Before Voting Pls Read: Next Elections Every Vote SEALS The FATE of Humanity

We recently exposed evidence of silent and deliberate dumbing down of humanity. See for yourself at

Next we pulled back the curtain on fake democracy that is quietly morphing into fascism. Read about it here and below

Today, we reveal the Power of every voter to END a quiet war waged against humanity decades ago usinggovernment approved’ silent weapons. How? Educate yourself and withdraw your consent by no longer voting in elections.

Many Politicians Are Thoroughly Corrupt, Hopelessly Incorrigible And Criminally Insane Psychopaths. When You Vote, You Grant Your Consent to more of the same [not just in the USA] Two excerpts:

Simply put, by exercising one’s right not to vote — because there are no suitable candidates — the registered voter has cast his vote squarely against the candidates of the ballot.  Because the candidates do not measure up to a minimum standard of fitness for public service, they do not deserve a vote. Case closed!

By voting for any particular representative, a voter confers their consent upon the elected official to act in their name, with their tax dollars, and with their support.  By backing them, the voter becomes responsible — to varying degrees — for the improper and/or offensive actions of the elected leaders as they discharge their official duties. READ more at

The Wealth Watchman wrote:
“Ya know, no matter how many times we hold elections, write emails, or even protest in the streets, nothing seems to change!” READ more and top list of 2016 USA election donors at

Unfathomable change taking place behind the scenes and in our face is actually quite frightening. We need to share what is really going on and pull together. [Doreen]

In spite of millions of humans coming together, government representatives ignored our voices and secretly finalized text for the TPP trade deal Oct 2015.

By Jon Rappoport: Whatever it takes the TPP must pass.

22 World Cities Join World Police Force

November 8, 2014 in Washington, DC.
U.S. Attorney General addressed the United Nations to launch a global police force. Loretta Lynch announced formation of ‘The Strong Cities Network’, a global police state that will include major International cities plus many large US cities. The world police state is underway. More cities are expected to add their police forces to the world police. Right now the major Illuminati cities on board are New York City, Atlanta, Denver, Minneapolis, Paris, London, Montreal, Beirut, Oslo and thirteen others.

Cindy Kay Currier calls our attention to World Parliament, an alternative to the UN, ratified and in progress since 1977.

SOURCE with more and thanks

Automatic Facial Recognition And Surveillance Are Here

ID checks will soon to become obsolete. Security cameras will capture ‘your’ face and match it to ‘your’ name and a host of other information.

Politicians and Scientists Blasted for Their Collusion with the Ongoing Chemtrail Conspiracy

Pope Francis is well aware that chemtrails are exacerbating climate change, yet he stood at the UN summit Sept 2015 and introduced goals ‘masked’ as sustainable development and adopted by world leaders.



Endless petitions and written requests to government for the whole truth, safe food, water, air, human rights, justice, etc. remain unanswered. Now, anti-terrorism legislation threatens the freedom of humans who dare to question government, which prompted me to re-write Winston Churchill’s quote:

If you will not ‘withdraw consent’ to crime when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not ‘withdraw consent’ by no longer voting in elections when your action is safe, you may come to a moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse fate. You may be RFID chipped with no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to be tracked and shackled as slaves.

By the way one world governance, one world police, one world religion, disarming citizens, perpetrated gross pollution, are all documented in the Iron Mountain Blueprint To Tyranny dated 1961, in video and PDF formats.

Self governance means taking full responsibility for our choices. Without our consent the master mind is powerless. Without the master mind this tract of humans is free to go where none have gone before.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved




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Do Humans Run For A Cure, or Away From The Cause?

The lies that no human can afford to live any longer.

In other words, we are ruled by an oligarchy disguised as a democracy, and arguably on our way towards fascism—a form of government where private corporate interests rule, money calls the shots, and the people are seen as mere subjects to be controlled. John W. Whitehead

If you think humans live free then why do petitions to end GMO, chemtrails, war, mandatory vaccines, TPP negotiated in secret, fracking, etc. go unanswered?

Pope Francis is aware of chemtrails exacerbating climate change, yet he stood at the UN summit Sept 2015 and introduced goals ‘masked’ as sustainable development that will lead to a carbon control matrix paid for dearly, by humanity.

Citizens Worldwide COMPEL Pope Francis To Disclose Geoengineering Impacts On Global Climate Change

Do you realize the impact of UN Agenda 21 and 2030? They are comparable to herding humanity into controlled spaces in order to control every aspect of our lives, backed by mass surveillance to ensure compliance.

The master mind controlling Earth and humanity needs our ‘consent’ to pull this off. Voting is consent. Silence and doing nothing to end crime is implied consent. Each of us can withdraw consent to more of the same and worse by no longer voting in elections. The Power to end crime requires a critical mass of people to ‘pull together’ so please spread the word.

COURAGE is a defining moment in the life of every human. The whole truth compels us to see through the deceptions that are destroying the fabric of life, and face our fears if we are to master the joy of living responsibly and free.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved

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Democracy In A Transparent World

So much of what we were taught and perceive, often with strong emotional ties, are subject to re-evaluation as the whole truth is revealed.

They Live, We Sleep: Dictatorship Disguised As Democracy
By John W. Whitehead: [Excerpts]

We’re living in two worlds you and I.

There’s the world we see (or are made to see) and then there’s the one we sense (and occasionally catch a glimpse of), the latter of which is a far cry from the propaganda-driven reality manufactured by the government and its corporate sponsors, including the media.

We’re being fed a series of carefully contrived fictions that bear no resemblance to reality. The powers-that-be want us to feel threatened by forces beyond our control (terrorists, shooters, bombers). They want us afraid and dependent on the government and its militarized armies for our safety and well-being. They want us distrustful of each other, divided by our prejudices, and at each other’s throats. Most of all, they want us to continue to march in lockstep with their dictates.

Tune out the government’s attempts to distract, divert and befuddle us and tune into what’s really going on in this country, and you’ll run headlong into an unmistakable, unpalatable truth: the moneyed elite who rule us view us as expendable resources to be used, abused and discarded. [See Conclusion below]

In fact, a 2014 study conducted by Princeton and Northwestern University concluded that the U.S. government does not represent the majority of American citizens. Instead, the study found that the government is ruled by the rich and powerful, or the so-called “economic elite.” Moreover, the researchers concluded that policies enacted by this governmental elite nearly always favor special interests and lobbying groups.

In other words, we are being ruled by an oligarchy disguised as a democracy, and arguably on our way towards fascism—a form of government where private corporate interests rule, money calls the shots, and the people are seen as mere subjects to be controlled.

Rest assured that when and if fascism finally takes hold in America, the basic forms of government will remain. As I point out in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, fascism will appear to be friendly. The legislators will be in session. There will be elections, and the news media will continue to cover the entertainment and political trivia. Consent of the governed, however, will no longer apply*. Actual control will have finally passed to the oligarchic elite controlling the government behind the scenes.

By creating the illusion that it preserves democratic traditions, fascism creeps slowly until it consumes the political system. And in times of “crisis,” expediency is upheld as the central principle—that is, in order to keep us safe and secure, the government must militarize the police, strip us of basic constitutional rights, criminalize virtually every form of behavior, and build enough private prisons to house all of us nonviolent criminals.

Clearly, we are now ruled by an oligarchic elite of governmental and corporate interests. We have moved into “corporatism” (favored by Benito Mussolini), which is a halfway point on the road to full-blown fascism.

A citizenry that does not think for themselves, obeys without question, is submissive, does not challenge authority, does not think outside the box, and is content to sit back and be entertained is a citizenry that can be easily controlled.


AARON RUSSO film producer/director and political activist [1943 – 2007] briefly explains Democracy.

The Daily Bell has this to say about Regulatory Democracy:

In a fully developed regulatory democracy, power has passed entirely from citizens into the hands of a shadowy elite that runs the country via mercantilism, by pulling the regulatory levers of government for its own benefit. The more regulations there are, the more actual control this elite has. Finally, citizens are entirely bound by regulation; their every action controlled by an un-elected bureaucracy, and their lives tightly ruled by what they can and cannot do. Their estates are stripped by taxes; their children come under the mind control of public schools; their sons and daughters, having matriculated, join the military for lack of better employment and are sent overseas to pursue foreign wars; their professional venues are controlled by the options offered to them by regulatory democracy – and these venues often reinforce the worst and most petty aspects of the degenerating society itself.

Every regulation, of course, is a price fix, and price fixes distort the economy and lower the quality of life for all. The more regulations there are the worse the quality of life becomes, the more unemployment rises and lawlessness and corruption rule the day. Regulation makes criminals out of honest individuals and encourages the schisming and fractioning of society into bitter, competitive groups. Regulation holds out the promise of better living by making society fairer and more lawful, but in actual fact, advanced regulatory democracies are among the most lawless, brutal and predatory societies. Republics are a viable form of government; regulatory democracies create a true Hell-on-earth. SOURCE with thanks

In spite of millions of humans coming together, government representatives ignored our voices and secretly finalized text for the TPP trade deal Oct 2015.

Nov 30 – Dec 11, 2015 is the next UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. Now is the time to ‘pull together’ and become a Powerful resource to our Creator, Earth, self and family.

Voting is ‘consent’ to more of the same. Silence and doing nothing are ‘implied consent’. The master mind ‘needs’ our collective consent to sustain power and control. Rather than be dumbed down let’s wise up to the Power of freewill, reclaim our lives and Earth.

More about this tract of humanity withdrawing consent to harm by not voting, to follow… Please share this post along with for people to grasp present reality and pull together come what may. Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved

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PSYOPS: How and Why Humans Are Deliberately Dumbed Down

Humans are conditioned to bypass facts, logic, reasoning, and questioning. In other words, the dumbing down of society is masterfully crafted and exceedingly successful. The best investment now is education, to empower human rights and freedom:

Dumbing Down Society To Bring On The NWO! Please, watch and share this video.

Have you examined what ‘government approved’ genetically modified food [GMO] is doing to you, family and pets?

Is ‘government approved’ public food safe?

Are you aware of health hazards from government approved’ fluoride? 100% Proof Fluoride KILLS Brain Cells

Fluoride can be found in tap water, bottled spring water, and toothpaste. When fluoride is added to public water supplies it goes into all food products made with that water like soda, juice, beer, cereal, soup, etc.

What, is available in mass quantity on grocery shelves, promoted by mass media and deliberately suppresses overall intelligence, combined with a carcinogenic environmental co-factor? ‘Government approved’ aspartame.

Aspartame is a drug, not an additive

Have you looked at the sky lately? Do you question what’s in ‘government approved’ chemical trails that pilots spray on humans, the crops we eat, the water we drink and air we breathe? Chemtrails that linger, expand, and block vital life giving sunlight?

U.S. Government Spraying Tons Of Toxic Coal Fly Ash Into Atmosphere Via Chemtrails

How do you feel about ‘government mandating’ vaccines?

HPV ‘government approved’ Vaccines: Serious Warning To Young Girls And Their Parents

In recent years (think Swine Flu, SARS, and other fake epidemics), the World Health Organization has played a major role in insisting—with threats of sanctions and quarantines and travel advisories—that nations vaccinate their citizens to the hilt, in order to protect the world against “the deadly spread of viruses.” Learn more about ‘government approvedvaccines at

Sr. Government Scientist, Dr. William W. Thompson, breaks 13 years of silence on CDC’s Vaccine-Autism FRAUD

YOU are the one who decides what enters your body. Whether a substance disturbs the nervous system, decreases cognitive function, impairs judgment, or affects memory, the net result is the general dumbing down of society.

Did you know that ‘government approved’ fiat money backed by nothing, in every culture throughout history has a 100% failure rate? If there is a collapse on the horizon are you prepared? Money As Debt – Paul Grignon[/embed


Are you aware of the ‘secretly’ negotiated ‘government agreed’ to in principle Oct 2015 Trans-Pacific Partnership?

If ‘government’ restricts internet under TPP how will people of good conscience ‘pull together’ to expose and end crime?

Years of scientific data prove that governments around the world tolerate the selling of many products that have a direct and negative effect on cognitive and physical health. Lack of such awareness proves the master mind is ‘extremely’ clever. Otherwise, humans would withdraw ‘consent’ to being dumded down, stop the dumbing down of the children, and LEVERAGE THE POWER OF VOTING in elections, to end extreme assault on every facet of our lives by NO LONGER VOTING!

The critical point here is that the VOTER has given his/her ‘consent’ to this state-sponsored criminal conduct. By giving their consent through the election process voters are participating in the actions of their representatives … to varying degrees. By not impeaching or recalling those who commit high crimes and misdemeanors in broad daylight while performing their official duties, the electorate stands to suffer greatly from their collective electoral improprieties.

Internet raises awareness for us to make the world safer. It seems to me that the safest way to reclaim and renew our home planet is to ‘withdraw consent’ to harm by not voting in elections, because voting is consent, and doing nothing is implied consent to one world governance, by the same master mind perpetrating atrocities without end:

More about democracy, and the Power of this electorate to free humanity and Earth by withdrawing consent, to follow ….

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved

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With God Almighty’s Aid We Shall Cleanse Syria From Obama’s Terrorists

Putin to Russian army officers: operation ‘Salvation’ shall begin soon, you must prepare to cleanse Syria from Obama’s terrorists.

 Addressing the Russian top brass on Wednesday, Vladimir Putin lambasted U.S. Middle-East policy for being ‘disastrous’ as Saudi-backed rebels vowed to purge Syria and Iraq from Christians and other ethnic and religious minorities.

“We have nearly two million orthodox Christians in the Levant—Syria and Lebanon— and approximately 5 million Christians across Middle-East. Regardless of America’s presidential election outcome, White House craves chaos in that oil-rich region by supporting fanatic Islamist organizations, i.e. ISIS and al-Nusra Front,” Moskovskaya Pravda cited the Russian president as saying.

It is morally incumbent upon Russia to change this terrible status quo in the Middle-East , added Mr.Putin ,  prepare for operation ‘Salvation’ and with God Almighty’s aid , we shall cleanse Syria from Obama’s ruthless terrorists.

Amid accusations from the United States that Moscow is beefing up its military presence in Syria, there are unconfirmed satellite pictures and intelligence reports about building several runways across Syria suitable for landing the giant Antonov An-225 Mriya , allegedly transferring battle tanks,  heavy armored vehicles, offensive weapons  and Russian elite forces to be deployed and then engaged directly with radical terrorist groups.

 White House spokesperson criticized on Tuesday Russian military movement in Syria, suggesting Moscow tries to establish a central air base at an airfield south of Latakia Province – President Assad’s stronghold– that has been at the heart of a recent Russian military buildup in Syria.

Russia has been providing arms to Damascus since Soviet times and Moscow has been the key international ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the conflict that started with Islamist rebellion against Syria’s secular system.

Over the past year, evidence has steadily emerged of a growing Russian military presence in Syria. As Syrian army struggles to defeat al-Qaeda rebels but according to Russian officials, the time has been arrived for Russia to save Middle-East.

SOURCE with thanks

Putin Calls Out Washington
By telling the truth at a time of universal deceit, Putin committed a revolutionary act. Referring to the slaughter, destruction, and chaos that Washington has brought to the Middle East, North Africa, and Ukraine, and the extreme jihadist forces that have been unleashed, Putin asked Washington: “Do you realize what you have done?”

“Oops: Did CNN Just Admit the U.S. Is Working with ISIS?”

Pray the whole truth sets everyone free with the most ease and grace possible.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved



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The Bill Has Come Due: Will We Continue This Magnificent Experiment in Physical Reality?

By Marshall Vian Summers
The Bill has Come Due | Great Waves of Change

Humanity has been spending and borrowing its natural inheritance for so long, postponing payment of the consequences of this for so long, and now the bill has come due. Now the consequences are emerging powerfully, and there are many of them.

Now you must reckon what you have created. You must reckon your condition. You must reckon your circumstances. You must reckon the world that you are creating for yourself. For humanity has squandered its natural inheritance.

This abundant, magnificent world the Creator of all life has given to humanity as its own world, has been plundered and squandered and wasted— through greed, through corruption, through war and conflict, through irresponsible behavior, through unawareness and ignorance—and now the consequences are beginning to emerge. They are not simply a distant possibility or a problem for some future generation.

This is the world you have come to serve. This is the world you have created. These are the circumstances facing you now. You must face them. You must take responsibility that you have played a small part in creating them. You must accept this responsibility without shame, but the responsibility is there nonetheless. For in the face of the Great Waves of change, there is nowhere to run and hide. You cannot simply pack your bags and move to the country or go find someplace to hide while the storm passes over, for this storm will last a long time, and there is nowhere to hide.

These Great Waves are not one event. They are not one simple thing that happens at one time only, for humanity has set in motion forces of change now that it must contend with on an ongoing basis. For you are now living in a world of declining resources, a world whose climate has been seriously affected, a world whose ecological condition is deteriorating, a world where humanity will have to face the prospects of great shortages of food and water and the risks of disease and illness on a very large scale, even affecting the wealthy nations of the world. The balance has now been tipped and changed, and the human family as a whole must unite and gather together to deal with these great challenges.

Yet if humanity chooses a different path**, recognizing the inherent dangers involved in facing these Great Waves of change, recognizing the seriousness of their reality and the great consequences that they can have for the well-being and for the future of humanity, then wise individuals and leaders of nations and religious institutions can recognize that divided, humanity will fail in the face of the Great Waves of change. But united, humanity can chart a new course, prepare for the impacts for the Great Waves of change and set in course the beginnings of a greater cooperation and a greater unity than humanity as a whole has ever experienced before. This will be generated now not by religious principles or by high ethics, but by sheer necessity itself. READ MORE AT

From Doreen
**To choose a different path each of us can Sustain Creator’s Magnificent Experiment in Physical Reality by ‘withdrawing consent’ to crimes against humanity and nature by ‘no longer voting’ in elections, and inform others of the opportunity to free ourselves and Earth by no longer voting.

Is it wiser and safer to withdraw consent to extreme assault on life now by not voting, or face the formidable task of trying to undo what we unsuspectingly ‘consented to’, after the cell gate is closed and locked?

An mp3 recording for a 10 minute guided meditation is available at

To receive a daily thought for meditative contemplation visit

Doreen Ann Agostino
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War, Poverty And Terrorism … In Under 2 Minutes

By Sophie McAdam on Sep 30, 2015 07:08 pm

The cabal ‘insiders’ want us to think it’s complicated, but it’s really very simple…

This excellent short film from activist Wesley PP Hall does a fantastic job of simplifying concepts that our leaders and mainstream media would prefer us to dismiss as confusing or complex. The voiceover is provided by John Perkins, who wrote the book ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman’, a shocking expose of international corruption.

The producer combines Perkins’s powerful words with great visuals to successfully link a whole range of topics together in an easy-to-understand (and hard-hitting) way. Perkins speaks openly about how the global banking system works, and how it is directly linked to other issues, such as war and increased terrorism.

In a nutshell, Perkins explains how developing countries are targeted for their resources, then offered loans. The money doesn’t go to the people, of course, it goes to corporations who build infrastructure under the pretense of aid, usually destroying the environment in the process. Later, the masses- who never received anything beneficial from the loans in the first place- are expected to foot the bill. When the country’s debt is too large to pay back, bribery is used:”Sell us your oil at a low price, sell us a pound of flesh…let us build a military base here, that kind of thing,” Perkins explains.

Then, he says, “where we fail, the jackals go in to overthrow or assassinate the leaders. Where the jackals fail- as they did in Iraq– then we send in the military.” Perkins concludes that this sick pattern of disposing of (often democratically elected) politicians in order to gain control of a country‘s resources is a key contributing factor to terrorism, and it causes “an unsafe, unjust, unsustainable and very very dangerous world.”

Ever wondered why the world is in such a mess? Watch this and everything will suddenly fall into place. The full hour-long video interview with John Perkins can be seen here.

This article (Short Animation Explains Economics, War, Poverty And Terrorism…In Under 2 Minutes) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and

SOURCE with thanks

Please share to inform others and thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
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