MAY 07, 2016 First Annual Global Chemtrail Summit, Vancouver Canada

May 07, 2016 is fast approaching. Please share with people who live in the Vancouver area. Thank you.


We all breathe the same air, and eat food laden with toxic chemicals sprayed from aircraft day and night world-wide.

Validation of the rare timeline Earth is passing throughis screaming at humanity to take notice. 2016 is the year to come together and take peaceful action to end crimes against humanity and Earth.


Saturday, May 7, 2016 at 9 AM in PDT – Vancouver,Canada – The 2016 First Annual Global Chemtrail Summit will offer a scientific presentation on the Past, Present and Future details of the ongoing atmospheric aerosols campaign. The conference is a convergence of all the best minds aware of this ongoing crime against humanity in or skies and willing to speak their truth.

Being the change is Not a spectator sport, it is now time to get off the sidelines and be the change we want to see in the world. Together we…

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Justice For Silver Investors

Chapter 5 of “The Road Awakens”
by Bix Weir

The following is from Chapter 5 of Bix Weir’s book: “The Road Awakens” which is written as a “Conversations with God”…

Justice for Silver Investors

Me: Will there ever be justice served on the market riggers for people who invested their hard earned money into silver?

God: It depends what you call justice.

Me: I mean will the market riggers be put in jail and will the silver investors be compensated for their losses in the past.

God: You need to step back and look at the bigger picture.

Me: What do you mean?

God: To your first question of will justice be served to the market riggers, there are many types of market riggers. There are individuals who try to rig the market, there are corporations and institutions that collude to rig markets and there are official government market rigging operations.

Me: All of them. Will they all be tried in a court of law when the truth is exposed?

God: No, not all.

Me: Why not?

God: Because much of it was done within the authority of your laws by those that were controlling the monetary system.

Me: Since when is it legal to rig free markets?

God: Your markets are not free markets and they never were. There have always been guidelines and regulations around markets because in a truly free market — market rigging would run rampant.

Me: What do you mean?

God: A “Free Market” has no regulations. It has no rules limiting what participants can do, what they can say or how they can act. A FREE market is just that — participants with no limits to their freedom.

Me: Ok. I see what you mean. Then what kind of market is the best market if a free market is not?

God: That is up to you.

Me: Well, I think a market where people can come together in an open and honest manner to exchange goods would be best.

God: So how would you construct a market like that?

Me: I guess it would need a regulator but there are already regulators in our current markets and that clearly is not helping.

God: How about a regulator that enforces the same rules for everyone?

Me: Wow, would that be nice.

God: It sure would be different than what you have now.

Me: I know. Our regulators now are either totally ignorant of what is going on or totally in the pockets of those large enough to rig the prices.

God: I believe it is a little of both but there is also the “Official Manipulation” of markets that is carried out by your Government.

Me: Yeah, what’s with that? I mean, how do they get away with it?

God: They are the rule makers of their own game and they have given themselves the authority to control their game such that it continues to function artificially no matter what the underlying fundamentals are.

Me: That’s insane! Why can’t they just back out and let the market determine an equilibrium price for everything. Why do they always have to control the prices?

God: Two reasons. The first is that since the invention of computers in the 1960’s the financial authorities have been able to fully control prices without the knowledge of the rest of the world. Participants still believe that the markets are freely traded and so there is no challenge to the “little man behind the curtain.”

Me: So that’s how the world was able to off of the Gold Standard in 1971. Everyone thought that without the discipline of a Gold Standard prices would go through the roof because they always had in the past. Currencies would collapse because of abuse and people would return to using gold and silver as money.

God: Yes, if people have the freedom to print and issue money without limits they have always over done it, created too much money and crashed their systems.

Me: But this time the result has been different. We have still created too much money, more than ever before, but the system has stayed together for over 40 years.

God: Yes, they secretly rigged the market prices to make it look like the markets were functioning properly.

Me: That’s so deceitful. I mean, fooling the world into thinking they are making free choices in free markets when all along the game has been rigged. Surely, that can’t go on forever.

God: That is up to you.

Me: Well I think that a system like that should not exist and I will do everything in my power to stop it from continuing.

God: Yes, and you already are Bix.

Me: What’s the other reason why can’t they just let the true market forces take over from this point?

God: The second reason is because the market prices have become so distorted over the past decades that there would be massive market chaos if prices were left to trade freely.

Me: So there is a little chaos while the markets adjust, up or down. So what! At least we could move forward in an honest manner.

God: But its not just the market pricing that would be effected, the derivatives that have been written against these market prices dwarf all markets and exchanges. Hundreds of trillions of dollars in derivatives have been written against the current artificial prices. If the market prices were allowed to find their true levels then these derivatives would destroy everything that has been constructed in your monetary systems.

Me: So be it. A Creative Destruction Event would clean the slate instantly and we could move forward.

God: True, but how would you move forward?

Me: Like I said, we can start a new market where people can come together in an open and honest manner to exchange goods.

God: That may solve the new market problems but it still won’t solve the biggest problem.

Me: And what is that?

God: How to get from Point A to Point B. The transition from a controlled and manipulated system to one of open and honest dealings will not be easy. That is the great challenge that lies before you now.

Me: I see and obviously that is a much bigger issue. We can’t just snap our fingers and arrive at a place where open and honest dealings are required.

God: That’s part of your experience going forward. Constructing a new Road to travel on.

Me: So all this market manipulation and rigging is officially sanctioned to keep the system together and nobody will go to jail for what they’ve done?

God: Not all was done legally and much of the illegal rigging has brought you to this point where it is very difficult to end it.

Me: So we can throw those people in jail for destroying our system after it crashes?

God: That is up to you.

Me: I really want someone to blame for this mess.

God: Many people do.

Me: I know that silver investors will want to get compensation from the silver markets riggers when the truth comes out.

God: When the truth comes out about silver market rigging, those who did it won’t have any money to compensate anyone. A freely traded silver price would destroy those who have been shorting the market for so long.

Me: Man that sucks. It’s like they are getting away with a crime and silver investors were the victims.

God: Do you see yourself as a victim with your silver investment?

Me: I guess not. I mean, I knew the price was being rigged lower and I kept investing in silver so I have only myself to blame.

God: What about buying silver at a artificially low price, do you feel like you were victimized when you were able to buy silver far below it’s true Fair Market Value?

Me: No. You are right. If the market riggers were not rigging the prices lower I probably would not have spent so much time and money investing in it.

God: So do you still feel cheated?

Me: I guess not. I mean, as long as the rigging ends one day and the price skyrockets I guess it will all be worth it.

God: You know Bix, this experience you have had with silver is not only a monetary lesson. Just look at all you have learned over the past 15 years. All the doors that have been opened to your understanding of the world you live in.

Me: Wow. You are right. So many learning experiences have come from my very first investment in silver. It’s hard to imagine what my life would have been like had I not taken that path.

God: If the price of silver never “skyrockets” as you put it — would you still think that your journey on this Silver Road would have been worth it?

Me: Yes, every minute of it. This life has been an amazing experience filled with its ups and downs, victories and defeats — all of it. I can’t think of a better experience no matter what happens in the future. I’ve loved my life.

God: And there is more excitement on the way.

Me: Bring it on!


SOURCE with thanks

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Self Govern: Clear Your Subconscious Mind of Limiting Thoughts, Emotions, and Memories

Introduction & Background

The Hong-Sau pranayam (breathing technique) is a powerful ancient method for quieting the entire body and conscious mind, thereby allowing subconscious material to surface for review and ultimate release. It is an extraordinarily powerful technique and it is important to read through this entire document before beginning its practice.

This one mantra (sacred sound) has been used for thousands of years in many different ways, however, these all primarily revolve around achieving profound relaxation of all the body’s systems, at which point profound healing and release can occur.

Until recently, it was largely kept secret – deemed too powerful for the uninitiated masses and passed down over thousands of years between yogi’s and their disciples living in solitude in the Himalaya mountains. However, in the 1970’s the technique was finally transmitted to a Westerner who had been studying with the Tantric masters in the sacred mountains for many years. She was instructed to bring it to the West and told that those who it was appropriate for would be attracted to her work, writings and teachings. And so it is – if you are reading this, you have been called to this meditation to reach higher levels of conscious awareness.

Do not think that because you have found this technique through ordinary means that it is no less profound. Quite the contrary. This practice requires great respect and if you approach it in this way, you will be presented with a rapid and potent method of removing subconscious blocks, which is a truly priceless experience indeed.

From Doreen
In this holographic Uni-verse every part is inseparable from the whole. In other words all creation is interconnected and interdependent. When you clear your physical-mental-emotional-spirit body you clear the way for Creator’s Primordial Conscious Power to flow through you with solutions, blessings, and magic. All that is asked, when they appear, is that you say thank you.

Effects of the Meditation

The practice of the Hong-Sau technique stimulates the nervous system. It cleans out the subconscious debris that clogs the energetic channels of the body. Over a period of time, all of the attachments to the past and future will be removed from the mind. All your hidden fears and neuroses come up for observation. Being the un-involved witness allows you to release them, permanently. And so this process relieves the mind of all its tensions and subconscious debris, the source of all physical and mental suffering.

The Technique

1) As you inhale, mentally recite the word “Hong” as you feel the sound
energy traveling down from the third eye (between the eyebrows) throughout
the length of the spinal cord and down into the base of the spine (the
perineum — between the genitals and anus).

2) As you exhale, mentally recite the word ‘Sau’ as you reverse the energy
flow, beginning at the perineum and imagining the energy flowing up your
spine, neck and out again through your third eye.

Note: The Hong-Sau has a tendency to change in meditation. Sometimes it
will sound like Hong-Sau, sometimes it will switch to So Hum. It might start
going in reverse so the inhale becomes ‘Sau’ and the exhale becomes ‘Hong’.
This is fine and natural – do not fight it. Just allow it to oscillate until you
reach the point of breathlessness.

3) Continue this practice for whatever length of time is comfortable for you.
This may be 10 minutes or an hour or more.

4) If you reach the point of breathlessness, you may feel compelled to stop
the visualization technique and simply experience this expanded,
transcendental state. This is totally natural and should not be resisted. You
may either continue the technique when the breath returns or stop the
meditation if you feel so inclined.

5) After the meditation is concluded, sit quietly for a few minutes and reflect
on what came up for you and how you feel. Set your intention to release all
negative emotions and subconscious traumas that have come up during the
meditation, if any. Sometimes we are consciously aware of what has come up
and other times we are not. It is irrelevant, as the meditation still works as
intended whether you consciously realize it

During the meditation, some individuals may spontaneously feel as if they no longer have the need to breathe. This is nothing to be alarmed about, as you still retain the ability to breathe whenever you desire. It is not a loss of
control, but rather a releasing of the subconscious need to breathe. When
your body requires oxygen again you will start breathing once more as if you
never stopped.

Note: You do not need to stop breathing to get the full effects of this
meditation. It is mentioned here as something to be aware of so that if you
feel this urge, you do not become afraid or resist, but instead welcome it as
part of the natural flow of the meditation.

This practice can produce psychic abilities. When you stop the breath, you
can pick up telepathically what another person is thinking. When the breath
is calm, the mind is calm and then impressions can be received. If you are
receptive, the symbols are intelligible and the lessons manifest in your life.
Hong-Sau is the internal sound that is going on within your body as you
inhale and exhale. The breath contains this mantra (sacred sound) and that is
the key that will take you to a very profound space.


Tips For Practice

The Hong-Sau meditation has the effect of cleansing your subconscious mind of negative patterning, limiting beliefs, traumas and anything that does not serve your highest good. As this ‘mental debris’ is cleared, it may resurface and need to be consciously released once and for all.

What this means is that you may find yourself feeling the emotions or
thoughts associated with these negative subconscious patterns as they come
up to be cleared. It is very important that you do not get stuck reexperiencing
these old memories. This is not difficult to achieve, but requires
sincere forgiveness of yourself and whoever else was involved in the
formation of this negative thought/memory. Then you can take a deep breath
and deep exhale, releasing this negativity from your mind and soul forever. It
is helpful to imagine the negativity leaving your body as black mass as you
deeply exhale and expel it from your system.

No matter how painful the experience, you must forgive yourself and those
involved and RELEASE IT. It is helpful to remind yourself that all experiences we have in this lifetime, no matter how tragic or painful, serve to help us learn and grow. While that may be difficult to accept, it is a truth you must acknowledge and embrace if you are to overcome your traumas. We can only transcend negative experiences and thoughts when we accept them as part of our personal journey of spiritual development and growth and release any negative emotions surrounding them through sincere forgiveness.

It may take a few tries to sincerely forgive yourself, but it will happen if you

If you are having serious trouble releasing negative beliefs, experiences or
subconscious baggage, please contact me at

SOURCE with thanks

May you clear within, walk in passion, kindness and unified purpose.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved

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We are all in this together…

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” Roald Dahl.

Covert Geopolitics

This has been and still is a long ride. To the weary and all those who are losing hope…

“Over The Rainbow”

Somewhere over the rainbow way up high
There’s a land that I heard of once in a lullaby
Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true

Someday I’ll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far
Behind me
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops
That’s where you’ll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow. Why then, oh, why can’t I?

If happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow why, oh, why can’t I?

Keep well, everyone!

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Climate Hustle knows: Ten dire predictions that have failed as global polar bear population hits 20-31k

Negative prophesies have so widely missed the mark they can now be said to have failed.


[Reposted today from earlier this year in support of the 2 May release of the intentionally funnydocumentary, Climate Hustle(across the US and a few Canadian locations) because host Marc Morano knows that polar bear numbers have not declined as people have been led to believe, see the trailer below]

Climate Hustle_May 2 2016

Grim predictions of the imminent demise of polar bears – their “harsh prophetic reality” as it’s been called – have been touted since at least 2001. But such depressing prophesies have so widely missed the mark they can now be said to have failed.

While polar bears may be negatively affected by declines in sea ice sometime in the future, so far there is no convincing evidence that any unnatural harm has come to them. Indeed, global population size (described by officials as a “tentative guess“) appears to have grown slightly over…

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Dr. William Mount, La Neu Republique, and NESARA On the Hot Plate

From: Anna von Reitz
Sent: Monday, May 02, 2016 3:06 AM
Subject: Dr. William Mount, Le Neu Republique, and NESARA On the Hot Plate

First, Dr. William Mount.  I have heard numerous “reports” and watched several videos that people have sent me over the last two years all issued by this man and absolutely not one of his prognostications bore fruit.

When one considers “the fruits” one must consider whether there are any.  And next, what has occurred by omission— people being scared for nothing, people being hopeful for nothing, and most importantly, people not thinking for themselves and acting in their own best interests while relying on the “intel” being fed to them by Dr. William Mount.

Second, Le Neu Republique, or is it La Neu Republique—-?  “La”, I believe upon reconsideration.  The French have the habit of considering all things that are changeable and secretive, like governments, to be of the feminine gender. Who knows?  Perhaps they are right.

Anyway, the Truth of the matter is that the French Government allowed itself to be used as an accomplice by the British Government back at the end of the Second World War.  Both countries owed a lot of money to the Americans so they were both hot to find a way to defraud us.  And they did.

The French charted both the UN Corporation and the International Monetary Fund doing business as the IMF (which is an agency of the United Nations) well before the United Nations Charter was ever signed.

Think about that. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The UNITED STATES, Inc. which sponsored all the STATE OF OHIO and STATE OF OREGON and STATE OF WHATEVER ELSE franchises and which has been busily providing us with “governmental services” since 1944 — and providing us with a lot of services we never ordered and not providing services we did order, and basically overcharging us for everything possible— is owned and operated by the IMF which is in turn owned and operated by the UN Corp which is owned and operated by the World Bank which is owned and operated by Jacob Rothschild who is the pimp for the British Crown Conglomerate.

The French supplied the corporate charters to hide the British aim, and the British provided the mechanisms and the man-power to carry out the fraud scheme against the Americans— the whole fraud of registering our births and creating these bogus corporate entities and operating them in our names and buying and trading them on the stock markets of the world is pure British crime at its best—- press-ganging, inland piracy, semantic decent, reverse trust fraud, identity theft, credit theft— all brought to you by people you thought were your friend and Allies, people you trusted to run the court system for you.

The problem for the French is that because they chartered these infamous corporations, they are responsible for their lawful operation and functioning.

Rather than own up to their responsibility and admitting their guile and culpability, the French Government is attempting to continue to usurp our lawful government and keep all this crap under the rug, by booting up another French “governmental services corporation” and (falsely) advertising it as the “New Republic”.

The advantage of the “New Republic” from their standpoint is that if we are stupid enough to go for it, they can then use it as a means to force us to pay off the odious debts owed by the first French corporation known as the UNITED STATES, Inc. And, they think nobody will be any the wiser.

The Brits are eagerly backing this plan, too, because God-forbid that their seedy underbelly and sanctimonious fraud be exposed to the rest of the world.  We might then all have the good sense to throw off centuries of British Crown domination and fraud and criminality—especially their dominance of the banking and legal industry, the criminal manipulation of which is their main source of income.

We have been snookered senseless by our “Allies”, and that is the sad fact of it. General Dunford has perhaps been drawn into the net or perhaps thought he had no choice but to accept the newest con as a remedy for the old con. I certainly cannot and will not answer for him, nor even presume that he has actually agreed to play a part in this scheme.  There seems to be no credible confirmation one way or another from him.

Somehow, it never occurs to crooks caught red-handed up to their shoulders in the cookie jar that they need to admit their crime.  They need to come forward and just say— we were bombed out after the Second World War, our land ravaged, our cities in ruins.  We had to borrow from the Americans and we did— but we did it in a dishonest way, because otherwise the debt involved would have crushed us and reduced our people to generations of misery.  So that’s what we did and why we did it.  Can we be forgiven?

I think the answer is— yes, but only if you straighten up your act, stop doing this crazy stuff, and finally deal with the bankers and lawyers who have been allowed –and indeed, instructed— to promote all this criminality and fraud.

Otherwise, it is inevitable that the people in all these countries throughout Europe and throughout the world are going to wake up and start tearing down banks brick by brick and gibbeting lawyers on street corners.

We have finally grown up enough to understand that these are not political, ethnic, nor religious issues.  These are issues of self-interested crime being promoted by members of society in positions of trust, both public and private.

So, thumbs down on the French Neu Republique.  What we need is our old American Republic fully restored with no further questions or obligations.

Third, about NESARA…. I have covered this repeatedly, but people don’t want to hear it.  My Mother was intimately involved in the Farm Union Cases that gave rise to the original NESARA legislation.  It was offered as remedy by a lone Congressman and it was laughed out of the Beltway.

Why, the members of Congress asked, should we pay our honest debts to the American People?  We can just seek bankruptcy protection instead—- and that’s what they did.

There’s no question that they have acted as criminals, that they and the banks are guilty of fraud, extortion, personage, unlawful conversion—absolutely none.  It has already been decided long ago by the Supreme Court.

But here is a little history lesson people need to take to heart— the Supreme Court can’t force the Congress to take any positive action.  It can only force the Congress to stop doing a specific wrong thing.  And the Congress, not the Supreme Court, holds the purse strings.

So the Supreme Court can find in your favor all day long, but if the United States of America, Inc., is bankrupt and the dodgy characters who made off with your assets are not willing to make things right using other funds, the old adage about “blood from a turnip” applies.

Of course, the rats should never have been allowed any bankruptcy protection in the first place.  The crimes they committed amount to malicious fraud and should have pierced the “corporate veil” like a knife and ended the bankruptcy proceedings instantly, but instead, the Supreme Court “sealed” the cases and has sat on the whole stinking pile of manure ever since.

The members of “Congress” and Billy Boy Clinton sat there in their posh offices laughing at the defrauded farmers and the millions upon millions of other honest hard-working American families they snookered— they still do.  They think that’s their job and their privilege, since we were so stupid as to vote for them and hand them our proxy as “representatives” instead of fiduciary deputies.

They can do what they like with no accountability at all— until the American People and the American Armed Forces finally wake to hell up.

But back to NESARA….. the only way  that NESARA will ever be passed is if the halls of Washington, DC, are scrubbed clean with bleach and a completely new Congress composed of lawfully elected and fully accountable fiduciary deputies votes for it.


There is no way that the currently composed Congress will or even can pass the NESARA legislation.

I hear you all scratching your heads and asking— “Wait a minute, Anna, you just said that the members of Congress are free to do whatever they like, including selling us down the drain? What do you mean now that they “can’t” pass NESARA?”

They can’t pass NESARA because that would cost the already insolvent UNITED STATES, Inc., even more than it owes already.  The only way they can pay their secondary creditors is by pretending that their Priority Creditors (you and I) either don’t exist or voluntarily “abandoned” our claims against them, plus, the members of Congress took their Oath to the United States—-not the united States of America.

Look up the “Oath of Office” the members of Congress have taken.  They didn’t pledge their allegiance to you, their “presumed” constituents, nor to this country, either.  They pledged it to the IMF doing business as the “UNITED STATES”.

That’s why they can’t do anything like pass NESARA, even if they wanted to.

Real remedy requires a lot more than “hope and spin and wishful thinking”.  It requires insight and critical thought and meaningful action from all of you.  Just letting the members of “Congress” and the “United Nations” and the “Joint Chiefs” and everyone on your email list know these facts might be the single best thing you could ever do.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,

all rights reserved

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TENNESSEE Legislature Decriminalized Murder, Pillaging, and Racketeering Practiced Against “persons”.

From: Anna von Reitz []
Sent: Saturday, April 30, 2016 1:07 PM
Subject: Salute to Lisa Haven Just When You Thought American Journalism Was Dead…..

This morning (April 30, 2016) I re-published information from Lisa Haven with great gratitude to her for ferreting it out and bringing it forward into the public view.  Just when you thought that American Journalism was stone, cold, dead and rotting in the ground, Lisa did the job— the real job— that hasn’t been getting done for decades.  Oooo- rah, Lisa!

I am next advising you all of evidence brought to light by Dennis Schleuter and other loyal Americans confirming that the worst of what is revealed by Lisa’s report is not only true but has actually been enacted by the “TENNESSEE” legislature, which has “decriminalized” such obvious crimes as murder, pillaging, and racketeering practiced against “persons”.

See TENNESSEE CODE ANNOTATED ss. 39-2-701 copyrighted 2016 by The State of Tennessee.   Title 39 Criminal Offenses, Chapter 2, Offenses Against the Person and Part 7, Threats, Intimidation and Extortion —- have been repealed.

If you are continuing to allow the IMF to have a backdoor into your life by operating as a “PERSON” this should give you grave cause for concern.

It means that the STATE franchises operated by the UNITED STATES, Inc. which is just the doing business name of the IMF which is itself an agency of the UN Corporation, is preparing to commit crime against your presumed “PERSON” and its acolytes in your state operating as its “legislature” have condoned these acts of criminality and terror against your estate as a prelude to unprecedented piracy let loose on the land of these United States.

What can you do about it?

You can notify members of the local STATE legislature that their “acts” are known and that they will be the first to suffer the consequences if any harm comes to you or your family.  You can notify Mr. Obama of the same, ditto Mr. John Forbes Kerry, the Joint Chiefs, the United Nations Secretary General, and the “Delegates” that are supposed to be serviing you and your state in “Congress”.

It may not stop them from carrying through or trying to carry through on their criminal genocide, but when Christine LeGrand and friends know that they have been clearly identified as the source of this Problem, they will realize that their lives are at stake, too.

Here are the things the IMF gets immunity from according to their Articles of Agreement

Status, Immunities, and Privileges

Section 1. Purposes of Article

To enable the Fund to fulfill the functions with which it is entrusted, the status, immunities, and privileges set forth in this Article shall be accorded to the Fund in the territories of each member.

Section 2. Status of the Fund

The Fund shall possess full juridical personality, and in particular, the capacity:

(i) to contract;

(ii) to acquire and dispose of immovable and movable property; and

(iii) to institute legal proceedings.

Section 3. Immunity from judicial process

The Fund, its property and its assets, wherever located and by whomsoever held, shall enjoy immunity from every form of judicial process except to the extent that it expressly waives its immunity for the purpose of any proceedings or by the terms of any contract.

Section 4. Immunity from other action

Property and assets of the Fund, wherever located and by whomsoever held, shall be immune from search, requisition, confiscation, expropriation, or any other form of seizure by executive or legislative action.

Section 5. Immunity of archives

The archives of the Fund shall be inviolable.

Section 6. Freedom of assets from restrictions

To the extent necessary to carry out the activities provided for in this Agreement, all property and assets of the Fund shall be free from restrictions, regulations, controls, and moratoria of any nature.

Section 7. Privilege for communications

The official communications of the Fund shall be accorded by members the same treatment as the official communications of other members.

Section 8. Immunities and privileges of officers and employees

All Governors, Executive Directors, Alternates, members of committees, representatives appointed under Article XII, Section 3(j), advisors of any of the foregoing persons, officers, and employees of the Fund:

(i) shall be immune from legal process with respect to acts performed by them in their official capacity except when the Fund waives this immunity;

(ii) not being local nationals, shall be granted the same immunities from immigration restrictions, alien registration requirements, and national service obligations and the same facilities as regards exchange restrictions as are accorded by members to the representatives, officials, and employees of comparable rank of other members; and

(iii) shall be granted the same treatment in respect of traveling facilities as is accorded by members to representatives, officials, and employees of comparable rank of other members.

Section 9. Immunities from taxation

(a) The Fund, its assets, property, income, and its operations and transactions authorized by this Agreement shall be immune from all taxation and from all customs duties. The Fund shall also be immune from liability for the collection or payment of any tax or duty.

(b) No tax shall be levied on or in respect of salaries and emoluments paid by the Fund to Executive Directors, Alternates, officers, or employees of the Fund who are not local citizens, local subjects, or other local nationals.

(c) No taxation of any kind shall be levied on any obligation or security issued by the Fund, including any dividend or interest thereon, by whomsoever held:

(i) which discriminates against such obligation or security solely because of its origin; or

(ii) if the sole jurisdictional basis for such taxation is the place or currency in which it is issued, made payable or paid, or the location of any office or place of business maintained by the Fund.

Section 10. Application of Article

Each member shall take such action as is necessary in its own territories for the purpose of making effective in terms of its own law the principles set forth in this Article and shall inform the Fund of the detailed action which it has taken.

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