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The Real Story On Distinguished Vitamin D

Vitamin D regulates cells, systems, and organs throughout our body. In a class by itself, Vitamin D turns genes on and off; a very basic function, which distinguishes it from all other vitamins. SOLAR POWER: Where there is less sun … Continue reading

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Love Becomes Biochemistry; The Most Health And Growth Promoting Chemistry You Can Have

What do you believe is the most important factor in raising happy, healthy children? By Bruce Lipton Ph. D. Today’s world is very interesting in regard to what we find makes a successful human. We judge our success by material possessions, … Continue reading

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Public Alert: Bring Back The Sun!

If anyone doubts that war is being waged against humans ask within, ‘Where has the sun gone?’ Next, look at the sky and ask ‘What are aircraft spraying over civilian populations, that spread out, linger in the sky, and block … Continue reading

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Multilateral/Multipolar New World Order Will Seem Like Heaven … at first

The Hegelian Dialectic problem reaction solution template is used consistently by the cabal because it works, until we the people expand awareness, cooperate, and empower harmless choices that set us free! [Doreen] Written by Ken When the New World Order … Continue reading

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Legendary Erin Brockovich And Legal Action To End Chemtrails

Photo documentary about CHEMTRAILS: A Planetary Catastrophe that compels us to end assault on life To end this inhumane act on civilian populations please participate and LIKE the Facebook page ‘Erin Brockovich For Legal Action Against Chemtrails’. ABOUT: Erin … Continue reading

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The Biggest Game In Town

Posted by Anna von Reitz on March 04, 2012 in Alaska Statewide News. Ever wonder where all the money is and where it goes?  A BIG chunk of it, nearly 50%, is being looted and often mismanaged by political appointees … Continue reading

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The Nut Is Cracked, by Judge Anna von Reitz

The Real Criminals 1. Look up the Public Laws governing Citizen’s Arrest in your state. Get ready to use them. 2. Now, let’s pretend we set up a system of “naming conventions” such that the following rules apply: john –quincy: … Continue reading

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