Oct 02, 2016 Super Shemitah Ends And A New Era Begins – Time To Get Right With Self Governance

Officially Ends on October 2, 2016


Gray Swans Are Now Everywhere:
The Entire Civilization Will Change
As They Begin To Drop Out Of The Sky

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

DEFINITION of ‘Grey Swan’
An event that can be anticipated to a certain degree, but is considered unlikely to occur and may have a sizable impact on the valuation of a security or the health of the overall market if it does occur. A grey swan event is unlike a black swan event whose total impact is difficult to predict. Despite the possibility of determining the properties and potential impact of such an event, it is difficult to create precise calculations regarding the total impact.

The term “black swan” was coined by Nassim Nicholas Taleb to describe the uncertainty and risk posed by unpredictable events. Grey swan events, which are derived from the black swan concept, may include earthquakes and even events like the Great Depression. While analysts can look at the impacts that similar events had across history, the exact extent of damage and risk cannot be calculated.
(Source:  GREY SWAN: What is it?)

This extremely important report comes at a moment of great planetary flux and unparalleled transformation of the human race.

In fact humanity right now sits on the cusp of an unprecedented revolution of consciousness.  Every continent and nation, every city and state, every community and family, and every person on the Planet is undergoing an unmatched set of challenges.

No matter who or where they are, each individual will soon face a Perfect Storm of events the likes of which has never happened in world history.   Some have even referred to it as the “Pluperfect Superstorm”.   This coming Superstorm is not to be feared or avoided as there is no escape; rather, it is meant to be engaged with the heart of a spiritual warrior that is at once full of courage, trust and resolve.

Even though there have been other races of humanity before the present one, each has its own unique process of evolution and collective experience.  What the current race is about to experience will be nothing short of earth-shaking and paradigm-shattering, since that is what is now required for the upcoming leap in the evolution of consciousness.  As we look around the whole planetary realm, one sees nothing but the harbingers of massive change and transformation.

Harbingers of Change Mushroom Throughout the Earth Realm

“True Prophecy Is Uttered To Avert Catastrophe, NOT Predict It”

With this understanding: that “true prophecy is uttered to avert catastrophe, not predict it”, this critical moment is an excellent time to take stock of where we are … as an individual, and as a collective.  For it is the prevailing state of the collective consciousness around the planet that will ultimately determine the outcomes, big and small.

Each of us belongs to a number of different collectives.  We belong to a family as we belong to a nation.  We belong to our religious organizations and spiritual groups just as some belong to a small company or large corporation.  Some can claim membership in many collectives; some but a few.  The crucial point here is that the collectives which influence us at this time can do so with great benefit, or with awesome consequence.

Therefore, it has never been so important to get right with GOD, or whoever your Creator might be at this pivotal moment of human history.  The times approaching will be fast and furious indeed, and every soul on Earth will be best served by their connection to the Almighty. For it is only through right relationship with the Supreme Being that every human being will be able to navigate through the coming Superstorm.


At this late date there is truly very little that we can do to affect what will happen; however, we can always change our attitude toward any given eventuality.  This is the most distinguishing aspect of human free will. Each of us is gifted with the freedom to react mechanically to any happening, or to respond thoughtfully to any event however we so choose.

To learn more visit http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=50209

From Doreen

Knowledge Empowers You [KEY]

Please forward widely for others to become aware.

At this point, what can matter more than getting right with our Creator, forgiving ourselves and others for our transgressions, and asking the one and only Power to guide and safeguard us into a new Era with most ease and grace? Doing so, raises the collective consciousness of humanity to potentialize a smoother transition. Doreen.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved



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OCTOBER SURPRISE Comes Early: Clinton and Obama Revealed As Co-Conspirators, Irrefutable FBI Evidence Proves Cover-up Of Classified Info Exchanges

Obama had a special email handle by which classified info was sent to Clinton’s personal email, Obama knew about Clinton’s unsecured home server

State of the Nation

2016’s October Surprise just came early!

FBI Docs: Obama Used Pseudonym To Email Hillary’s Server

The FBI has released new evidence that points directly to the fact that President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton colluded to cover up the exchange of classified information using the Madame Secretary’s unsecured personal email account.

Evidence will also be released that proves that the POTUS knew that Madame Secretary used an unsecured ‘home-based’ server during the period of time that said emails were improperly exchanged.

 According to the newly released documents:

In an April 5, 2016 interview with the FBI, Abedin was shown an email exchange between Clinton and Obama, but the longtime Clinton aide did not recognize the name of the sender.

“Once informed that the sender’s name is believed to be a pseudonym used by the president, Abedin exclaimed: ‘How is this not classified?’” the report says. “Abedin then expressed her amazement at the president’s use of a pseudonym and asked if she could have a copy of the email.”
(Source: October Surprise: FBI Reveals Smoking Gun That Implicates Obama in Clinton Email Scandal)

‘Obama Is Complicit in Hillary Email Scandal’

There is now no question that Obama knew much more about Clinton’s private email and home server than he ever admitted.  In fact the President outright lied when he said during prime time that he had just found out about Madame Secretary’s email through the media accounts right along with the rest of America.  Here’s the incriminating video … from Obama’s own mouth.

VIDEO: Obama Lies To The American Public About His Knowledge Of Clinton’s Private Email

What this ongoing saga of institutional crime at the highest levels of U.S. government now reveals is that there is a massive cover-up going on.  Ever since Emailgate and Servergate were first reported by the MSM, there has been a highly organized cover-up being carried out by the State Department and the White House.

‘The Fix Is In’: Judge Jeanine Says Obama Is Complicit in Hillary Email Scandal

Emailgate just became Obama’s Watergate

There are very specific reasons why it was absolutely necessary for the perps to cover up this crime of the decade.  It’s because Emailgate was used to perpetrate the “Crime of the Millennium”… also known as the catastrophic Syrian War.

Not only did Obama, Clinton & Company start that war by creating and arming ISIS, they used their private emails and the unsecured server to keep the public from seeing any correspondence via FOIA requests.  This is precisely why Clinton was ordered to delete over 30,000 emails and smash her mobile devices with hammers.

FBI Docs: Aide Destroyed Hillary’s Old Phones With A HAMMER

READ MORE AT http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=50105

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved


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Intel SITREP Report – GCR/RV, Republic, Military, Cabal, NESARA/GESARA

From Doreen

D I S C E R N M E N T   R E Q U I R E D

Why aren’t humans ‘allegedly’ working toward monetary morality, gold backed currency, a global currency reset, pulling together for our collective good and without strings attached?

Why would Russia ratify the Paris Agreement when it is based on ‘incomplete’ science that does not factor toxic chemicals discharged from aircraft 24/7 world wide, geoengineering the weather, weather wars, and contamination from the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear catastrophe. Learn more at http://themillenniumreport.com/?s=Fukushima and http://www.globalresearch.ca/fukushima-a-nuclear-war-without-a-war-the-unspoken-crisis-of-worldwide-nuclear-radiation/28870

Re-posted by David Robinson at Marine Republic Blog [link below]

Good afternoon currency community,
Ok, here’s what we know after last nights intel drop…

  1. The final military special forces ops and ghost tactical sweeps have begun, we are hearing the mission is casually being called “Operation Catch & Release ” for obvious reasons.  This sweep includes corporate bad actors of the cabal as well as military and government high profile targets, basically, anyone on the “super naughty list” is now being permanently terminated–no questions asked, no arrests, no courts, no stinking badges.

    Sadly, this is the ultra aggressive military action many have been asking for.  It’s cold blooded and comes without warning.  It also was astrologically and strategically begun after Mercury Retrograde went direct in Asia, as this is what the Chinese believed was the optimum day and time to start the final phase of execution.  Know they are very precise with everything they do and say.  So as arrogant and entitled Westerners, it’s wise we listen to what the Chinese have to say now… as they’re running the world’s finances just as Russia is now the new international super cop on the military scene.  Ears open, mouths shut ’cause there are a few new sheriffs in town.

    The month of September was always the month for final implementation of all aspects of the GCR, with the RV and Paris Agreement being key components.  As of October 1, 2016, marks the international legal and fiscal start of the new CIPS/Promise/Quantum Satellite delivery platform.   All monies have long been settled in necessary domiciles and accounts and sit waiting for mass release.  Smaller releases have already occurred, and continue to occur, with the larger release still awaiting “go authorization” from the military generals now in charge.

    So whatever hot spots militarily remain, or political, like here in the USA, consider all now being satisfactorily resolved before the month’s end.  Know too that all solutions to existing problems have long been in place and just waiting on execution orders once the adversary has bled-out, and surrenders.  There is no struggle on the part of the new global authority to impose their will on the cabal.  Their higher mind strategists have mathematically eliminated the cabal going back centuries… yes… centuries ago this process started to arrive at this historic moment of transition and release.

    As an example, we hear now that Russia has yet to submit its Paris Agreement ratification at the UN General Assembly–which runs until Monday 9.26.16.  This was highly unexpected Wednesday morning when 60 total nations had submitted their ratification, but only 48% carbon emissions were accounted for.  Russia’s 7.35% carbon emissions rating being ratified immediately puts the Paris Agreement agreement into force with 55%+ (i.e. in compliance.).  We also now understand Russia’s ratification not only implements the Paris Agreement but also activates the new global gold standard which is buried secretly within the Paris Agreement.   This was always planned… there’s nothing new or shocking about this tactic.  And there was never any delay because they always planned on waiting until the last possible moment before releasing.

    Every drop will be drained out of the cabal swamp before mass hydration begins without exception, including sovereign nations and their government leaders(T1), corporate boards and executives plus sovereign family individuals (T2) or private citizens of any stature or standing (T3)–BAR ABSOLUTELY NONE!  This corresponds to what Bruce on the Big Call has always said in terms of there being a “shotgun start”.  As the release event is truly a moral and physical moment of fairness and parity for all humanity to begin anew as equals.

    This is also why we believe Putin holds all the final RV release cards and why nations like Israel, Turkey, Ukraine and even the USA must surrender all military objectives because he has cleverly waited everyone out in every major crisis area such as Ukraine, Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Palestine to resolve the matter in his favor (because no nation good or bad can hydrate without Russia’s ratification paperwork).  General Li waits on Putin.  General Dunford waits on Putin.  As Mr. Putin is not so suddenly the most powerful player in the world at this moment, per the Elder’s and PROC’s consent.  For Russia’s military might alone holds the fate of the gold standard via the Russian ratification of the Paris Agreement, which creates insurmountable political leverage both militarily and financially on every remaining bad nation-state actor and/or individual in the banking sector.

    It’s a genius strategy actually because if indeed the Paris Agreement is being held back from being put into force , so too is the legal start of the RV.  Thus even China cannot override the system, but that’s just how incredibly close we are to receiving this amazing blessing, yet still we must helplessly wait as the hardcore cabal actors accept complete defeat.

    Sources inside “The Committee” macro-financial meetings in Beijing say global release has been an any minute reality since the start of September –this was committed in late August .  So they too are waiting on said military issues to resolve– as we know with certainty it’s not a banking delay or issue at this point and has not been for several weeks.   Even the Wells Fargo John G. Stumpf (CEO OF WELL FARGO) public flogging was more about removing an individual bad actor from the block-chain–not with Wells Fargo as the lead redemption entity in any way–Stump was a pruning or thinning of the herd at the top so to speak.

    In the meantime, tons and tons of unbearable pressure are now being placed upon all non-complying cabal actors here at the very end.  It’s not just Russia applying the pressure, it’s all sovereign nations waiting to get paid, but Russia ends up taking all the heat–and why Obama called them specifically out in his UN speech.   The Chinese and Russians are draining the cabal swamp down to the last possible drop to ensure they cannot fight back with a re-hydration of funds from a systematic level.  Either play by their new rules or leave the game.  Negotiated options are not acceptable at this stage.   Comply or cease to exist as an individual or nation.  Harsh measures, sure, but absolutely necessary if you understand the depth and scope of the cabal’s global octopus of corruption against all humanity.

    Now yes, sadly, excruciating suffering is also being allowed in third world nations, and all nations of the world in very different ways, in order to set the GCR/RV/GESARA foundation right to ensure this new platform of human existence can properly hold the moral weight of an upcoming 1,000 years of light.   We’re all paying an earthly price for a heavenly blessing, because just as we all suffer, so too shall we all be blessed beyond our wildest comprehension.

    As for the US Presidential elections, there’s a few things to consider before making a decision on what’s really happening.  First, it’s out understanding that the USA, Inc’s form of government has defaulted per the ruling from the World Court, meaning, the office of President we all grew up with is no more because the form of government we all grew up with is no more.  Second, both the DNC and RNC are remnant entities created by the old USA, Inc. intended to control the candidates that you the mass population of the USA voted on.  Thus, neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump, nor any candidate presented in the current election scenario can win an office that legally no longer exists.  Fourth, to replace the now default USA, Inc., like in any bankruptcy, a work though plan had to be created and approved by the World Courts in agreement with the USA’s major financial creditors China and Russia (via our US Treasury Bonds). Those countries asked that the old Republic of the United States be restored per the original US Constitution circa 1776, and as a result, quietly, without public mention, leaders for the Republic of the United States were selected and seated without attention.  These leaders have been running the affairs of Americans for nearly two years now without mass knowledge (for everyone’s protection).

    In October, or perhaps a little before, public knowledge of this restored constitutional Republic will be made known, and both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be removed from consideration as potential Presidential candidates.  The election cycle will be lengthened per Congress’ authority, per the original Constitution, till January 3, 2017.  New candidates will enter the arena, that have been pre-approved by the Chinese, Russians and World Court in agreement with the temporary leadership of the temporary leadership of the Republic (General Joseph Dunford).

    Everything that will happen in the future might appear shocking to most, but in reality, this work through strategy has long been in the making, going back to August 2013 when China and Russia began legal proceedings against the USA, Inc, which actually finalized when Puerto Rico defaulted in 2015, as the USA, Inc. was incorporated in Puerto Rico in 1871.  Not coincidental, Pope Francis suddenly arrived in the US for the first time and declared the Golden Jubilee for the world ending on November 20, 2016.  This is important because Rome owned all corporations in the world, and thus released all corporations in the world at the same time–including all governments and banks they covertly owned, without public knowledge.

    All of this information is offered now so that you fully understanding why you get to redeem currency for such a high price, without a massive public revolt or overt coup de tat on your own soil.  What’s occurring, folks, is biblical, yes, but more so divine in nature and scope.  Humanity is being released, and we’re all being allowed to experience such infinite wealth because God has declared our sovereignty–not the Chinese, not Russia, not the World Court Head Magistrate, not the Elders, not Putin or Xi Jinping, and certainly not the better discernment of mankind on his own.

    Do remember this tutorial when you are participating in the restoration of your planet, ensuring the survival of your species and actively engaging in the second greatest moment of human history ever recorded; because such an honor does come with a steep price, as it should, as it must ; for to whom much is given, much is expected.  So try and remain grateful as you wait out this final phase for to be even slightly aware of what is going on behind these scenes separates you from the overwhelming majority of your family, friends, community, country and continent who have no clue what’s going down, let alone what’s coming up.   And the whole point of this global reset and revaluation of currencies is to unify mankind and expose the cabal lie that we are in any way separate from one another.


    God is with us.

    (SIDE NOTES: 1) A few ZIM Private Negotiated Exchanges (PNE) have well exceed four digit rates in Europe, Canada and Australia for select redeemers–so keep that mind when asking for your rate–there truly is no financial ceiling as you understand it–the bigger question is what can you handle comfortably versus what rate you can achieve ; 2) This blessing is the Chinese Elder’s gift to humanity.  We go at their pacing, their rates, their dates, and their way.  If you don’t like the rules of this game, you don’t have to redeem your currency.  Your notes can sit in your sock drawer forever and crumble into dust for all their care.  However, if you can stay plugged in, wait it out with all your brothers and sisters across the globe, there is infinite reward waiting for you far beyond your wildest dreams. Do you believe this?  Well, that’s up to you.  It’s risky either way you decide.  But consider this, at least you have been given some context as what’s occurring in real time … and maybe, just maybe, the world is being reset to a loving Christ frequency that no man, woman, child or country can deny or resist, as no frequency of scarcity or lack will exist outside of such a harmonious setting.  That means poverty, disease, hunger, homelessness, unemployment, ignorance, war, crime, hatred, toxic air and water, etc… just won’t be allowed into this new benevolent paradigm.  Again, at least you have been offered some intellectual food for thought if nothing else.  Please do consider all possibilities pre and post RV as it relates to this being spiritual Christly event.)

    SOURCE of the above re-post

    Intel SITREP Report – GCR/RV, Republic, Military, Cabal, NESARA/GESARA

    From Doreen
    Humans live in a world of uncertainty, manufactured contradictions, mis-information, great fraud, corruption, and deception. This requires each of us to research thoroughly, ask lots of questions, cleverly connect the dots, seek inner guidance, and collaborate with others BEFORE you sign up, register, ‘consent’ to anything and anyone, because consent is Power energizing reality for which each of us is accountable.

    Knowledge Empowers You [KEY]

    The cabal consistently leverages problem-reaction-solution ‘deception’ [false flag terror events*] to trick humans into giving consent that empowers step by step [energizes into reality] the cabal’s goal of ultimate wealth, power and control of all humans, natural resources, and atmosphere. This is done subtly, and purposefully over time, to gradually dis-empower humans. Example:

    *9.11 false flag transformed the American dream into a nightmare, to trick humans into giving consent that led to claw back of rights and freedoms through mass surveillance, new anti-terrorism regulations that criminalize free speech, and rising police states.

    Population control:
    Food is genetically modified.
    Drinking water and toothpaste contain toxic fluoride.
    Toxic chemicals are discharged from aircraft world-wide 24/7 [a.k.a. chemtrails].
    Awareness of human and environmental contamination from Fukushima is withheld. Everyone is exposed to electromagnetic frequency radiation from wireless technology.
    Toxic vaccines are being mandated.

    Guard wisely and closely your gift of freewill consent, to which Primordial Conscious Power [the only Power] ‘unconditionally’ creates reality.

    Unconditional means that human silence, and failure to wisely end evil, are tacit or implied ‘consent’ that sustain great harm, population control, and enslavement. Ask yourself, “What good is money to humans who are gradually being poisoned and deceptively enslaved?”

    I await further details about ‘The Big One’ in order to ask more questions. https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2016/09/23/the-big-one-20-years-in-the-making-from-anna-von-reitz-please-read

    Doreen Ann Agostino
    Non-negotiable autograph,
    all rights reserved

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THE BIG ONE! 20 years in the making, from Anna von Reitz – please read

From Doreen

The human mind is like Velcro to negativity. With all the negative press bombarding humans daily, there exists equal and opposite good news. I PRAY the following is a new beginning for everyone with ‘no’ strings attached.

Where our focus goes energy flows. Energy is Creation in action, so please allow yourself to imagine, sense, feel the emergence of a positive world-wide shift. Think about, talk about, rave about, feel about, write about, and get excited about living free, in a world of peace and limitless new possibilities.

From: Anna von Reitz [mailto:avannavon@gmail.com]
Sent: Friday, September 23, 2016 6:38 PM
Subject: The Big One

Yesterday I filed the Big One, the Summation of over twenty (20) years work in behalf of the actual American states owed the land jurisdiction of this country and the living people of the 50 States United. Of course, with something this long in the making, there is a lot of remembering involved and a lot of focus required, so forgive me if I am brief with this announcement. I am very tired.

We, the living American People who claim our birthright political standing as American State Nationals—- Texans, Virginians, Ohioans, Wisconsinites, and so on— and who have moved back to the land jurisdiction of our native land, are the beneficiaries of our estates.  Those who additionally act as Fiduciaries in behalf of our states on the land are American State Citizens, obligated by oath and honor to act in the best interests of all and to meet The Prudent Man Standard in all those actions we undertake.

For many who have grown up listening to a constant litany of “National Debt” news, it may come as a great surprise to learn that you are, as American State Nationals, not in debt.  You are by far the richest people on Earth.

In fact, you and your States are the Priority Creditors of the entire world.

The debt that the rest of the world has owed us has been so insurmountable that it has served to quash business and growth, spawned a huge black market in counterfeit currencies and “derivatives”, and caused unnecessary suffering that needs to end.  So, in our own right and in your names, we’ve have moved to end it.

As your servants and as “Prudent Men” we have requested a worldwide accounting and set off of debts, meaning that our debts to other nations are to be set off against their debts to us.  What remains as “insurmountable debt” owing will be forgiven—written off, so that everyone can have a clean start.

This is being done to regenerate hope and economic freedom and to prevent any necessity of war or undue suffering.  It is well-within our ability and in our best interests to do this.

Our fortunes are so vast that it doesn’t even matter.

We are the beneficiaries of approximately 185,000 of the richest corporations on Earth, approximately 10,000 state of, county of, and municipal corporations in this country, and corporations like CANADA and AUSTRALIA that “own” entire countries, together with all their corporations under them.

Quite literally, we little pea-pickers and Indians have inherited the Earth.

Now what to do with it?  For starters, everyone needs a living stipend to make life possible for many in the Third World and make it bearable for others, even here in America.  So our proposal is that every man, woman, and child receive an individual payment equivalent in local currency to $2000 per month as an independent living stipend on top of whatever other income they may have.

This will end abject poverty throughout the world and make life bearable for many who are now suffering needlessly.

We have also proposed that each one receive the equivalent in local currency of $1000 per month in a savings/investment account that they can use to invest for their own future.

These funds are directed to be paid individually with no strings, no middlemen, no governments involved.  Just a straight one-to-one transaction from the World Heritage Fund and the World Investment Fund to each one of you.

For many this will all just be pleasant “extra”, but for others it is the difference between life and death, starvation and a good future.

There will also be plenty of money for infrastructure investments, for re-booting the government we are owed, and for all the tasks which face this planet and our nation among all the nations of the world.

Britain, France, and other nations have tried to obscure the truth of the American States and mischaracterize and misrepresent and fool the American People, so as to set up a false claim that we all “voluntarily” chose to serve as “United States Citizens” or “citizens of the United States” and that our States of the Union were “civilly dead”—– but as we and everyone else now knows, that is nothing but a self-interested lie promoted by foreign interests seeking to avoid their own debts and hoping to come in as Secondary Creditors and bring false claims of “abandonment” in commerce.

Those actions have been forestalled by the fifty (50) State Liens recorded as Non-UCC liens and by two subsequent actions, which collect the National Debt and re-convey the assets of the actual States to the land jurisdiction.

It’s done.  It’s over.  It’s on the record.

Much too everyone’s surprise, the Sleeping Giant woke up at its own funeral and yawned and said, “Fie, fei, foe, fum!”

Get your motors running.  Inform the Vatican.  Inform the Kremlin.  Inform Beijing. The Republic States are alive and well and so are the American People.

Contrary to what you’ve been told, we are not the “United States”.  We don’t have a $19 trillion-plus National Debt.

We have a $19 trillion-plus National Credit.  And that’s not all.

We are the majority shareholders in virtually everything big enough to spit at from here to Damascus. We are owed 150 years worth of back rent, the entirety of the 1930’s bankruptcy fraud, and so much more…….that at the end of the day, the only real question is—- can we all imagine a better world?

A much, much better world?

My response to Anna:

God bless and thank you Anna.

You wrote: Quite literally, we little pea-pickers and Indians have inherited the Earth.

Are not ‘all’ humans entitled to inherit the Earth or did I miss something?

Response from Arnie Rosner to Anna:

Understanding your tired state, the answers to the following can wait until you are better rested.

Thank you for the marvelous gift to the world.

And the details as to where this has been recorded and to whom are the directives issued and under what specific authority and date of implementation?

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved

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We have enemies at the gates, and traitors who want to open them!

Facets: John Adams Encouragement Rings In the Heart Of America

John Adam’s encouragement rings in the heart of America

By TLB Contributing Author: Ken La Rive

As America sits on the rim of the most important election in our lifetime, perhaps we can find solace by looking at what one of our founding fathers tried to tell us. Perhaps he can rekindle an idea that seemed most important, as they also sat on the rim, with everything, even their own life hanging in the balance.

Our founders knew all too well the power of dictatorship, of an oligarchy, repression, subjugation, and worst of all, slavery of the will. What these men are telling us, from the very grave, is indeed applicable to what we are experiencing today.


Benjamen Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson…

Some of us who perceive the dangers ahead, where civil liberties and our Constitution are being shredded from an unaccountable government, are just a few of many challenges we face from every side. I tell you this with the most profound and sincere voice I can muster: We have enemies at the gates, and traitors who want to open them.

Let us consider, for a moment, a national debt that has gone from 6 trillion to almost 20 trillion in just eight years? How can this be allowed? We have leaders who are bought and paid for by international interests looking to make profit, and we have no ability to challenge this by clearly defined Constitutional Law. We have so called leadership who conspire, and divert attention from their hidden agendas, by creating false-flags, the spreading of lies and media propaganda, and have reintroduced the open wounds of  racial bigotry, hatred and prejudice, all horrors we have tried so hard to overcome as a nation. And as these issues are reintroduced by our leadership, we fight each other instead of holding them accountable for their treachery. It is called divide and conquer, and it is very profitable.

To survive this, we must ask introspective, powerful and rational questions, and try to come together as one nation. Primarily, a singular question seems to rise to the surface: Who are we as a nation?

Are we to be slaves begging for crumbs from the master’s table? Are we cowards who let men steal our national resources, so hidden from view they are above the law? Are we blind to the destruction of our civil liberties, that our forefathers died to give us?  Are we to allow men with duel-citizenship to choose our president, rig our elections, and destroy our Constitutional Republic based on law?


Our country, our America, so dear to our hearts, has been slipping from our grasp, increment by increment, for a hundred years… and hindsight is the only measure we have to determine both worth and hope. There, in the folds of time, we can see what we were hoped to be, and so visualize what we have become. We can have no future as a Democratic Republic, without this understanding. We must seek truth.

Men of indomitable will and sound principle explained to us something so profound, it seems that it can only be whispered in America today:  Civil Liberty, is God given. Scream it to the heavens! Liberty is not granted by government, it comes to us from God! It is our God-given right.

By their insight, they gave us A Declaration of Independence, a Constitution and a Bill of Rights, with trembling hands.

At the Constitutional Convention, an obscure woman asked Benjamin Franklin whether the Constitution established a republic or monarchy. He said to her: “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.”

Below are John Adam’s words. They were written by candle light, and they lit the minds of men who knew oppression, first hand. They were meant to encourage his fellow assemblymen to sign the Declaration of Independence, though there were others emphatically opposed to it. These words were taken from John McCullough’s biography on John Adams, and they should split the hearts of every single American with both pride and hope.

We are Americans! The greatest social experiment the world has ever witnessed, and the blood and honor of those brave men still course through our veins!

Do not, do Not give up hope! The truth of what they stood for is ultimate, and can not be denied. It is mirrored in the truth we hold in our hearts, and is self-evident. Liberty, is our manifest destiny.

As Jefferson finished his speech, John Adams stood up… 

“Objects of the most stupendous magnitude. Mirrors which will affect the lives of millions, born and unborn are now before us. We must expect a great expense of blood and pain, but we must always remember that a free constitution of civil government cannot be purchased at too dear a rate as there is nothing on this side of Jerusalem of greater importance to mankind. 

My worthy colleague from Pennsylvania has spoken with great ingenuity and eloquence. He has given you a grim prognostication of our national future, but where he foresees apocalypse, I see hope.

I see a new nation ready to take its place in the world, not an empire, but a republic and a republic of laws, not men. 

Gentlemen, we are in the very midst of revolution, the most complete, unexpected and remarkable in the history of the world. How few of the human race have ever had an opportunity for choosing a system of government for themselves and for their children? 

I am not without apprehensions gentlemen, but the end we have in sight is more than worth all the means. My belief says that the hour has come, my judgment approves this measure and my whole heart is in it. All that I have, all that I am and all that I that I hope in this life, I am now ready to stake upon it.

While I live, let me have a country. A free country!” John Adams — 1776


 Ken LaRive – FacetsIt’s a simple but beautiful metaphor. Our soul is likened to an uncut diamond, pure, perfect, and unrealized. Each learned experience cleaves a facet on its face, and leaves it changed forever. Through this facet, this clear window, new light, new questions and ideas take shape and form. This process is our reason for being …

SOURCE with thanks http://www.thelibertybeacon.com/facets-john-adams-encouragement-rings-in-the-heart-of-america/

Doreen Ann Agostino
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PROOF: LaVoy Finicum Was Murdered By The FBI; Premeditated Murder

Real American Heroes Have Been Outlawed

State of the Nation

Ever since the world-famous “Decade of Assassinations” — the 1960s — the NWO ruling cabal came to the very firm conclusion that real American heroes were never to be permitted to rise up anywhere in society.

With the systematic assassination of JFK, MLK and RFK, the World Shadow Government (WSG) developed a formula that they would use up to this very day.  That formula was recently used on the great American patriot LaVoy Finicum.

Special Note:
Heroes — real heroes — scare the livin’ daylights out of the NWO cabal that controls Planet Earth.  They know that a single courageous truth-seeker can become the catalyst for the collapsing of empires and the newfound independence of sovereign nations.  Mahatma Gandhi is a perfect example of what scares these Illuminati cowards sh*tless.  Gandhi literally brought the British Empire to its knees … several times!  What’s the point?
LaVoy Finicum was such an American hero who was well aware of the tyranny of the U.S. Federal Government that he took a very public stand against.  In LaVoy did the WSG understand that they were up against a truly powerful and blossoming American hero. They determined he would have to go, and that they would make a [shocking] and memorable example of him.  Just as JFK, RFK and MLK were violently murdered in broad daylight so, too, was LaVoy.

TPTB do this to send a very strong message to every other hero-in-the-making.  There is no place in post-modern American society for a hero.  The Deep State simply won’t allow it.  They can always kill the heroes anyway they so choose to but in the case of LaVoy did it with FBI helicopters filming it so that the whole world could watch their murderous deed on the Internet.  In so doing they believed they have precluded the possibility of anyone filling LaVoy’s shoes.  They were wrong.  As there are now millions of patriots waiting to fill his shoes … when the right time presents itself.  Isn’t that right, Patriots?

How do we know that the FBI closely collaborated with the Oregon State Police to execute Lavoy Finicum in a preplanned murder plot?

It was quite obvious to many who watched the original FBI video of the assassination that the entire crime was the product of a carefully orchestrated conspiracy to murder an American citizen in cold blood.  The whole affair was obviously scripted.  Except that there were some lingering questions that still needed to be answered.  Those questions have now been conclusively answered by the following two videos.

VIDEO: Forensic Proof Released of the Assassination of LaVoy Finicum


VIDEO: The Foam Bullet Used to Justify Killing LaVoy Finicum


The Federal Bureau of Investigation can no longer be trusted. It is a thoroughly rogue agency.

Not only did the Comey hearings demonstrate that even the FBI Director has been completely corrupted, it also showed that the agency does not in any way serve the American people.

It needs to be dissolved so that a new agency can be established.

State of the Nation
September 23, 2016


This Is Really Why They Assassinated LaVoy Finicum
From Doreen

Ammon Bundy Totally Vindicated and Now.. http://annavonreitz.com/ammonbundy.pdf

Doreen Ann Agostino
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VOTERS Empower The Beast; Similar To Victims Staying In An Abusive Relationship

Local and state officials elect the president not the people

Watch this video with someone you love and care about. If you truly choose to be free then free yourself. This educational video is to be SHARED widely!

Awareness is Power when ‘applied’.

Reality check for people living on the land

“You don’t know what you don’t know BECAUSE you don’t know that you don’t know it!” Arnie Rosner

All seats of government have been vacated.

December 26, 1933 49 Statute 3097 Treaty Series 881 (Convention on Rights and Duties of States ) stated CONGRESS replaced STATUTES with international law, placing all STATES under international law. Read more at https://scannedretina.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/02sep16-prosecuting-the-traitors-that-have-violated-the-constitution-they-committed-treason-eqstationerypro1.pdf

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved

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