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Strong Arm of United Nations ‘ICLEI’ Is Taking Over City Councils

UN Agenda 21 is a diabolical plan currently being implemented to establish one world governance, without military action or national coups d’etat. Instead, veteran promoters of the drive are using a “piecemeal” approach aimed at destroying personal freedom and transferring national … Continue reading

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Weaponized Technology

How The Tech Revolution Lulled Billions of People to Sleep! By JS Kim The fallen ones use technology to manipulate the masses into apathy, ignorance of reality and inaction. Proliferation of social media makes it much easier for the powers … Continue reading

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Decline of the Natural World And Transbiology

From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life. The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology (FULL LENGTH VIDEO) How are we being transformed from the inside out? Is aerosol spraying only about experimenting with weather? What do the self-replicating fibres found in Morgellons patients signify? … Continue reading

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