If you ‘want’ clear blue skies, ‘safe’ food, drinking water, air, and WELL BEING, please ‘comment today‘ so that EPA puts a STOP to aircraft spraying chemical aerosols 24/7!

EPA COMMENT PERIOD ENDS AUG 31.15 AT 11:59 P.M. EASTERN TIME. Please post your comment today and encourage others to do the same at

I posted the following at the EPA link above today.

A peer-reviewed, court-admissible scientific research paper recently published in an internationally recognized journal, proves the direct connection between toxic chemtrail aerosols sprayed from aircraft during chemical geoengineering programs and emerging public health crises. The primary ingredient in chemtrail aerosols is coal fly ash. Coal fly ash contains mercury, lead, arsenic, strontium, and an extraordinary amount of alumina (also known as aluminum oxide).

A library of evidence that chemtrail aerosols sprayed from aircraft are a powerful and toxic greenhouse gas emission and their impact on public health is available for review at http://themillenniumreport.com/?s=chemtrails

OPEN LETTER To Pope Francis Regarding Global Climate Change. Only when the profound and pervasive causes of global climate change, such as the now ubiquitous geoengineering program utilizing chemtrails, are eliminated by every reasonable means necessary will the planet move in the right direction. http://cosmicconvergence.org/?p=10468

Videos for public viewing:

Evidence of aircraft nozzles from which emissions are sprayed. The sprayed chemicals linger, spread out, and block life giving sunlight.

Sun exposure optimizes vitamin D levels. Vitamin D2 ergocalciferol is synthesized by plants, and vitamin D3 cholecalciferol is synthesized by humans when skin is exposed to ultraviolet-B (UVB) rays from sunlight. Where there is less sunlight there is more cancer, flu, and autism. Vitamin D regulates cells, systems, and organs throughout our body. In a class by itself, Vitamin D turns genes on and off; a very basic function that distinguishes it from all other vitamins.

3 layers of CHEMCLOUDS video 0 to 9:30 minutes: flying through 2 layers of chemical clouds visible below 37,000 feet, and a 3rd layer being formed above 37,000 feet. Condensation trails [contrails] cannot form in a low humidity environment. Humidity above 37,000 feet is extremely low [almost zero] meaning there is no chance of any type of contrail forming and lasting as ‘diffusion’ is very rapid.

In conclusion, thank you for the opportunity to present evidence of emissions from aircraft that know no borders so that safety prevails, and to withdraw consent to emissions from aircraft that cause or contribute to air pollution and endanger public health and welfare. [End]

Your comment may be viewable on Regulations.gov once the agency has reviewed it. This process is dependent on agency public submission policies/procedures and processing times. Use your tracking number to find out the status of your comment.

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