How Humans Become A CORPORATION At Birth – Your STRAWMAN

Jordan Maxwell explains how human beings are transformed into a PERSON at birth through issuance of a birth certificate, permitting bankers and government to control individuals as a CORPORATION through unawareness, complex laws, and our consent, until a critical mass of human beings reclaim our divine right to live free, well, and prosper.

A STATUTE is not law. It applies to PERSON not a HUMAN BEING and is GIVEN the ‘force’ of law ONLY by CONSENT of the governed. John Harris:

Meet Your Strawman

Differences between human-being, natural-person, artificial-person Canada/USA

We The People of America Are The Corporation [and beyond America]

Killing Your STRAWMAN | The Path To Freedom By Clint Richardson
You see, I’ve been studying the law: constitutional, maritime, Universal Commercial Code (UCC), common law, etc, and I am absolutely astounded at what I have uncovered.

I’ve learned there is a huge difference between what is lawful and what is legal. I’ve learned that the courts must always follow the law above what is legal. And I’ve learned that the courts, judges, attorneys, and even police officers usually follow legal procedure, but not necessarily the law.

What does this all mean? Well, to put it simply, it means the difference between what is a right and what is a privilege. It means the difference between living as a free man with God-given rights and living as an indentured, indebted corporate slave with privileges granted by the state. And it means that any one of us at any time can use the law to release ourselves from legal requirements and legal (but not lawful) debt. Read more at

Feb 2013: International Tribunal Into Crimes of Church and State [ITCCS] elders and spiritual leaders opened the door for ‘human beings’ to unite around an International Common Law Court of Justice verdict of GUILTY against the Vatican, Elizabeth Windsor, Queen of England, Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, and head officers of the Catholic, Anglican, and United Church of Canada. Complete copy of the Verdict, Court Order, and list of Defendants in this video.

To enforce its sentence, the ITCCS Court empowered citizens in Canada, the United States, England, Italy, and a dozen other nations, to act as its legal agents armed with warrants, to peacefully occupy, and seize properties of these churches, the main agent responsible for deaths of indigenous children.

From radio interviews I hosted with Rev Kevin Annett, Field Secretary ITCCS, I am led to believe that authority in Canada has been annulled by the fact that Queen Elizabeth of England was found guilty of crimes against humanity. As a convicted felon the Queen has no legal or political authority anywhere.

Stephen Harper’s conviction means that he is without rights, dis-established, and operating WITHOUT any authority. In other words any commitments made by Stephen Harper as Prime Minister of Canada are powerless.

The ITCCS website was recently hacked and taken down. A lot of information was lost. Our tasks as a species are to end separation, support one another as never before, cooperate to end crime, and set ourselves free.

Legal Notice


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