/049655_emotional_domination_mind_control_engineered_crisis.html#ixzz3omjOHOub

From Doreen:
The master mind controlling this planet ‘NEEDS’ consent from a critical mass of humans in order to up its game of force, fraud, deceit, control, and manipulation, which includes disarming all citizens. One way to withdraw consent is to no longer vote in elections. Voting makes us complicit.

Please inform others and watch for details in a subsequent post about universal peace ‘deception’.

Doreen Ann Agostino
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