Sept 21.14 People’s Climate March a CO-OPTED Corporate Hoax

My Blog ‘09.21.14 The Largest Climate Mobilisation Takes Place’ states:

The ‘watchdisruption’ video omits climate DISRUPTION from chemtrails sprayed from aircraft  24/7, geo-engineering the weather, catastrophic corporatism a.k.a. weather wars, perpetual war, attempts to control all natural resources and space through death by science for profit [assault on food, water, air, humans] instead of science for greater understanding.

I emailed to ask ‘why’ and shared Global Climate Change: A Definitive Essay On The Primary Causes Of Global Warming

The answer to my question is: the People’s Climate March is a CO-OPTED Corporate Hoax.

Learn more at

Let’s educate ourselves, inform others, align on purpose to extinguish chemtrails, geo-engineering the weather, and other crimes against humanity, to make way for a new positive Earth timeline.

Our voices are strongest when counted together. Global March Sept 27.14

Doreen Agostino



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Mars in Sagittarius The Ultimate Truth 09.13-10.26

By Simon Vorster

Mars in Sagittarius: 13th September to 26th October 2014

So what is the ultimate truth? What is your truth? Your philosophy?

This is a time of searching for the answers to these questions. We will be re-evaluating our beliefs and bringing them more into alignment with our new evolutionary stage, bringing forth the seeds for the next conscious shift. This is an exciting time ahead for us. The movement of Mars through Sagittarius brings us the feeling of the fire elements: joy, positivity, optimism and hope.

In a recent article, The Activation of Life Force, I wrote that when Jupiter moved into Leo (until August 2015) it would mark the beginning of activating our life force as a collective, and finding our inner sense of purpose. Well, with the current movement of Mars in Sagittarius, the beginning phase of this shift will be felt. This is a time in which we will begin strengthening our connection to spirit. This is the time to listen to your inner voice. Your intuition. That inner knowing that exists with you. This is your true guidance system.

Jupiter reflects to us our deep intuitive knowing. Jupiter and Sagittarius also reflect natural law. As humans we are hard-wired through natural law, the connection to Mother Earth/nature. So with Mars in Sagittarius there is an invitation to continue the progressive movement towards living in aliment with nature and natural laws. Becoming more synchronized with the universal cycles. Becoming more connected to your bio rhythms.

Ask yourself in all moments “What is natural for me?”

During this cycle it is important to recognize Sagittarius’s polarity, Gemini. This means that, as we find a belief system that is true to us, we must recognize and respect the diversity of other peoples’ truths.

With these two opposing energies, the danger here is that we may find ourselves forcing our beliefs onto others, to convince them that our truth is the ultimate truth, whereas all different perspectives actually reflect the totality of the ultimate truth.

Here are some of the influential aspects Mars will be making during its movement through Sagittarius.

Mars in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces

21st September 2014

This is a moment to reflect and inwardly connect to our spiritual center. This square will induce a sense of finding the answers from within. It will be very deep and will almost feel like you are lost. How Neptunian!

Use this time to reflect and practice the main theme of this Mars cycle through Sagittarius; the intuitive senses. We will be filled with daydreams and outer-body states of awareness. Be careful to not be over adventurous as it might be tough staying in the physical. Take this opportunity to rest and go within. Nourish your inner spiritual self. You will need it to really be able to take advantage of the change in energy when Mars starts to complete the fire-trine aspects in a few days’ time, allowing you to find the deeper meaning in your awareness.

Mars in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces

4th October 2014

This will be the point in which all the lessons and awareness from the full Moon in Pisces that happened on the 9th of September will come to the surface. Our collective wounds caused by the illusion that we are separate from Source will become more apparent, presenting an opportunity to heal through shifting our beliefs into alignment with natural law. Our connection back to Mother Earth will be strengthened.

This will be a sensitive time, so be careful to not project your pain onto others. See the pain in them, and connect through recognizing that we are not separate, by One.

Mars in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries

5th October 2014

This trine will drive a shift deeper into our hearts. The natural law of the fire trine in the zodiac reflects to us the feeling of spirit within us; that divine spark that drives our desires and helps us actualize ourselves.

The evolution of the fire trine works like this; from a young age we have a sense of excitement of new beginnings (Aries). As our consciousness begins to expand it moves through Leo (self-actualization) and we being to become aware of our own special destiny. As our consciousness expands even more it connects with Sagittarius, and it is here that we begin exploring that truth and linking that special destiny to our lives. This process helps us find meaning.

So, with Mars moving through Sagittarius for the next couple of weeks and then making trines to Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo, we will receive an invitation to feel our collective heart beating. A sense of excitement, purpose and meaning will be felt. The key to this whole experience is love; our collective sense of divine appreciation for one another; our heart filled care for ourselves and others.

Be courageous! Be bold! Be daring! Be the change!

About the author:  Simon Vorster is an evolutionary astrologer and teacher who has been practising astrology for over 10 years. Simon’s work is rooted in helping souls de-condition the self and empower the soul into making new conscious choices. His soul work, sharing his thoughts and insights and using the powerful tool of evolutionary astrology, is to help others find their own spiritual paths, live in the moment and understand that they are able to change and effect their own evolution.

Source with thanks

EARTH teach me self love, inner peace, harmony, and empowerment.

Source with thanks

Doreen Agostino

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Who Put ISIS In Power And How It Was Done

Ponder this if you will before reading about who put ISIS in power:

When men and women acknowledge without fear and judgment, the facts that are being pushed to the surface to purify during this rare period of ‘Revelations’, [extreme deception, economic manipulation, depopulation agenda, human causes of possible extinction level events], we advance a new positive Earth timeline.

Conversely, when we allow separation, fear, judgment, anger, revenge, and other negative responses to prevail, we ‘empower’ more negativity.

The Covert Origins of ISIS
Evidence exposing who put ISIS in power, and how it was done.

The Islamic militant group ISIS [also known as ISIL], formerly known as Al-Qaeda in Iraq, and recently rebranded as the so called “Islamic State”, is the stuff of nightmares. Would it interest you to know who helped these psychopaths rise to power? Would it interest you to know who armed them, funded them and trained them? Would it interest you to know why?

Read this carefully researched report with links to reliable, verifiable sources to understand how the war juggernaut pours out money even to extremists to keep us in a perpetual state of war. Then explore some of the resources suggested to help expose this and build a better world for all of us.

In closing I ask that you consider ‘all’ negative news is ‘engineered’ to manipulate, and control, human beings and countries!

Doreen Agostino

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The ‘Event’ Deception; Another Carrot

By Ari Kopel a graduate from The University of Miami in Psychology and Communications and attended Columbia University in N.Y. for postgraduate work in geology.

How much more do we need to endure? How much longer do we have to wait? It’s the same thing over and over again – like “Ground Hog Day”. The circumstances in your life and on this planet repeat themselves and don’t seem to change – or they do change, but not for the better. Nothing seems to be working to alleviate these conditions…Yet, we’re told otherwise by the all-knowing discarnate voices of channeled messages and so-called spiritual leaders. They say that portals of light are opening everywhere and that the dark forces are leaving the planet by the droves. Where? How? Which planet are we talking about?


In the meantime, we’re in a perpetual “waiting room” – hoping for news about an outcome. The outcome is the fate of humanity – our fate. We’ve done everything that we feel is necessary to prepare ourselves for a “home-coming” that doesn’t quite come together. We’ve been given dates and time frames, and yet more dates; and we see these come and go – along with the seasons and our favorite holidays. Many sources, like so-called spiritual teachers and channeled messengers, have given lame reasons as to why we haven’t witnessed a transformation, an ascension, a major “shift”. We’re told the dates have been moved, or that we’ve jumped timelines and other such delusional explanations – that many are buying into and not questioning.

In the meantime, we wait and hang on. We live life one day at a time; and the only thing that allows us to wake up in the morning is the hope that soon we’re out of here; and that soon we’ll wake up to the view of a sun birthing from the horizon of a new Earth. The reality, woman-looking-out-windowthough, is that some of us are barely surviving, or just getting by. We’re struggling. Some of us try to stay optimistic by keeping up with information that contains promises of an “event” that will unfold shortly. This possibility gives us some relief – but the relief is mental. It quiets our mind. What we don’t know is that nothing is really happening behind the scenes. There is no rescue planned; no outside source intervening; no special thing that will, all of a sudden, grant us entrance into a fifth-dimensional Earth.

The problem lies in the lies. We’ve been duped – again! We’ve been preconditioned to think it’s an “external” event. Something outside ourselves that will happen to get us to a realm that is free from strife, free from grief, absent of despair and disappointment. Something that is off-world is coming and will get this “whole enchilada” back on track… or we’ll go to sleep one night and wake up in a totally different reality – the one that we see when we do our visualizations.


So, we wait…and wait…and wait – millennia after millennia, century after century, year after year. We get placated by pretty, flowery words and promises that state: “the shift is only ten years away…”, and then, “the ascension is only two years away…” These empty promises have us chasing a proverbial carrot that we can never grab – because it’s not meant to be grabbed.

We are in a perpetual hypnotic trance – a state created, and hypnotize8perfected, by “creatures” that have the ultimate formula on mass-marketing and mass hypnosis. It’s the astral version of Madison Avenue. It is meant to keep the masses, and especially the Light Emissaries, in a perpetual stupor, and in a state of docility and dependence.

These masters of deception have studied us well; and they know our hot buttons. They know the triggers that elicit certain behaviors and reactions from us. They use those, whom they’ve hand-selected, to deliver intentionally deceptive information. Because we’re so desperate to get answers – that give us a reason to go on one more day – we embrace the lie as truth.

The truth is that we make the decision when this “shift” will occur. The shift is within us – not an outside event. What are you doing to shift? What are you doing to change things in your personal life and in the outside world? If you haven’t been doing anything because you’ve been waiting for something to happen that is external to you, and out of your control, you’ll still be waiting twenty years from now for that “magical event” that will change things for you. How much time do you have left in embodiment?

Some of us are at that point in our lives where there isn’t much time left. Our clock is winding down… and we’ve pretty much wasted a lot of valuable time waiting for the “golden ticket” to Nirvana to arrive. Maybe we should have started walking twenty years ago – we would have been there my now…

Throughout history, others were waiting for that “magical event” as well; and they all transitioned from this world without witnessing it – unless they chose to be that change. When this occurred, because the individual “got it” or understood what had to be done, they mastered themselves apparitiongetattachment.aspxand found the key or the “golden ticket” out of this reality. The golden ticket was Self-Mastery. These who mastered themselves in this manner were able to transcend the life-death cycle, all illusion, all limitations and the physics of this density.

I am certain that during their various embodiments in this realm, there was plenty of talk about an outside event or situation that would graduate everyone at the same time – without really much effort. It was the “grandfathered-in” concept, where everyone got to go through the eye of the needle, just because they were a member of the human race. But, the few who have attained their liberation from this density have done so through deliberate effort, by correct thinking and by making correct choices. How many actually attain self-mastery? Not many.

Many want to be able to obtain that level of spiritual attainment, as quickly as one would prepare instant coffee – not desiring to do the spiritual work necessary or take the time necessary. That would require connecting to Prime Creator, approaching communion in a humble manner and in awe, like a little child. Apparently, this is too much work. Keeping our thoughts in check, our reactions in alignment to the Divine and taking right action is not something some of us are willing to undertake.

theloveguruIt is much easier to get the Intel from pseudo-spirituals and their astral cohorts than to get the pristine uncorrupted guidance and Truth from the One who created All Knowledge to begin with. So the easy route, otherwise known as the path of “thinking our way to enlightenment” via disinformation brokers – who are more than happy to provide the golden nuggets of Truisms, mixed in with blatant lies – is the path of choice. The lies that have been fed to us have kept us from truly taking the appropriate steps necessary to earn our spiritual mastery. Instead of being empowered, we’ve become disempowered. The spiritual decadence of this New Age Era has provided a “smorgasbord” of different ideologies, beliefs, concepts and understandings that keep us arguing and divided – behavior that is not representative of someone with higher spiritual understandings or someone who upholds the Light. It’s the Dark Ages meets Atlantis – the era of Deception!


08atlantisIn the meantime, the sinister forces gloat to watch us in a path of derailment. When we think we’re one more year away from a graduation, we regress into an enfolding darkness – the Great Void. This is the age of disillusion, the age of spiritual decadence, the epoch of spiritual arrogance and spiritual irresponsibility. It is the era of non-discernment and spiritual self-indulgence.

geuu_01_img0088It is the time of flirting with dark forces that whisper words into our ears, words that mesmerize – words that are like spiritual opium. These have the power for negative creation – because they disempower. They leave us only wanting our fix of feel-good messages and deliberate denial of the unprecedented conditions that we’re facing. We are being used to help create the demise of our civilization, of our morals and of our humanity by our inaction and lack of attention. We are giving our consent for the desecration of a pristine world and all its life-forms. When we say nothing and do nothing this is giving the “go ahead”. We don’t understand that when we look away, this is a “conscious choice” which leads to a descension. This, of course, will not be pointed out by those who have designed the deception, because they want to keep us as their prize possession within the matrix, or cage, that they’ve created for us!

Screen-Shot-2014-04-20-at-3.33.36-PMHistory does repeat itself. Sometimes through irresponsibility, and self-absorption, we’re plunged to even darker depths of human experience.



week4-largeNot too long ago, Moses was throwing tablets at a people who decided to explore decadence instead of holiness. Today, the “people” are displaying spiritual arrogance and listening to discarnates give messages that lead to self-service, apathy and indifference. Our behavior is indicative of what is displayed right at the end of a Great Cycle. It is the time of pseudo-enlightenment – the Era of Deception.

What does it take to wake up from the hypnosis and enter into true gnosis? Who wants to reclaim their Power & Divine Connection – and be Warriors for radical change? This is the only way to experience “the Shift”, the Transformation – the Ascension.

Have I done everything I can to exit  “stage left” out of this reality? No… I’m obviously still here – and it takes more than just thinking I’ve done enough! The desire for Self-Mastery has to burn in me. I have to yearn this connection with Creator and desire to be “spiritually self-reliant” and infused with Its Essence. Going to the “local priests” of the day doesn’t cut it!

It’s time to reclaim our Power and Authority… There are no more timelines or dates – no more events in the future… The time is Now! Those that proclaim something is coming over the horizon, that will transform everything magically – without any effort or Direct Connection to Creator – are deceiving you. Time to wake up!

– Ari Kopel

Source with thanks

While we wait, distractions veil erosion of human rights and freedoms, global climate change poses a possible extinction level event, unawareness, inaction, apathy, and denial, empower and sustain the dark matrix, ultimate wealth, power, and control of all natural resources and human beings.

Shift Divisive, Reactionary Thinking and Move to a Higher Level

Doreen Agostino

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Best-selling progressive journalist Naomi Klein has an important new book out, “This Changes Everything: Capitalism Vs. The Climate.” The author of “No Logo” and “The Shock Doctrine” now “tackles the most profound threat humanity has ever faced: the war our economic model is waging against life on earth,” as the book jacket aptly puts it.

Petitions raise awareness, and allow men and women to exercise ‘freewill choices’ for the collective good. Please sign a petition to world governments gathering at the United Nations to discuss climate on the International Day of Peace, add your comments, and forward the link

Numerous anthropogenic mis-creations are triggers for a possible extinction level event: World War III, Fukushima, chemtrails, geo-engineering the weather, catastrophic corporatism or weather wars, fatally flawed hydro-carbon fuel, fossil fuel, fracking, nuclear power.

Please inform others and on September 21, 2014 empower

Learn more at

Doreen Agostino

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Vatican Preparing Statement On Extraterrestrial Life

Years ago, I read the Pope in Rome would announce the presence of aliens. Supposedly his role as God’s representative on Earth makes his word more credible with the general public than a questionable politician.

Now, Pope Francis is reportedly preparing a major world statement about extraterrestrial life and its theological implications.

When we unplug attention, devotion, and money, from distorted, withheld, denied, and buried mainstream media news, we liberate authentic news about a ‘rare’ shift in reality that encourages men and women to cooperate, and advance a new positive Earth timeline. One of too many examples:

GUILTY: Pope, Jesuits Convicted in Historic Case
The unanimous Judgement of the Court is that the three primary defendants Jorge BERGOGLIO [Pope Francis], Adolfo PACHON [Jesuit Superior General] and Justin WELBY [Archbishop of Canterbury] have been convicted and are guilty as charged of aiding and abetting Crimes against Humanity, including murder and human trafficking, and of personal involvement in those crimes. Their guilt has been ably presented and proven beyond any reasonable doubt by the Prosecution.

I urge everyone to educate yourself about Project Blue Beam. Set an intent to dis-empower the possibility by sharing this information widely.

I pray people of good conscience leverage project blue beam technology to display in the skies world-wide the truth about our changing reality, and unprecedented opportunity in front of us all! Advance a new positive Earth timeline by purifying your own thoughts and emotions, which is Power to make it so.

The 4th Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun is heading to Earth now.

Doreen Agostino

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Free Energy + People’s Climate Mobilisation Sept 21.14

For your awareness, and please share, free energy solutions outlined in a request I sent to the press listed at

I urge you to marry awareness of Free Energy and People’s Climate Mobilisation. The ‘Quantum Energy Generator’ based on Tesla’s patents [electric generator] eliminates energy costs, and substantially increases disposable income for everyone.

Every day, trillions of dollars sustain the dark matrix with every vehicle fill up, every machine requiring oil, lubricants, every meal, and hygiene for well-being, heating and cooling home, work, and vacation places. Alternatively QEG replaces combustible fuels for any source of power with wholistic, sustainable free energy to advance a new positive Earth timeline, liberate our species, profound respect for one another, and natural systems all life depends for survival.

Presenting solutions, as debris is pushed to the surface to purify, benefits all. Please share widely and thank you!

Google QEG in your Country; the more men and women shift their focus to best possible solutions to advance a new positive Earth timeline the sooner it can find us.


Doreen Agostino

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