Trump Has The Cojones of King Kong and Godzilla Put Together

By State of The Nation
It is critical to understand there is no one else out there who has shown any willingness to take on the system.

THE APPRENTICE -- NBC Series -- Pictured: Donald Trump -- NBC Photo: Chris Haston


DONALD TRUMP: The Skunk At The GOP Garden Party

The Donald Trump Show:
A Determined Man With A Very Serious Destiny … Coming This Fall

BRAVEHEART 2.0 Now Playing On
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The Donald Single handedly Wrecks the Republican Party and Upstages Every GOP Presidential Candidate

Excerpt from Editor’s Note:
Donald Trump not only mastered the Manhattan milieu — in his own unique way — he also took West Palm Beach by storm (WPB is the unofficial capital of southeast Florida aka the “New York City” of the South). For those who are unaware, the stretch of Florida coastline from Stuart to Miami is called the Gold Coast. It is aptly named since it represents the greatest concentration of wealth on the planet. The same geographic area, particularly West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Jupiter, Fort Lauderdale and Stuart are also well-known for the sheer number of ultra-rich power-players (read Illuminati, Incunabula and Cahilla) who reside there all year round. This is perhaps the only depression-proof region of the world which will become much more evident after the upcoming Super Shemitah events.[1]

Regardless of what you think of Donald Trump as a person or presidential candidate, what is really important about him is this.

Trump has courage.

Donald J. Trump truly possesses a streak of raw, unadulterated courage not seen since John F. Kennedy.

Forget how he projects or speaks for just a moment. He was not bred or acculturated like JFK. He was born as a tough ass, hard-as-nails, in-your-face New Yorker. That’s what he is.  So, everyone needs to get over it.  After all, isn’t that what this 2016 presidential election cycle desperately needs?  A super-dose of reality mixed with some very tough love.

In his drive to succeed in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island housing markets, and later in the cutthroat Manhattan real estate market, Donald Trump had to play the game against some very tough competitors. That’s why he was FORCED to file for bankruptcy four times. And yet, he got up again, raised himself from the mat, and re-entered the fight.

Donald Trump was born to fight and he just picked his biggest one yet. 

Donald Trump is the only BIG — really BIG — public figure to have persisted about Barack Obama not possessing an authentic birth certificate (BC).  Not only that, but during the last presidential campaign his relentless pursuit of that BC forced Obama to post a  fabricated copy of a fraudulent BC on the official website.

Obama Birth Certificate: Confirmed Forgery According To Top Experts

Since then, Obama’s birth certificate copy has been proven by several experts to be a completely fraudulent and forged document.  That’s a felony on the part of Obama and his colluding staff.  Actually, the whole process of defrauding the American people — over two presidential election cycles — represents a whole bunch of serious felonies … as in high crimes and misdemeanors.  As in impeachable crimes!

In his brave endeavor to expose Obama, Trump trumped all the aces that Obama and his tribe were holding, and forced them to commit felonies in the process of fabricating and posting a falsified birth certificate.  Do you now understand the sheer enormity and profundity of the accomplishment of one Donald Trump?


Not only did Team Obama go into panic mode due to Trump’s bold initiatives, they proceeded to engineer the fake assassination of Osama bin Laden 2 days after the posting in order to divert the attention of the whole world from the fraudulent and forged BC they contrived.  That manufactured event is further elaborated here and at the following link.

Did Obama Really Kill Osama?

What’s the point?

There is only one other man of stature who has been brave enough to pursue the truth of Obama’s BC and that is Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Phoenix.

That’s not really the point; it’s just another VERY significant factoid. Why?  Because the good sheriff has found himself harassed and persecuted, harried and prosecuted by the Obama Administration every time he attempts to enforce federal immigration law. Just like Arpaio, the MSM has gone after Trump for simply wanting existing law enforced by the federal government.

The other point is that Donald Trump unveiled the BC conspiracy in a way that no one else in American society was able or willing to do.  Because he speaks the truth like no politician in the land, he has distinguished himself at least as a authentic birther and, therefore, truth-teller.  That doesn’t mean he’d be a great or even good president, only that he is willing to tell the people the truth. In this particular case, he was quite willing to pursue the single most inconvenient truth in the USA — Obama’s lack of an authentic birth certificate.

Donald Trump also seems to represents the dire reality of these United States of America in 2015 in a way that no one else will. In so doing, he commits the greatest crime that any American politician can ever commit — he tells the people the truth … and then let’s them come to their own conclusions about how to proceed.


Trump has the cojones of King Kong and Godzilla put together

It is critical to understand that there is no one else out there who has shown any willingness to take on the system.  Joe Arpaio has, but at a much lower level.  That’s not to say that there are not others out there who would like to take on the system.  However, they need to see how it’s done first.  What it takes. And what the consequences might be.

Donald Trump has shown a willingness to lose everything he has.  TPTB have already been stripping away one revenue stream after another from his empire.  At the end of the day, he could literally be left with nothing, and he really seems not to care.  Talk about HUGE cojones (yes, it is properly spelled with an “o” not an “a”).

Sorry if we offend anyone’s sensibilities, but it’s crucial to understand at this critical juncture of The American Experiment that, going forward:


What we’re saying is that the whole planetary realm has been ruled by sheer cowards for many decades. Cowards manufactured the two world wars and succumbed to the forces promoting a perpetual war economy.  Cowards both synthesized and surrendered to those economic depressions and recessions which paralyzed the planet. Nothing but fear-filled cowards built massive arsenals of nuclear weaponry that could destroy the world one hundred times over. It is still the same cowards who continue to create every conceivable weapon of mass destruction in order to hold regions of the world hostage. Hence, only a leader with moral courage, and especially one who will act on the courage of their convictions, can break the current downward death spiral of American society, as well as Western civilization.

We’re not saying that Donald Trump would make the best president of the USA.  Who can possibly say at this point?  What we are saying is that Trump will make sure that the current electoral process will be revealed for what it truly is —> a TOTAL FRAUD. In fact, it is an unmitigated fraud perpetrated on the citizenry every four yours to present the appearance that the American people live in a democracy where the people choose the leaders, not the rich and powerful.

Look it, it takes a person with a large ego to go up against the entire Anglo-American power structure, yes?  Who would ever embrace such a formidable undertaking (with the exception of JFK, of course) except an individual who has real courage and fearlessness, moxie and intestinal fortitude … and a HUGE ego?


Trump’s Scottish Ancestry Makes Him A Fierce Fighting Force

This is where BRAVEHEART and Trump’s Scottish ancestry come into play.

For those who are unaware, the Scots have a long and valiant history of bucking the system.  There was no more tyrannical system than the thoroughly despotic English monarchy.  That’s not to say there were not some fair-minded British monarchs who departed from the typical ‘royal’ despotism down through the centuries.  Nevertheless, it was the Scottish people who felt the heel of the British Empire as no other ‘colony’.  After all, they began as the next door neighbor of the biggest global bully of the second millennium.  In effect, Scotland was the first British colony in the making of the British Empire.

The Scottish story of BRAVEHEART perfectly portrays just how courageous the hearts of the Scots really were during their historical fight for independence from the CROWN.  In their ardent quest for freedom from England, for self-rule and self-determination, for national and personal sovereignty, the Scottish people were ready to sacrifice everything.  By everything it should be understood that the Scots are really hardwired as a people to sacrifice life and limb for the prospect of genuine independence.

It is divine synchronicity that Scotland recently held a countrywide referendum on their national independence from the United Kingdom.  While the ‘official’ vote was very close in favor of staying in the U.K., it’s now well understood by most of the voters that the vote was both manipulated, and then stolen in the end, in order to fix the result for rejecting independence.  Such is the corrupt and pervasive power of the City of London in the affairs of Scotland to this very day, just as London continues to exert its thoroughly corrupt influence on the United States of America.

Scottish Independence Vote Stolen, Massive Coverup Ensues, Usual Suspects ID’ed

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 3.29.12 PM

George Galloway: A Scottish Former MP Who Is As Fearsome As They Come 

Very few nations produce sons as courageous as Scots-Irish George Galloway, the Respect Party Member of Parliament (MP) who served from March 2012 to March 2015.  Galloway fiercely fought the entrenched and prevailing mindsets of the British Parliament in a way that no other MP has in modern history.  Watch any video on YouTube and his principled stands and righteous ferocity come through clearly every time. Unfortunately, just like Trump, his was often a lone voice crying in the wilderness.

The point here is that Trump comes from the same no-nonsense Scottish pedigree.  Whether you love ’em or hate ’em doesn’t matter.  Whether you like his style is really irrelevant.  Whether you appreciate, or not, his approach to real problems facing America is not the issue.  Whether you’re appalled by The Donald‘s total lack of political correctness is inconsequential.  Just like George Galloway’s tirades in the House of Commons — year after year — where he was somewhat successful at waking up the woefully unenlightened consciousness that predominates throughout Parliament, Trump is busy pricking the American conscience during this unparalleled and paradigm-busting campaign season.

What remains to be seen is how Trump articulates his foreign policy.  Galloway’s was extraordinarily considerate of the sovereignty of other nations, as he was compassionate toward oppressed peoples such as the Palestinians.  Nevertheless, Trump’s stated mission is to first: “Make America Great Again!”  He knows that the current domestic predicament under Obama has so deteriorated and is in such desperate condition that nothing short of a 21st century “Marshall Plan” will effectively rebuild this nation.

3rd Party Independent Candidates Often Educate and Enlighten the Electorate 

Though he has ‘resisted’ leaving the GOP primary process, Trump is actually operating as the quintessential independent 3rd party candidate.  He knows that there is no place for his politics or policies, presentations or polemics within the Republican Party.  That’s why it’s so much fun to watch him blow it all up.  The whole Republican charade is being exposed with every event that occurs around The Donald.  He is a natural for setting up the GOP to unwittingly reveal their treachery and treason at every turn.

This is the real beauty of Donald Trump.  It’s not about him becoming president, because that is highly unlikely to happen.  It is about him exposing the outright corruption of American government, especially the nefarious workings of the U.S. Federal Government.  Every time he opens his mouth something new comes out of the closet.  The Megyn Kelly episode during the recent debate, that was sponsored by FACEBOOK, no less, is a perfect example of The Donald exposing the conspiratorial collaboration between the ever-perfidious Mainstream Media (MSM) and the American political establishment.  Truly, FOX News was caught with their pants, and skirts, down, as never before.  WOW ! ! !

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 3.37.47 PM
Just as Ron Paul has effectively served as the Thomas Paine of the 21st century during and between his presidential campaigns, Trump is serving the very same purpose, only in different ways and for different purposes.  Paul was, and is, functioning as the New Age Internet Pamphleteer prior to the upcoming 2nd American Revolution.  He has methodically educated the American people about the tyrannical IRS, the unaccountable Federal Reserve and perpetual war economy that both political parties aggressively promote.

Trump, on the other hand, is our Paul Revere screaming that the British are already here, and that they have destroyed the country from within.  Their Manchurian Candidate and loyal agent — Barack Obama — was surreptitiously inserted into the American political system by way of the extreme stealth and subversion that the British are well known for.  That’s why Trump raised such a raucous about the birth certificate.  That incredible conspiracy, which continues to this very day, is enough to create the greatest American constitutional crisis of all time.

The key role that Donald Trump has in this national drama is to alert the American people of the many political dangers and fiscal perils that lurk around every corner.  In that regard, though unelected to any public office, he is also playing the part of John Adams, the extremely righteous, determined and outspoken advocate for American Independence. Simply put, were it not for the mountain-moving John Adams, the Revolutionary War would never have taken place.  Furthermore, the constitutional republic of the United States of America might never have been born … for real!

Only a real outsider — who is independently wealthy — can shake up the system in the way that it needs to be earth-shaken.  In this regard Donald Trump is the man.  Make no mistake about it, in spite of his predictable Donald Trump moments, he has already sacrificed more of his “life and limb” than all the other presidential candidates put together … … … since JFK, that is.


DONALD TRUMP: Man Of Destiny

The politicos on both the right and the left have never seen anything like Donald Trump. His destiny is unlike any other American politician.  The establishment knows however, that Trump should not, can not, and will not be elected president on their watch.  They will not tolerate someone who doesn’t take orders from the real shadow government that runs the show.


Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
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