Next 90 Days: Galactic Plasma Ray, Pineal Gland, World Shift

Super-massive Galactic Plasma Ray

Cosmic evolution takes full advantage of the ever changing balance between chaos and order. Nature, in its goal to create ever more complex life forms, has already led humanity to the edge of extinction five times. As we stand at the edge of the 6th mass extinction, our greatest investments  are education and cooperation. 

Instead of energizing fear, distractions, disinformation and other negativity with your attention and devotion focus on your strengths, improve your weaknesses, remove any threats from your life, and seize all opportunities as a super-massive galactic plasma wave fast approaches Earth outlined at

Dr. Simon Atkins, MBA, PhD, DSc, climate risk economist, planetary threat forecaster, solar expert, and energy medicine doctor, predicts the next 90 days to be very intense and aligns with other predictions.

Master Samael Aun Weor openly declared we are living end times, and when disasters begin occurring, humans who have eliminated 50% of their psychological ego will be taken to a place where they will be safe from catastrophes, while continuing to eliminate the rest of their ego. This group will seed the sixth root race. No one with ego will be allowed to inhabit the Earth during the Golden Age of that race.

Comet-Planet Identified Orbital Trajectory Verified by Renowned Astronomer — PART II

Dr. Simon Atkins says the controllers of this planet are using CERN to prevent a super-massive Galactic Ray from reaching Earth. To do so, denies our Souls the long awaited awakening, empowerment, and liberation of humans.

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Dr. Atkins stated “Humanity is going through a shedding process. We need to do this. We must never, ever, ever, be shackled in any way. The whole planet could become a literal prison if this wave doesn’t come through.”

Please, share widely to give the ‘whole’ truth a chance to make its way into our collective consciousness. The more open our minds and hearts, the more we replace fear with deeper understanding, inner work, cooperation, and preparation, the more solutions are empowered to find us!

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