How Can Anyone Other Than Pope Francis???

Motu Proprio is the ‘highest form of legal instrument’ on the planet, issued by Pope Francis on July 11th 2013.

Considering the onerous complexity, severity, and highly charged emotional responses likely to follow world-wide disclosure of crimes perpetrated against humanity, I asked Judge Anna von Reitz, Alaska State Superior Court Judge and legal adviser to former Pope Benedict XVI and now Pope Francis, ‘How can anyone other than Pope Francis?

  1. Reveal the ‘whole’ truth, including geoengineering the weather exacerbating global climate change.
    [I pray Pope Francis read: Citizens Worldwide COMPEL Pope Francis To Disclose Geoengineering Impacts On Global Climate Change ]
  1. End Roman Civil Law that divides society into 2 classes: rulers and ruled, and replace it with Natural Law; cause no harm and do not allow others to harm you.
  2. End all war, and re-direct military personnel, engineering, technology, and equipment, to build new infrastructures that harmonize with nature, revive ecosystems, and bridge the gap for people in dire need.
  3. Emphasize that we are in this together and that ‘all’ our lives are on the line.
  4. Invite ‘solutions’ that allow us to ‘pull together’ to clean up our mess and live with profound respect for one another, Earth, and all life forms.
  5. Reveal the ‘whole’ truth in ways that inspire humans to self empower by ‘helping’ one another instead of rioting, stealing, and killing during 1] shortages of food, clean drinking water, shelter, tumultuous Earth changes and 2] false flag events that trick humans into fear, forfeiting personal power and triggering emotions that divide us, allowing the cabal to gain more power and control over survivors, while humans unsuspectingly reduce the population by killing each another.
  6. Forgive all debts to relive emotional tensions, and stop pleading climate change before we hit the reset button.

Extraordinary things are happening in and around us. Exactly what, how, and when, respond to our choices. In other words, in this freewill Earth zone every choice each of us makes lowers or raises Consciousness, which acts like a boomerang.

Instead of Pope Francis hitting the ‘kill switch’ let him reveal the ‘whole truth’ in ways that allow human hearts to thaw, so that love and compassion flow once again [our original blueprint] equivalent to hitting the ‘reset’ button for our outer life screen.

The ‘whole’ truth includes choosing extinction or the path less traveled. The latter requires humans to surrender ego, fear, and limiting beliefs to ‘courage’ that shifts us out of competition into cooperation, replaces judgment, shame, blame, anger, revenge, and other negativity with unity consensus to renew this Earth Garden.

Judge Anna’s Response
Pope Francis has been advised that honesty is the best policy, and there are no scapegoats anymore. ‘Everyone’ needs to be involved, we all need to know the truth, and be asked for our help. 

Make 2015 a break through year, end separation consciousness


We cannot change the past however we can ‘choose’ our responses to it, and seize the ‘rare’ opportunity in front of us. The more we master our emotions, ‘pull together’, support Pope Francis to clean up the environment and other messes, the easier it is for him to do the right thing, and the easier it is for us to create the kind of future that will arise from present chaos.

Important messages in this video for everyone.

Every human was given the Power freewill to make choices that bring out the very best in us, and that time is now.

Please share widely!

Santos Bonacci was just arrested and locked away. See his video ‘Message to Pope Francis to end World Slavery’ at my ‘Library to Liberty Page’. Over the next few days all of Santo’s law friends will arrive to protect him and launch petitions to free him. Unless we support Pope Francis now to disclose the ‘whole’ truth, and support way showers taking a stand on our behalf, life could get very ugly for ‘all’ of us.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved





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Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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