False Flag Terror Attack Outside Parliament Staged To Change British Conversation About GCHQ Scandal

The following details are an example of awakening consciously; to see with new eyes, to hear with new ears, to acknowledge the facts, spread the facts so that others see reality as it is so that together we end fraud, debt slavery, genocide, and set ourselves free. Doreen.

The Millennium Report

By all insider accounts, the GCHQ scandal was blown up by President Donald Trump for very good reasons.

In fact, the only realistic way for Trump to fulfill his campaign promise to “drain the swamp” — inside the Beltway — is to expose the shadow government that has run the United States of America for many decades.

Why did Trump really disclose the illegal wiretaps by Obama and the U.S. Intelligence Community?

Known variously as both Deep State and the World Shadow Government, the secret entity that exercises complete command and control over the U.S. Federal Government is the slowly being forced out of the shadows.

This inexorable process of uncovering Deep State began many years ago but has seen a dramatic uptick of paradigm-shattering revelations since the election of Trump.  His extraordinary lack of political correctness has been quite instrumental in exposing the ongoing sedition and perfidy committed against the American Republic by U.S. Intelligence Community, as well as law enforcement agencies like the FBI and DHS .

First among those intelligence agencies are the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Defense Intelligence Agency DIA.  It is important to note that each of these organizations coordinates very closely with their British counterparts—MI6, MI5 and GCHQ.  They also collaborate intimately with all the major organs of MSM news reporting both in the United States and Great Britain.

Key Point: Virtually all of the London-based news outlets have been virulently anti-Trump since he first declared his candidacy.  The Telegraph, BBC, Independent, Guardian, Daily Mail, The Sun, Mirror, among many others have formed a veritable echo chamber of Trump bad news.  Not only do these MSM organs of propaganda originate much of that bad news disseminated globally each and every daily news cycle, they are fed copious amounts of intelligence from the GCHQ which inform their “breaking” stories.  Just as the C.I.A. effectively owns and operates the MSM throughout the USA, so, too, does the GCHQ closely control the output of the British media. (The C.I.A. And Deep State Conspiracy Finally Exposed)

GCHQ provided plausible deniability

Given the hard evidence that now exists that proves that Donald Trump’s Trump Tower headquarters has been “wiretapped” for many years, especially during the entire 2016 presidential election cycle, there is now a Congressional mandate to ferret out the facts.  All of that evidence now points directly to the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).

The originating orders and subsequent execution for such spying and surveillance on a presidential candidate for purposes of political gain are both illegal and unprecedented, even by the GCHQ.  Nevertheless, the current narrative, whereby the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies worked directly with the GCHQ in order to have plausible deniability for their unlawful conduct, appears to be exactly what has happened.

READ more at http://themillenniumreport.com/2017/03/false-flag-terror-attack-outside-of-parliament-staged-to-change-the-british-conversation-about-the-gchq-scandal/

You can let more people know what is really going on by spreading the word. Thank you.

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Alert: Rise Of The Global Cashless Society

How Cash Will Be Abolished

Published on Mar 22, 2017

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the countless examples of the fall of cash as globalists plot out a future global cashless society.

As the US M0 (cash and coin in circulation) trends show, there is an unusual downtrend of cash and coin in circulation in the United States. This follows India’s recent grab of 86% of their cash and coin in circulation as they place strict regulations banning black markets (free markets) within the country, pushing countless people to the streets.

The Indian cash grab led many top globalist elites at Davos to call for a U.S. cashless society.

Recently added to this line of examples, the Centre For International Governance (CIGI) has urged G20 countries to create a central bank blockchain consortium and go cashless. All this as the IMF pushes the idea of adding centrally planned cashless currency into the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) basket, thus creating a world cashless currency.
This is not decentralized Bitcoin we’re talking about!

When your money’s in the bank, it’s not yours, it’s the bank’s. If ALL of your transactions go through the bank with a centrally planned cashless currency, your money is NEVER yours, it’s always the banks.

The big banksters and central planning manipulators claim cashless is a great way to stop corruption and tax evaders. Of course they use these excuses to enslave the populace in debt as this is just another crazy step up from fiat paper currency which is printed out of thin air, devaluing the currency, creating debt and inflation, the hidden tax. This also stops people from doing a bank run when there’s no physical currency to obtain in a crash.

As G. Edward Griffin recently told us at World Alternative Media, “A cashless society is the ultimate globalist endgame.”

First there was a gold backed, centrally planned currency (the gold standard) where the central banks printed more paper than they had physical gold. This eventually led to the massive debt accumulating fiat currency in the 1970s under Nixon which U.S. citizens have to this day. Faith, nothing more. Nothing physical. Nothing to preserve value.

Now the globalists are planning out the cashless system in order to be able to completely control our every financial move and enslave us in debt completely, forcing the populace into absolute servitude.

John Sneisen went into Kenneth Rogoff’s book “The Curse Of Cash” which was praised by none other than Ben Bernanke. The book is horrifying as they promote the move towards a cashless society, how it will be rolled out and their views on why it should be rolled out. The charts and slides included are alarming to say the least.

This isn’t just the end of sound money, this is the end of any remaining financial freedom as we know it. This is the precipice of the cliff we’ve been heading towards for so long. At the bottom is absolute financial tyranny on a level we’ve never seen.

The choice in the end is yours. Inform yourselves or fall with everyone else as the populace is shepherded by the state and the banks off that precipice. Now is not the time to lay apathetic.

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

John Thore Stub Sneisen
Josh Sigurdson

Stop the madness while we still can

From Doreen
The illusion of separation [of any kind] is seeded into human minds by the same psychopaths who stealthily trick humans into empowering their own debt slavery, genocide, mass surveillance, perpetual war, population control, gross fraud, and 5G wireless technology under our skin, through silence which is tacit or implied consent and freewill consent, the greatest ‘con’ of all time.

Join humanity’s rescue team. Take back control of your life, children, and home planet.  https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2017/03/12/expose-the-doj-pedogate-cover-up-gather-in-d-c-3252017/

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Critical Thinking Desperately Required; Westminster Attack

The Questions That Need To Be Asked After London

Published on Mar 22, 2017

In this video, we cover the breaking news of the latest events in London with a heavy skepticism of government and media. We raise some important questions about how the media portrayed today’s events and if you agree please share this video and overall message.


Published on Mar 22, 2017

Lets have a look as the OFFICIAL story comes out. and first off its got numerology running thru it. And secondly we KNEW this was coming and here it is.

What Pisses Me Off About The London Terrorist Attack

Published on Mar 22, 2017

On March 22nd, 2017 at approximately 2:40pm, a suspect driving a Hyundai i40 crossing Westminster Bridge in London, England, plowed into and through a crowd of pedestrians near the Houses of Parliament. The “’middle-aged and Asian” attacker then entered the grounds of Parliament, where the suspect fatally stabbed a police officer before being shot multiple times by armed guards.

The attacker was taken from the scene to the hospital, but was later pronounced dead. Reports indicate that 5 people total are dead and at least twenty have been injured.


Published on Mar 22, 2017

Some reports from media outlets accused, Abu Izzadeen, born Trevor Brooks, a known member of a British Muslim organization that was banned by the U.K., of being the assailant killed by police after the attack. However, ABC in Europe Producer Rym Momtaz reported that Izzadeen remains in jail for his past transgressions related to terrorism. The BBC later confirmed he remains in prison, as did Channel 4, a British TV news outlet among those to name Izzadeen as the terrorist.

What we know so far… four dead – including a policeman and a woman – and 20 injured as terrorist mows down people on Westminster Bridge before being shot dead attacking police inside Parliament gates.

This report covers the moment dying knife man is stretchered away after being shot by police…. and the possible motives of the attack.


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Breaking! COMEY BUSTED/Spying on Trump/No Russian Connection.

The facts are setting all of us free.  Doreen

3/22/17: White House Press Briefing

Published on Mar 22, 2017

White House Press Briefings are conducted most weekdays from the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room in the West Wing


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Trey Gowdy Smack Down in the Swamp/Notice Served.

Published on Mar 22, 2017

Notice has been served, Jeff Sessions about to step In.
Our Website. http://www.BPEarthWatch.Com


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“Children Kidnapped By The State” | 3 Cases of Medical Tyranny

Adults who are aware of a decades long quiet war against humanity who un-consent to perpetual war for profit, manufactured refugee crises, genocide, and world-wide criminal child exploitation syndicates controlled by rich and powerful psychopaths, can also find themselves medically kidnapped. Doreen

Medical Kidnapping by the State

Cassius Methyl, Guest
Waking Times

From the US to Australia, children are being taken away from parents based on intrusive judgements about the way the parents raise them. For reasons ranging from refusing vaccination to homeschooling, the state is stealing children in seemingly increasing frequency.

One important thing to understand is that many hospitals and doctors can no longer be trusted: hospitals have been calling police and CPS on parents, for such things as refusing the dangerous Hepatitis B vaccine, or the vitamin K shot, both given to newborns.

Hospitals and doctors that frankly snitch on parents for refusing allopathic treatment should be astutely avoided and never trusted.

Avoiding a snitch doctor is a critical decision that could save a child’s life. At birth, parents are coerced into accepting vaccination, circumcision, and other potentially harmful procedures.

For example, preservatives in the vitamin K shot include endocrine disrupting polysorbate 80. Injecting an endocrine disruptor directly into a newborn can’t possibly be good. It has been called 20,000 times a decent dose, but the Vitamin K shot is nothing compared to others, such as the Hepatitis B vaccine.

The Hepatitis B vaccine is linked to SIDS and a wide range of adverse effects. Summarized by Mercola:

When babies die after hep B vaccinations, most of the time their deaths are automatically attributed to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) without investigation into whether the vaccine caused the baby’s sudden death.

When a baby’s death is listed as “SIDS,” rarely does anyone ask about the deceased infant’s vaccination history to find out whether there were symptoms of vaccine reactions before death.

Hepatitis B vaccine as a contributing cause of “sudden infant death” cannot be automatically ruled out if a baby dies suddenly after getting a hepatitis B shot, especially if there were symptoms of a potential vaccine reaction before death such as:

  • High-pitched screaming or prolonged crying for many hours or days
  • Collapse/shock (pale skin, blue lips, unresponsiveness)
  • Excessive sleepiness (failure to feed, baby cannot be easily awakened)
  • Fever, diarrhea, or vomiting
  • Hives, rashes, or swelling of the body
  • Convulsions (jerking of fingers, hands, arms, legs)
  • Other serious change in mental, emotional, or physical behavior”

The HPV vaccine Gardasil has caused hundreds, if not thousands of deaths, documented in government VAERS vaccine injury reports.

So medical freedom is life and death, but if you tell a cop-calling doctor not to vaccinate your child, you could end up with an even worse situation: your child seized by the state and mandatory vaccination in state custody.

That’s the consequence of trusting doctors who have the audacity to call cops on parents. There’s a simple solution: don’t get in a situation where they could snitch on you. Don’t go to these doctors, and if you know your doctor is a snitch, don’t tell him anything.

This article will summarize 3 cases of medical tyranny. First, let’s look at a dozen other instances of it to illustrate how prevalent it is becoming.

A website run by Health Impact News is called “Medical Kidnap.” It is currently putting in work to expose medical tyranny, featuring dozens upon dozens of stories you can read to understand the full picture including:

Husband of Retired Missouri Couple Medically Kidnapped – Estate Plundered to Pay for Unwanted Medical Confinement

The Crime of Being Poor: The State Takes Away Your Children

FBI Investigates Baby Kidnapped from Couple in Alabama Who Declined Birth Certificate and SSN

2 Year Old South Carolina Child Medically Kidnapped is Sexually Abused by Nurse in Foster Care

Homeschool Arkansas Dad Files Federal Lawsuit Against Officials Who Kidnapped His Children

Should Foster Children who Become Parents as Adults Automatically Have Their Children Seized? Alabama Mother Fights to Get Children Back

Alabama Grandparents of 14 Year Old Rape Victim and Baby Still Not Allowed Contact with Own Grandchildren Raised in Their Home

Nurse Vaccinated During Pregnancy with Flu Shot Accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome

Children Taken from Military Dad Using Medical Marijuana for PTSD to be Returned

Medically Kidnapped Texas Teen Suffers Seizures, Medical Neglect in State Care

Medical Kidnap of Children from Former Amish Mother Reveals History of Abuse in One Pennsylvania Amish Community

Dr. Waney Squier Speaks out on Faulty Shaken Baby Science Used to Condemn the Innocent

New California Proposed Bill to Increase Government Seizure of Children from Families?

These are 3 cases of medical tyranny.

1. Cini Walker’s son: kidnapped by the state of Australia, forced to consume drugs and dairy which he is allergic to: has seizures exacerbated by forced medical treatment

Cini Walker’s son is being subject to forced medical treatment. The Australian version of CPS, DCP have put him in a situation where he is being drugged, and the hospital has forced him to eat dairy, which he is allergic to. He is being forced to do whatever the hospital wants with no regard for how the mother feels.

Cini Walker posted videos that got hundreds of thousands of views on Facebook, such as this one: a teary, heartfelt plea for freedom. She just wants freedom with her son, she understands he is allergic to dairy and it makes his seizures worse. The hospital feeds him drugs involuntarily and dairy regardless.

In the video she says:

“They’re destroying everything that he could have. He doesn’t need this stress, he doesn’t need to be back in the hospital where he knows, he knows that place, he hates it. I hate watching my son be drugged up, and then he doesn’t wake up because he’s in a coma because of the medications they gave him.”

Her original video can be found here, or you could watch it on YouTube below. It’s an important reminder of what we’re headed for collectively if we allow the state to use force against us for anything.

For any reason conceivable, any disagreement with the medical establishment or the state, just like that the Department for Child Protection or American CPS could decide a parent does not in fact own their child.

2. Justina Pelletier: diagnosed with mitochondrial disease, later taken and abused in medical facility for allegedly fictitious illness

(image credit: NY Daily News)

In 2013, Justina Pelletier was visiting hospitals with her parents, trying to figure out why she had difficulty performing basic tasks such as walking and eating.

She received a diagnosis for a mitochondrial disease at Tufts Medical Center. However, at the Boston Children’s Hospital, their pursuit for help turned into a nightmare.

BCH rejected the mitochondrial diagnosis, insisting it was all in her head. Boston Children’s Hospital snitched on her parents for daring to have a dissenting opinion from theirs.

They filed a “medical child abuse complaint” against Justina’s parents, and the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (or CPS) took her into “emergency custody” in 2013.

What ensued was a nightmare. While Justina was clearly physically incapable of functioning in normal ways, the hospital would leave her to try and crawl out of a situation when she couldn’t walk, laugh at her, deny her medicine, and worse.

An article from Life News describes the transition:

“In her sixteen months under the ‘care’ of the state, Justina Pelletier’s health deteriorated from being a vibrant figure skater to being confined to a wheelchair, unable to walk on her own.”

Well summarized by Photography is Not a Crime:

“While at Bader 5, Justina’s painkillers were stopped, which left her in agony. She was deprived of her heart medication, which left her tachycardic. She was told she was a danger to herself, locked in a room and told her family, whose visitation was limited to an hour a week, was part of the problem.

The Pelletiers’ visitation was limited to an hour a week. Visits with their daughter were monitored closely by staff who would terminate phone calls or abruptly end a visit if Justina or her parents spoke about her medical or custody issues.

Justina began to sneak notes, hidden in origami, to tell her family what she wasn’t allowed to say about what was happening to her inside BCH.

Staff at the hospital pushed her to do things she was physically incapable of, refusing to acknowledge her disease. She was laughed at after being left on the toilet for hours, locked secluded in a bare room when she couldn’t void her bowels or sometimes left in a hallway for days because staff refused to believe she could not wheel herself elsewhere.

When she was moved, staff dragged her feet on the floor, ripping her toenails. Justina’s legs were swelled, her hair fell out and her gums receded. She got pneumonia twice. The Pelletiers were never informed.

This continued for over 11 months at BCH.

When the Pelletiers spoke to media pressing for the release of their daughter, Judge Joseph F. Johnston (whose picture has mysteriously disappeared from the internet) placed a gag order on them, specifically prohibiting the parents from speaking to journalists about their daughter’s forced custody or medical situation lest they be jailed.

BCH psych staff and CPS workers told the Pelletiers Justina would never return unless they accepted the diagnosis.”

She made this video begging to go home.

One person aware of the abuses at BCH, cyber defense expert and Anonymous hacktivist Martin Gottesfeld is still on a hunger strike, incarcerated for cyber attacks against the corrupt hospital.

An article about Martin Gottesfeld from Photography is Not a Crime is titled “U.S. Attorney Targets Activist who Helped Save 14-Year-Old From Torture and is Now on Two-Month Hunger Strike.”

Justina Pelletier won custody with her parents in June 2014. She and her family post updates from their popular Facebook page “A Miracle for Justina” which you can find at this link.

They are in the process of suing Boston Children’s Hospital.

3. Cassandra Callender: forced to undergo chemo while barred from contact with anyone, now has lung cancer 

(image credit: Medical Kidnap)

Cassandra Callender was kidnapped by the state as a teenager, and forced to be injected with chemo drugs for 5 months. She vehemently opposed chemo, so the door to her hospital room was “guarded.”

She was not allowed a phone or visitors, while her potential last days were suffered without freedom.

She had Hodgkin’s lymphoma. In a supreme court case, Assistant Attorney General John Tucker dismissively claimed her mother was the source for her opposition to chemo, as if that makes her right any less valid. The decision that she should be forced to have chemo set a dangerous precedent.

Cassandra spoke on how refusing it was her own idea, and her mother’s acceptance of the decision, saying:

“She told me as a parent that she didn’t want to lose her only daughter and that we would get through the chemo, but that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to try anything else that wasn’t as potentially harmful as chemo. Eventually she chose to not fight with me about it. She chose to stand by me.”

According to an article from Real Farmacy:

“While undergoing a painful life and death procedure with the lowest cure statistic of all, not having the support of her friends and mother for months made it worse. One wonders if mainstream oncologists have any awareness of how emotional and psychological duress hampers healing.

The way she was treated is the stuff of horror movies or prisoner of war torture documentaries. She had resisted getting a portacath or “port”, or a totally implantable venous access device (TIVAD) surgically implanted in her chest before being locked away in a hospital room.

Under enormous legal pressures, she had agreed to chemo at the time. But with that threat she ran away from home for a week.

Then she was taken into guarded custody in the hospital after returning home to avoid her mother’s arrest. The time came for her surgical chemo pathway insertion and she strongly physically resisted. Then she was literally strapped in and put under, just like the movies. When she came to, she saw the tube protruding from her chest.

In order to overcome Cassandra’s continual resistance, they said they would sedate her in order to give IV her chemo. That would require not eating for 12 hours prior. Cassandra opted to being allowed to eat, another method that forced her compliance, food deprivation. With each chemo treatment, she declared that she did not consent. No worries, the DCF signed for her!”

People such as alternative media writer John Vibes are curing their lymphoma the natural way with cannabis, B17 and similar treatments. Hayley Willar was cured of leukemia with cannabis oil after quitting chemo. So while authorities gloated that Cassandra had been cured of lymphoma due to the forced chemo, she now has lung cancer instead.

Continuing from the Real Farmacy article:

“To help make matters worse, the hospital forced constant antibiotic dosing on her. Could be why she gained weight now. Most of her probiotic microbes were nuked.

Cassandra’s remission was short lived, of course. She was diagnosed with lung cancer within a year of her release from her local medical mafia dungeon of forced medical experimentation. Interestingly, the “port” of chemo entry was her chest! She is undergoing therapy in a Mexican clinic that was represented in Ty Bollinger’s The Truth About Cancer internet TV series.

You can help Cassandra financially with the Go Fund, which was originally set up for attorney’s fees to go after those involved with her forced “care”. But that was before her “relapse”. Here’s Cassandra’s Go Fund Me.”


Mothers such as Dayna Willar have accepted vaccinating their children, only to have her daughter end up with leukemia (a common effect of Gardasil, as other people such as Chace Topperwein have gotten this specific kind of cancer after receiving it). Only by defying medical advice did Dayna cure her daughter Hayley’s cancer with cannabis oil.

Parents should have a natural right to refuse chemo, or vaccination for their children, but laws are being passed all over the US and the world to force it. They mandate that children receive up to 40 doses of vaccines to attend school, punish parents who refuse them, ect.

Bill SB18 hints toward granting the state of California an ability to take children from parents for dissenting opinions on health. This is one of many bills circulating in the US and around the world, surely a product of money: the bill’s sponsor, Senator Richard Pan, needs his financial ties disclosed.

In response, us people have to fight back hard. This article was a reminder of how bad it could get if we don’t.

About the author

Cassius Methyl is a researcher and writer from Sacramento, California. He is the founder of Era of Wisdom, writer/director of the documentary “Toddlers on Amphetamine: History of Big Pharma and the Major Players,” and a writer in the alternative media since 2013 at the age of 17. He focuses primarily on identifying the exact individuals, institutions, and entities responsible for various forms of human slavery and control, particularly chemicals and more insidious forms of hegemony: identifying exactly who damages our well being and working toward independence from those entities, whether they are corporate, government, or institutional.

SOURCE with thanks http://www.wakingtimes.com/2017/02/16/medical-kidnapping-state-forcing-dangerous-treatments-kids/?utm_source=Waking+Times+Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=8f3834bbc3-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_term=0_25f1e048c1-8f3834bbc3-46484861

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Billionaire David Rockefeller Dies at Age 101

David Rockefeller, banker and philanthropist, dies at 101

Image result for david rockefeller death

As the old guard dies off [David Rockefeller June 12, 1915 – Mar 20, 2017], humanity’s collective consciousness is able to rise and empower a new era where debris from the past cannot follow.

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