There’s a New SHERIFF in Town – Donald Trump! And all he cares about is the truth!

Give thanks as the ‘whole’ truth is revealed. Bless and support Donald Trump, a man willing to take on the enemies of our freedom.

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On Aug 10, 2015, at 1:12 PM, Frank Coll <> wrote:

There’s a New SHERIFF in Town

Republicans and their Democrat allies (henceforth referred to as Republicrats) have collectively thrown their hands up in the air, how can Donald Trump be the frontrunner? Especially after the GOP establishment (GOPe) has fired every weapon in their arsenal at him.

Is he Superman, some comic hero who’s invincible?

No, Republicrats, he’s just a guy who’s learned how to handle back-stabbing, control freaks such as yourselves.

He’s not an “eye for an eye” guy, he’s more an ‘eye, tongue, nose, ear’ for an eye guy.

He’s our kind of guy.

And you can thank yourselves for the Trump phenomenon.

[if !supportLists]·      [endif]You backed conservatives into a corner, left us with nothing to lose.

[if !supportLists]·      [endif]You’ve manipulated our elections, smirked and

[if !supportLists]·      [endif]

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6 Responses to There’s a New SHERIFF in Town – Donald Trump! And all he cares about is the truth!

  1. sooner or later the group consciousness of “north americia” will simply remove the whole “white house” control structure. no more president, no more military, etc. you should be focusing all spiritually aware, all heart centered souls to communicate together, to push the chaotic thought patterns of the masses with limited or damaged pre-frontal cortex… getting on the presidental candidate band wagon tarnishes your “spiritual reputation”…


      • Ok, now swallow this. you are experiencing within Father God’s consciousness. That includes this universe, which is part of his unknowable amount of consciousness. All of Father’s children came here to earth to learn. its Father’s playground. The darkness, aka void, aka evil, aka negative entities, aka archons, greys, reptilians, etc. its ALL a part of Father’s consciousness. Now, the evil “wants out”, HUH? you mean there’s “more” outside of “Father God”? yes there is. And when Father’s children have done learning, that’s where the majority of them go. OUTSIDE FATHER GOD’S consciousness. or “outside father’s body” so to speak. now, this may be hard to swallow. But, the negative entities, and their minions, or Agents of the Void, want to get away from Father’s “evil reign”. to them Father is evil. BUT, the truth is, the VOID is just a TOOL to use for quicker spiritual growth, aka suffering. So they can separate themselves from Father God’s consciousness. Its part of Father God’s plan. and this has been done many, many times before in the past. You see, there are a LOT of Father’s children that’ aren’t. well.. happy, when Father “kicked them out”. so they would just simply create a reality for themselves. become very anti-social so to speak. Having “negative entities” outside of Father, kind of breaks up this anti-social behavior, and forces Father’s Children to “band together”. How do I know all this? Well, this “ego construct” (very limited consciousness unfortunately), is aware of my “higher self’s” vast experiences. This also includes being “kicked out”, and being allowed “back in” to learn more. Seems I’m “special” for some reason. So YOU, are either another consiousness aspect of Father God, or one of Father’s Children that hasn’t left. if you’re confused, ask Archangel Michael about me. Now the real question is. will Father allow this information out in the public to be!


  2. it really doesn’t matter WHO is president. its been controlled by foreign non-earthly souls for a very long time… he’s just a business man. since when is “business” the most important aspect of running a country? a Business man is focused on making money, not Unity, Not Father God, not love, not compassion. stop being suckered into the word crap these candidates spew out. they all are per-frabricated stories and lies to drum up voters.


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