EXPOSED: Holistic Doctors Dying | Chemtrails

A healthy immune system and positive attitude are vital to withstand extreme assault against humanity in a quiet war using ‘silent’ weapons now revealed.

If you work with a homeopath ask them to test for nagalese and GcMAF.

Explosive: The real reason Holistic Doctors are being killed and vanishing!

Nagalese blocks GcMAF a vital part of our immune system which does not work without it; and is part of our blood. GcMAF is an essential human protein our bodies make that removes a number of diseases including cancer. Healthy humans make their own GcMAF. If healthy we make around 10,000 cancer cells a day, but your GcMAF, which has six attacks on cancer, destroys them every day. In all GcMAF has 20 beneficial attacks on disease. If you have a severe shock, such as losing your house or catch pneumonia that may give a disease the chance to send out an enzyme to prevent your body from making its own GcMAF. If so, that stops the 20 known effects of GcMAF in the body including its six attacks on cancer; without GcMAF your immune system also collapses, and the disease or cancer becomes chronic.

Update July 2015: GcMAF is no longer available as the company that made it was shutdown by overseas regulatory agencies.

Peer-Reviewed, Court-Admissible,
Scientific Research Paper Published
Exposing Geoengineering

Scientific evidence now exists which indicates the presence of “toxic coal combustion fly ash” in the Earth’s atmosphere.  The following excerpt from the relevant article abstract, which appears under the above quoted title, was just published in the August 11th issue of the peer-reviewed International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.


“The widespread, intentional and increasingly frequent chemical emplacement in the troposphere has gone unidentified and unremarked in the scientific literature for years. The author presents evidence that toxic coal combustion fly ash is the most likely aerosolized particulate sprayed by tanker-jets for geoengineering, weather-modification and climate-modification purposes and describes some of the multifold consequences on public health.”[1]

There are many ‘advanced’ forms of holistic healing [whole body healing] available today. Consider finding a qualified homeopath by asking to speak with a few of their patients. Also ask if the homeopathic does ‘signalling function’ gene testing, to identify genes that may have turned off and get them turned back ON.

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