Comet Planet Hercolubus and Our Pineal Gland

Scientifically stated, our pineal gland is hyper sensitive to external magnetic fields and radio waves. It could for example act as an excellent transmitter and receiver of cosmic signals.

It is written that the Great Comet Planet Hercolubus [a.k.a. Barnard Star, PlanetX, Niburu, The Red Planet] rapidly approaching Earth, behaves like a hyper-dimensional entity existing outside normal parameters of our universe, extremely impressionable and responsive. In other words during its cyclical return [every 13,000 years] it reflects the vibratory frequency of our consciousness. The higher our consciousness the better prepared we are for activation of our pineal gland, and awakening from millennia of separation, the root cause of deception, powerlessness, scarcity, and fear.

Many humans are unaware of this rare timeline or cycle close we are passing through, and the Power of freewill to change our trajectory from chaos to coherence. This video explains the potential for a quantum leap in consciousness, which could possibly be triggered by Hercolubus after Comet ISON’s perihelion Nov 2013. [If the video link is disabled Google DMT: The Spirit Molecule Full Documentary]

HERCOLUBUS Modern History

The encounter of the Earth with Hercolubus takes place every sidereal year, and is thus a natural cosmic event. The first few races were not afraid of the disasters since they had not degenerated. They still had extraordinary powers, and used them to escape the catastrophes.

The Institute of Hearth Math research shows the electromagnetic field of the human heart is 5,000 times more powerful than the EMF of our brain. Since Hercolubus is extremely impressionable and responsive begin now to evolve your consciousness through 

1. The death of ego which has nothing to do with physical death

2. The birth of Christ Consciousness or unconditional love within

3. Pass along knowledge required for others to awaken consciously if they are willing

Actions 1-3 create inner peace and stability to embrace and flow with uncertainty.

Doreen Agostino

About Doreen Agostino

Resolution Guide, Author, Radio Host, and Natural Law Emissary, Doreen Agostino specializes in the deeper meaning of reality to master self empowerment, end harm, and advance a coherent new Earth.
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