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Judge Anna von Reitz, Alaska State Superior Court Judge and legal adviser to former Pope Benedict XVI and now Pope Francis, agreed to ensure both of them read an ‘Open Letter To Pope Francis’ from concerned citizens

Excerpts from her book and Motu Proprio,  prompted me to email Judge Anna [see below].

By Judge Anna … Let’s take it a few steps further…

>1. The Church has ALWAYS been in favor of “one world government”— it’s called the “Kingdom of God”. The blueprint for that government is laid out chapter by chapter in the Book of Matthew, which is the first Book in the New Testament. This is “preferred” because as you can see, governments are evil entities by nature, constantly preying upon everyone for their sustenance; unaccountable, self-interested, dangerous, prone to endless conflicts and wars. The theory of the Church is that if there were only one government that was truly service oriented and accountable, and one set of Laws— the Three Laws of the Jurisdiction of the Air— we could do away with most of the corruption and violence and concentrate on positive things. I have no idea why so many people have missed the political realities of Jesus’s ministry and also the existence and threat of the Mystery Babylon Cults, both within and outside the Church, and even remained ignorant of the existence of the Global Estate Trust, but they have. I can assure you that it is absolutely no news to any Lutheran or Catholic I know, that the ultimate desire of the Church is to establish God’s Kingdom on Earth— which is by definition a “one world government”. I can only guess that other Protestant denominations are equally aware of the concept of God’s Kingdom on Earth, as this is an enduring and obvious part of the New Testament Scriptures.

>2. Let me tell you what the British did during their ill-named “Protectorate”. They took over the Holy Land sector of the Levant, drew lines, dubbed it Palestine, and everyone living inside the lines at that moment became a “Palestinian” —- no matter who they were, what ethnic group, or what religion they belonged to. Most of these ersatz “Palestinians” were of Arab descent and from the surrounding Arab countries— displaced Jordanians, Iraqis, and Egyptians, all of whom were mostly but far from entirely Muslim. Thus the British created a nation out of thin air based entirely on geographic location, Next, they did everything in their power to encourage immigration of Jews into “Palestine”— the Jews, of course, are a nation defined by their religion. So you have one nation defined by geography and another nation defined by religion occupying the same scrap of land that all parties concerned hold dear. In the immortal words of Rabbi Germaize, “You are surprised that this situation has created endless war? How could it produce anything else?” And this is precisely the point. The British who are war-mongers specialize in creating war for profit— while staying safely out of the flak zone themselves— and they set up the situation in the Middle East the same way you might create two Rugby Teams. They created Palestine– Team A. They created Israel– Team B. Put them in the same arena. And stood back and let the endless war begin. The Rabbi is exactly right. This was all done with malice-aforethought. Both the Israelis and the “Palestinians” have paid the price and the British Crown has reaped the profit of trading favors and squeezing deals and selling arms to both sides. This has gone on for many decades with many atrocities on both sides and there is no end in sight, It is primarily the fault of the same self-serving British commercial interests that have enslaved over half of the world’s population. Considering the circumstance, Pope Francis has recognized the “Palestinian State” because the people who were there prior to the Balfour Declaration were helpless innocent people living on the land of their birth like anyone else. They were displaced and labeled and used as pawns in another British war-for-profit scheme through no fault of their own. As for the Israelis, the Brits had no love or concern for the Jews or the Holy Land, either. They simply wanted to tidy up what they called “the Jewish Problem” after the Second World War and bet on Jewish intelligence and industry to make something out of nothing—which they have done, and which they now deserve to enjoy. That in no way resolves the problems that the British created. The Pope has found it impossible to arbitrate this mess without recognizing and being able to talk to half the people concerned. It’s like trying to be the umpire of a baseball game in which you are only allowed to see one team. So he put an end to that situation by recognizing the Palestinian nation. In doing so, he is only cleaning up after the British again.

>3. While it is apparent that the brou-ha-ha over carbon dioxide emissions is a fraud contrived as an excuse to milk tax money out of people and industrial interests, it should also be apparent that there ARE major environmental problems that ARE causing real impacts on the biosphere, and those problems have to be addressed. Top among those things that people have caused are various kinds of nuclear waste pollution—- if you read the information I sent you the other day, you now know that there are even worse things than Chernobyl, Fukushima, and Uranium “enhanced” artillery shells to worry about. Vast stockpiles of Atomic Commission Era wastes cashiered away on Pacific Atolls are leaking into the sea, and those WWII to 1960 waste piles make Chernobyl look like a fly speck. We don’t even now have the technology to deal with these threats to life on this planet. It all has to be developed and deployed. At the same time, we have underwater volcanoes blowing off all along both the Mid-Atlantic and Mid-Pacific ridges which are warming the oceans and changing the chemical composition of the seawater, and we have trillions of yards worth of deadly methane in danger of escaping from gas hydrate ice deposits as the sea warms. The entire East Coast of the United States could be wiped out if this trend continues. I won’t get into the particulars of the science involved, but the threats are real. The need to clean up the nuclear wastes is real. The need to reforest vast acreages is real. The need to reclaim farmland that has been ruined by the overuse of inorganic fertilizers is real. The need to clean up water resources —both saltwater and fresh water — is real. The need to stop companies like Monsanto from killing the bees and the polluting the genetic purity of food crops and creating “monsters” like pig-human hybrids for profit — is real. No matter what organizations we employ or what steps we take, the need to do all that we can to address such issues is becoming more apparent and alarming and urgent by the minute.

>4. As for the Pope’s authority, he speaks for over a billion Catholics. That’s a lot of human authority vested in one man. It’s true that as an individual, he has only the same voice as all the rest of us. He would no doubt observe that just as he is acting as a trustee for all of us, we all need to act as trustees for each other and for our children and grandchildren. In the end, this in not about authority. It is about taking conscious, purposeful responsibility for ourselves and our world. If I may be permitted to express my real feelings and “agenda” —-far too many people have delegated their power away and done nothing for too many years, and now they are all upset, jumping up and down like three-year olds because they assumed that their government was taking care of everything for them. They still aren’t grappling with the fact that THEY are the government. I have lifted my hand and provided everyone with the facts of how they have been hoodwinked, defrauded, and abused by the banks, Bar Associations, politicians, and even the Department of Defense. It is now up to each one to internalize that information and do their own due diligence, get organized, and start taking 390 million actions to correct this mess. Anyone who thinks that the Pope can do it all FOR them, or that “George” or “Anna” is going to do it all for them, needs their head examined. This corruption is so widespread, so cohesive and entangled, it is going to take action from the entire populace to correct. Everyone— and I do mean everyone—needs to get involved and stay involved. Laziness and ignorance are what got us into this mess. A burning desire for remedy and knowledge are the only things that are going to get us out of it. Providing people with the information they need has been my role and seeing them get on their feet to act in their own behalf is my agenda. I want the whole world to know what has gone on here and who is responsible. I want every American from sea to sea to claim back their own authority and control of their own property. I want the rights of individuals respected and I want every American to know who they are and what they are heir to. I want people to know the difference between the Federal United States and the Continental United States. I want a house-cleaning of truly mammoth proportions to take place in this country and throughout the world and I want it done in a peaceful, orderly, and determined fashion. That, my friends, is my desire, intent, and agenda on the record for all to see.

And now that I have answered your questions, you can answer some for me.

1. Why all this screaming about “treason” against people who are just as ignorant as you were when you first learned the Truth?

2. Why the continuing trust in what the “government” and the bought-and-paid-for media tell us about Isis, Israel, Palestine, Muslims or anything else—when you have cause to know that the government is nothing but a self-interested corporate conglomerate bent on selling you things, mis-charging you for “services” and stealing you blind?

3. Why the denial that we are experiencing weird weather patterns and have massive amounts of pollution to clean up and that we all face potentially catastrophic natural phenomena as well as man-made threats— especially from nuclear waste? Do you think we can just continue to go on pooping in our mess kit forever?

4. What’s your “agenda my friends?—- Since you assume that I have one, I assume that you must have one, too.

5. Why am I being called to account for everything the Pope does or doesn’t do? Do I look like Francis? Am I even Catholic?

6. Where would you be if I hadn’t come forward and informed you of all the history and facts you were missing?

SOURCE with thanks

Clarification: Judge Anna did NOT say the Pope has no more authority than anyone else.

I emailed Judge Anna in response to book excerpts, and Motu Proprio, which in Latin stands for “of his own accord” and is the name given to an official decree by a Pope personally in his capacity and office as supreme sovereign pontiff, and not in his capacity as the apostolic leader and teacher of the Universal Church.

A Motu Proprio is the highest form of legal instrument on the planet in accordance to its provenance, influence, and structure to the Western-Roman world, ‘overriding’ anything that could be issued by the United Nations, the Inner and Middle Temple, the Crown of Great Britain or any other Monarch, and indeed by any head of state or body politic. If you are a member of the United Nations, or recognized by the United States or the United Kingdom or have a bank account anywhere on the planet, then a Motu Proprio is the highest legal instrument, no question.

My email and Judge Anna’s comment at

Please post widely so that humans understand the magnitude of commitment everyone is asked to share, in order to restore systems upon which all life depends for survival.

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