The Bill Has Come Due: Will We Continue This Magnificent Experiment in Physical Reality?

By Marshall Vian Summers
The Bill has Come Due | Great Waves of Change

Humanity has been spending and borrowing its natural inheritance for so long, postponing payment of the consequences of this for so long, and now the bill has come due. Now the consequences are emerging powerfully, and there are many of them.

Now you must reckon what you have created. You must reckon your condition. You must reckon your circumstances. You must reckon the world that you are creating for yourself. For humanity has squandered its natural inheritance.

This abundant, magnificent world the Creator of all life has given to humanity as its own world, has been plundered and squandered and wasted— through greed, through corruption, through war and conflict, through irresponsible behavior, through unawareness and ignorance—and now the consequences are beginning to emerge. They are not simply a distant possibility or a problem for some future generation.

This is the world you have come to serve. This is the world you have created. These are the circumstances facing you now. You must face them. You must take responsibility that you have played a small part in creating them. You must accept this responsibility without shame, but the responsibility is there nonetheless. For in the face of the Great Waves of change, there is nowhere to run and hide. You cannot simply pack your bags and move to the country or go find someplace to hide while the storm passes over, for this storm will last a long time, and there is nowhere to hide.

These Great Waves are not one event. They are not one simple thing that happens at one time only, for humanity has set in motion forces of change now that it must contend with on an ongoing basis. For you are now living in a world of declining resources, a world whose climate has been seriously affected, a world whose ecological condition is deteriorating, a world where humanity will have to face the prospects of great shortages of food and water and the risks of disease and illness on a very large scale, even affecting the wealthy nations of the world. The balance has now been tipped and changed, and the human family as a whole must unite and gather together to deal with these great challenges.

Yet if humanity chooses a different path**, recognizing the inherent dangers involved in facing these Great Waves of change, recognizing the seriousness of their reality and the great consequences that they can have for the well-being and for the future of humanity, then wise individuals and leaders of nations and religious institutions can recognize that divided, humanity will fail in the face of the Great Waves of change. But united, humanity can chart a new course, prepare for the impacts for the Great Waves of change and set in course the beginnings of a greater cooperation and a greater unity than humanity as a whole has ever experienced before. This will be generated now not by religious principles or by high ethics, but by sheer necessity itself. READ MORE AT

From Doreen
**To choose a different path each of us can Sustain Creator’s Magnificent Experiment in Physical Reality by ‘withdrawing consent’ to crimes against humanity and nature by ‘no longer voting’ in elections, and inform others of the opportunity to free ourselves and Earth by no longer voting.

Is it wiser and safer to withdraw consent to extreme assault on life now by not voting, or face the formidable task of trying to undo what we unsuspectingly ‘consented to’, after the cell gate is closed and locked?

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