Earthing: Simple, Safe, Natural Source of Health and Healing

Beneath our feet outdoors is not just grass, dirt, sand, and concrete. There is an omnipresent source of natural, and ultimate healing energy that restores our body’s natural electric state.  Earthing or Grounding is grounded in science.

How Quickly Does Earthing Affect Your Body (Laura Koniver, M.D. The Intuition Physician)

Following a near fatal disease Clinton Ober embarked on a personal journey searching for higher purpose in life. His travels led to the discovery of Earthing, and Clint has been resolutely focused ever since, to promote its scientific exploration and practical application.

Clint Ober and Dr. Christy Weston.

From the book ‘Earthing” by Clint Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., and Martin Zuker.

Page 6: Just like the Earth, our body is mostly water and minerals, both are excellent conductors of electrons. The free electrons pulsating perpetually on the surface of the conductive Earth, fed by natural phenomenon like solar radiation, thousands of lightning strikes per minute, and energy generated from the inner core of the planet, are easily transferred up, into, and throughout our body as long as there is DIRECT SKIN contact with the ground, or you ground indoors.

Page 18: The sole or plantar surface of the foot is richly covered with 1,300 nerve endings per square inch, to keep us in touch with the Earth!

Page 58: The ground represents the biggest and best natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that exists.

Page 113: Faulty immune systems seem to work better. By connecting with the Earth it’s as if you press a button on the immune system – like on a computer – that switches disabled to enabled.

Harness the safe and natural healing power of Earth’s free electrons indoors as well as outdoors. Visit my affiliate link for more

In a video about future energy, Tom Valone Physicist and President Integrity Research Institute, mentioned a USA Patent filed for Therapeutic electric antioxidant clothing apparatus, to supply meridians and acupuncture points on the body with anti-oxidants.

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