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Nature does not need humans however humans DO need nature, by Julia Roberts.

SEPARATION CONSCIOUSNESS is the root cause of all suffering, empowered by human consent. In other words, obeying unjust laws that benefit few at the expense of many, waging war with one another and natural systems required for survival, ignoring and denying that force, fraud, deceit, sleight of hand economics are eroding human well being, rights and freedom that we fund and seldom question.

Please, take a moment to look at some of the headlines fueled by our consent, and end with a Conscious Alertness Quiz assembled according to strict criteria based on the scientific research method.

By Ken O’Keefe former marine now activist
“We have tortured and killed and maimed and raped around this planet. We don’t operate under international law; we have the law of the jungle”

Without Western war financing, and weapons supply, ISIS, ISIL and the Islamic State would have already collapsed

Media Uses A Drowned Refugee Boy To Start Another War

DIVINE UNANIMITY is the absence of separation consciousness. They are two sides of One Power, which is All That Is.

Humans are not ‘what’ we own or do not own, we are not a title, not our reputation, not what we do for a living, and not separate. All creation is inseparable from its Source which is Power. In other words, each of us is a particle of Source Power with freewill to become ‘who’ we truly are, which is powerful beyond measure.

When humans ‘consent’ to someone’s story, like Copernicus stating the earth revolves around the sun, our belief energizes the story into physical reality; at least until a more convincing story is told, and human consent alters reality.

Consequently, the Pope, Vatican, UN, Queens, Kings, Presidents, banking, voting, religion, the devil, and all laws are someone’s story that without our ‘consent’ [compliance is implied consent, silence is implied consent] have no meaning, no authority, no power, and no truth. They are all ‘story’ and the time is now to change the story from separation consciousness to divine unanimity; from Roman Civil Law that divides society into 2 classes: ruler and ruled to Natural Law: do no harm and do not allow others to harm you.

When protest no longer suffices: this is the hour. Do you consent to divine love in action?

View and download
National arrest warrants written

International arrest warrants written


The Age of Spiritual Awakening Has Really Begun – New Research Confirms

By Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D. professor of psychology, consciousness researcher and writer, and publisher of several books on consciousness.

Are you Awake? To find out complete the Conscious Alertness Quiz at

Enjoy and please share widely. Time is short!

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