We are living a window of time to be understood not feared. Internet is a resource to prevent violent revolutions that wiped out former civilizations during world age shifts. In other words, ‘revelations’ call each of us to do our DUTY! Time is short.

Judge Anna von Reitz Alaska State, Common Law Superior Court Judge, and legal adviser to former Pope Benedict XVI and now Pope Francis, co-authored ‘An American Affidavit of Probable Cause’ that describes the wrongs and injuries promulgated against Americans as a result of mis-administration of the Global Estate Trust and British Crown, Breach of Trust by International Trustees, and fraud committed against Americans by their own employees, allies, and individuals claiming to represent them.

Not just in America!
Gross Breach of Trust and Disservice and Dishonorable behavior have been exhibited and permitted against Americans, Canadians, Aussies, English, Scottish, Irish, Japanese, German, and many other people throughout the world.

CANADA: By Amy MacPherson
Matters of voter and media surveillance that result in a partisan database to target and silence the electorate have come to my attention, and this requires an investigation into abuse of power, privacy, security, extortion and election interference.

EXCERPTS from the book Judge Anna co-authored, page 4, and URL below:

  1. Coal-ash, a dangerous industrial waste product is being sprayed on us … another poisonous industrial waste, fluoride, outlawed for over a decade throughout Europe is being added to our drinking water.
  2. Mad scientists are being allowed to market genetically modified plants that internally manufacture their own pesticides and POISON our food supply.
  3. The banks are running entire governments as Ponzi schemes based on legal tender ‘laws’, identity theft, and securities fraud. [See holding humans hostage below]
  4. The court system is running a gambling racket out of our courthouses that profits itself from putting people  in jail.
  5. All the major news media outlets in America are owned and operated by foreigners who feed us nothing but sex and death and propaganda.
  6. And the judges and lawyers are expediting all of this.
  7. While the Queen, the President, the Congress,  the Governors, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and all the rest of the people who are on our payroll and who are in one way or another responsible for this mess, are standing around looking stupid …


Formless Power referred to as God, Consciousness, Other Names, responds to freewill choices with an equivalent vibratory frequency through people, events, and circumstances. In other words, God Power runs this world through our choices good ‘and’ evil which, are two sides of one Primordial Power; the only Power.

In Oneness, evil is the absence goodness. Anti-Christ is anti-love or the absence of love. Satan is the absence of Godliness or goodness. Edging God out [ego] is the absence of growing up and out of separation consciousness the root cause of all pain and suffering.

Everyone has freewill to empower Godliness [as within so without], which transforms separation consciousness into unity consensus, empowering us  to reach into the realm of all possibilities to co-create the kind of future that will arise from present chaos.

Funding political parties and voting make us complicit. To peacefully end force, fraud, deceit, war, and other assault on life withdraw consent by ‘no longer voting’ in elections. Pass it along. Otherwise we forfeit the right to complain and reap what we sow.

The U.S. Electorate Has Been Tricked Into Voting For Criminally Insane Psychopaths

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 11.54.24 AM

By Revisionist Historians for World Peace at

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,

all rights reserved




About Doreen Agostino

Resolution Guide, Author, Radio Host, Emissary of Greater Well-being, Freedom, and Natural Law; do no harm and do not allow others to harm.
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18 Responses to CALL TO DUTY!

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  6. Ramola D says:

    Reblogged this on The EveryDay Concerned Citizen and commented:
    Re-blogged on The Everyday Concerned Citizen–thank you.


  7. Hi and thanks again for sharing. My sense is this.

    Choices each of us made in the past are being pushed to the surface for purification, because the new era where our species is invited to go, there is no ‘baggage’ allowed. This suggests that each of us is called to heal inner emotional wounds so that inner peace prevails. We can’t change anyone else we can only change ourselves. The war raging inside and between humans is mirrored back to us in outer reality. Globalists are pushing for world war III, which compels everyone to do our inner work now.

    Distractions, disinformation, false flag events, etc. are sustained by negative responses to them. Instead, we can lay down our weapons of negativity like judgment, blame, etc., thaw our hearts, free our minds, and support genuine efforts to liberate humanity and our home planet.

    The Universe is error free, and blesses each of us to the extent we bless others. Bless us all!

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  8. Doreen: It’s awful to see you being used the same way Jean Haines was by this SHILL ALMA; (a convenient name as it could be either male or female) and “He-She-It” stirs things up all over the internet and has no credibility whatsoever. Smart websites/forums/blogs have taken down all junk posted by “He-She-It” so “He-She-It” can’t get paid.
    Basic Information – alma pertien
    Decline to State
    Alma Pertien was a member of New Earth Nation since March 14, 2015- no longer member


    • Thank you Zip-ped-e-doda for clarification. By the way you have a great name!

      Here’s my view.
      Thanks to Alma I dug deeper, which opened doors to new resources, expanded my awareness, created an opportunity to respond from a broader perspective without attachment to outcome, and stay out of judgment, for which I am grateful.

      Every choice either raises or lowers our collective consciousness, which responds in kind, so I look for deeper meanings. Experience has shown me, when we change the way we look at things for the better, the things we look at change for the better. Thanks for caring.

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      • Doreen, your reply is why I admire your blog. You have the ability to see through manipulators PDQ, whereas others are blinded by (you name it) attempting to destroy the ones we should value and honor the most.
        I made another reply on this topic prior to finding your wisdom.


  9. Alma says:

    Hello Doreen,
    First i want to thank you for your efforts and for creating the posibility to ventilate my questions..

    in regard to your question about a tax courtcase see:
    with friendly regards,


  10. Alma says:

    well this part was not public,

    ma 5 september 2015 18:33
    Zonder ster alma 5 september 2015 18:34
    Ster toevoegen Anna Von Fritz 5 september 2015 20:00
    Aan: alma
    Beantwoorden | Allen beantwoorden | Doorsturen | Afdrukken | Verwijderen | Origineel weergeven
    PS– the reason I used the name “Von Reitz” as a pen name was to honor my Father and his family, most of whom died fighting the Nazis. It has nothing whatsoever to do with hiding anything I have ever done. And, by the way, if you don’t stop the witch hunt tactics, I will sic a private investigator on you, Thomas Deegan aka Tyron Parsons aka “Alma” and we will all finally find out who you are,

    For anyone reading this– check back and you will see that I served as ISA for Foster Parents Plan and literally dozens of other do-gooder organizations– everything from Seva to Red Cross to Christian Children’s Fund to Salvation Army and back again— dozens and dozens of charitable and service organizations — and Planned Parenthood over 20 years ago was one of those upward of a hundred organizations.

    That fact gives an entirely different slant to “Alma” and her pretension that I was a “supporter” of Planned Parenthood, doesn’t it?

    So where is all this horse hooey streaming from?

    I might as well claim that you are a supporter of Arnie Rosner because you posted something on ScannedRetina twenty years ago.

    Come on, “Thomas”– you threatened to “dig up my past”– is this the best you’ve got? Acting as a Registered Agent for somewhere around a hundred charities so they could do business in Alaska? Oh, I MUST be an evil person because I did this over 20 years ago and back then “Planned Parenthood” was on the list of ISA organizations….

    What a bunch of unadulterated, irresponsible yellow journalism crap to “extrapolate” anything personal about me based on that.

    Why don’t you and Jerry Springer go to bed on camera and show us what you are really made of– Tyron-Thomas-Alma?

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Alma says:

      IMHO: humanity is at the brink of breaking free, or loosing freedom forever, and right now we find on every corner a imposter inposing as ”liberator”” or ” way shower”.
      One after every taste, all verry carefully planned and with the images carefully created..just to herdle us (willingly) back into slavery..
      Some mayor examples are Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf and Sacha Stone,.How many people fall for this ? Without knowing where they re really getting into ? How many letters i wrote to the ITNJ , that i m out and dont wanna be connected to their (NWO/BAR) organisation anymore, not in any way shape or form.. still get emails saying: “” thank you for voting for..””
      Thats why i did some googling on Anna.. and i know she is putting out some valuable stuff, just like Ann Tucci Jarraf and Sacha Stone did.. But now it is all about agenda IMHO..and the disinformation that goes along with it. It doesnt give me trust whem people use all kinds of variations of their name… And i simply dont trust all thoose UN/NGO connections..Thats the reason why i posted thoose questions.. I m not into slandering nobody .I think this world has seen more than enough injustice and brutal inhuman crimes, but also more than enough false profetes… CONSENT DENIED !

      In regards to judge Anna this might be an interresting legal read:


      • Alma, in response to break free or lose ‘all’ rights and freedom, to which I add access to safe food, water, and air, now is humanity’s quantum moment.

        In my view ‘reignoftheheavens’ is someone’s ‘story’ to which humans can ‘consent’ a.k.a. empower, by registering an ‘entity’ name that must be classified as a ‘trust’.

        By Judge Anna von Reitz
        The Roman Curia created all corporations — ‘trusts’, transmitting utilities, foundations, cooperatives, you name it— if it is some form of “legal fiction entity”— it was created by “law” issued by the Roman Curia and by Maxim of Law, the Roman Curia remains responsible for what it creates.

        Another story: The history of religion: Zoroaster Created Judeo Christian Religions

        And what about the ‘story’ made up about Satan? Satan is NOT a person or entity as depicted in the bible, which fuels separation consciousness. Luke 10:18 And he said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.

        Satan is a force, empowered by our ‘freewill’ choices. Satan is the ‘absence’ of Godliness, goodness, love in Divine Action.

        The time is now for everyone to ‘choose’ harm or harmlessness.

        Denial, apathy, ignoring the facts, and inaction empower enslavement.

        Cooperation and divine action to end harm empower liberation, and a new era where debris from the past cannot follow.


  11. Alma says:

    I posted a comment on Scanned Retrina in wich i have some uestions for Judge Anna:
    Judge Anna, I have a question or two, write:

    “”Nancy– a lot of people hide behind pen names. I adopted my pen name, “Anna Von Reitz” over twenty years ago — in part because it is closer to my actual family name– and for an entirely different purpose. I stand behind my pen name and everything I have written. Go look up my other book, Alaska’s Gas, available from Publish America. Look up “Disclosure 101” available on Amazon.
    I have used the “public” given name associated with me on civil records to a purpose too, and in neither case is there any doubt about where I live, what I do for a living, where I grew up, which Church I belong to, or anything else about me. My identity and “agenda” are fully known and face up on the table. Anyone who can read and grasp a comic book written for 6th graders now has all the information needed to do their own due diligence and find out the Truth for themselves.””

    Does anybody know you re an agent for PLANNED PARENTHOOD, and WHY do you use the name ANNA VONREITZ (VON + REITZ attached) ??

    or google: CorporationDetail.aspx?id=46692F

    Entity Details
    Entity Type:Nonprofit Corporation
    Entity #:46692F
    AK Formed Date:10/23/1990
    Home State:NEW YORK
    Next Biennial Report Due:
    Entity Mailing Address:
    Entity Physical Address:810 7TH AVE, NEW YORK, NY 10019
    Registered Agent
    Agent Name:ANNA VONREITZ
    Registered Mailing Address:
    Registered Physical Address:4220 BRIDLE CIR BOX 11, ANCHORAGE, AK 99517

    Agent Name: ANNA VONREITZ; Agent Address: 4220 BRIDLE CIR BOX 11,
    Agent Name ANNA VON REITZ Agent Address
    4220 BRIDLE CIR BOX NO 11, ANCHORAGE, AK 99517

    And do you know NGO s are used to implement Agenda 21:

    “”participatory democracy. Their credibility lies in the responsible
    and constructive role they play in society. Formal and informal
    organizations, as well as grass-roots movements, should be recognized
    as partners in the implementation of Agenda 21.””

    Planned Parenthood is on the NGO list
    And to be on that list would be to be under its jurisdiction?

    Ans why do you use so many names??

    the above mentioned Anna Vonreitz (Von and Reitz attached)

    Rietz-Riezinger. A. Von

    Anna Riezinger

    Anna Riezinger Von Reitz

    Anna Maria Riezinger

    Anna Maria Riezinger Von Reitz

    Anna Von Reitz

    And why do you have so many companies listed in your name??

    inactive ANNA VON REITZ, secretary, United States flag inactive nonprofit TURNING POINTS, INCORPORATED (Alaska (US), 22 Nov 1999- )
    inactive ANNA VON REITZ, agent, United States flag inactive nonprofit NORTH VALLEY DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL (Alaska (US), 22 Mar 2001- )
    inactive ANNA VON REITZ, director, United States flag inactive nonprofit TURNING POINTS, INCORPORATED (Alaska (US), 22 Nov 1999- )
    inactive ANNA VON REITZ, agent, United States flag inactive branch nonprofit HELEN KELLER INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATED (Alaska (US), 18 Dec 1989- )
    ANNA VON REITZ, agent, United States flag branch nonprofit FREEDOM FROM HUNGER (Alaska (US), 16 Mar 1987- )
    inactive ANNA VON REITZ, president, United States flag inactive nonprofit NORTH VALLEY DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL (Alaska (US), 22 Mar 2001- )
    inactive ANNA VON REITZ, director, United States flag inactive nonprofit NORTH VALLEY DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL (Alaska (US), 22 Mar 2001- )
    Anna Von Reitz, director, United States flag nonprofit SOUTHCENTRAL EDUCATIONAL MEDIA, INC. (Alaska (US), 23 Sep 2011- )

    And does anybody know you and Sarah Palin are in the same organisation:??
    (see page 3)
    (see page 55)

    And is the UCC filing you used for yourself
    this is her own UCC filing:
    (53 pages)

    the same as you put out in public??

    I really dont understand this, maybe you can shine a light on it..

    Alma Pertien


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